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Media contents


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Media contents

  1. 1. The main image is very weird, even for fans of the By writing articles about popular celebritiesband Gorillaz and as a result, those who didn’t that aren’t particularly doing anything at thepreviously know about the band will be intrigued time, the issue attracts interest from the fansand would go to the page with the article on (pg and could generate loyalty to the magazine44) which is displayed in big text at the bottom of because they don’t get attention from otherthe picture. media like TV or other magazines. The very simple red, black By entitling these articles “Regulars” the Most of the articles have a picture and white colour scheme magazine implies to readers that the relating to them on the page; this used on the page does not formats of these articles are popular gives the reader just a little bit distract from the purpose of with other readers in turn suggest that more information allowing them the magazine, but still looks the magazine is popular and successful, to pick which article they would be attractive and is effective, and would make them more likely to interested in reading, making the making it easy for the reader buy the magazine because they have magazine easier to navigate than if to take in the pages. perceived the magazine in this way. there were no pictures.
  2. 2. Here, the magazine offers a little bit of (in this casenovelty*) news. By offering a little bit of news, thereader will be encouraged to read on to find out more All the main articles are clearly displayed down the rightnews of a similar nature and so would read on. hand side of the page, making the articles stand out and*Novelty because the band in question are a rock band means the reader can very quickly and easily skim acrossand it is unlike them to place an acoustic set. the page and find articles that would interest them.By listing all By marking thethe bands cover stories onfeatured in this the contentsissue, it again page bymakes the separating thepage easy to markings fromjust skim over the rest of theto find articles issue by givingthat would them their owninterest them. column, the reader can immediately find the article they wanted to read about after seeing it on the cover (which could have been the only reason why they brought the issue). Here, the magazine offers the reader to save a large amount of money as a result of buying the issue. This is likely to work and would also encourage the reader to get their friends to buy it as well, and by offering it once, others would hear about it and would buy future issues hopping to get the same offer.
  3. 3. The amount of text here and how it is very clearly set up in a grid, gives the impression that the magazine is very serious, professional and almost refined. This also sets the tone of the magazine suggesting that (this issue at least) is going to be serious and possibly sensitive.The main image isvery serious andalmost how theartist’s face is partly By typing thecovered by shadow. names of big actsThis connotes that in bold andthe artist is not the italics, theusual outrageous, readers’controversial self, attention itbut is instead in a drawn to the textvery dark place. By that doesn’tdepicting him like follow thethis, the reader pattern of thewould want to rest of the page.know why he Likewise, thedoesn’t look how yellow capitalthey expect him to letters used indo, in turn the headers alsoencouraging them draws attentionto read on. to the area, enticing the reader. A lot of rhetorical questions are used in the tag lines in the text. This directly engages with the reader, attracting their interest and makes them feel like the editor/ creators of the magazine are talking to them which could make them feel appreciated which in turn could create a sense of loyalty towards the magazine.
  4. 4. The list of No.1 on the left hand sideof the page makes the magazine The format of this contents page is the exact sameeasy to navigate. The actual chart in very issue of billboard just with different content.itself is also very clear so is easy to This again makes the page easy to navigate,read. especially to those who buy the magazine regularly. The pictures are all likely to appeal to theThe relatively small target audienceamount of text on because the artists arepage makes the portrayed to be coolpage easy to read and/or performing on(manageable) and stage, enticing thealso encourages the readers to read theaudience to read on relevant articles. Theybecause they do not can also do this easilyoffer a lot of because the pageinformation on this number is in the bottompage. left corner of each picture. By advertising their presence in other media forms like “Online” the magazine is more likely to appeal to a wider audience; for example the parson may prefer to learn about the latest news on the internet because it can be updated instantly. Here, the magazine notifies the reader about events occurring in the music industry. This would appeal to their target audience because they would want to know about gigs they could go to. This could also create a sense of loyalty because the readers can rely on the magazine to keep them up to date with the latest events happening in the near future.
  5. 5. The picture relates to the target audience because it shows a live event something that There is a very clear format on the page; they have the heading in the reader would want/wanted to go to. Either tallow text, then the sub headings follow in black, bold font way, they would want to read the relevant followed by the next heading and so on. This again makes the page report to know what the magazine thought easy to navigate. about the event, enticing the reader. There is a veryHere, the deputy clear, simpleeditor has written a colour scheme onshort statement this page; yellowabout this issue. By is used on thedirectly addressing headings makingthe reader, they them standout inwould feel like they turn meaning theare being talked to reader canand would feel straight away seealmost included in the mostthe issue. This would important thingsalso possibly on the page.increase the loyaltyof the readers,encouraging them tobuy the next issuebecause it gives off afriendly vibe. The magazine labels which articles on The splat here does two things; firstly it the cover on this page by marking them attract attention to the area of the page with a star (and “cover story” written on because it is a feature that the magazine them). This means that the reader can thins will appeal to a lot of their target easily find what they are looking for if audience, but secondly connotes the brought the issue solely because of rebellion which is what rock music is an article advertised on the cover. mainly about.