Mitosis activity worksheet


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Mitosis activity worksheet

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Mitosis activity worksheet

  1. 1. Names ___________________________ Date ___________ ___________________________ Ascaris Mitosis (Slide Viewer #53) Introduction1. Life begins as a single ___________.2. What is Ascaris?3. Why is Ascaris a good subject for the study of chromosomes?4. How many chromosomes does Ascaris have?5. Where is the equatorial plate located?6. What does 750x mean? The Zygote7. Define zygote.8. The chromatin contributed from the sperm and egg are ________ in amount.9. The chromosomes are NOT seen distinctly because they are very ________.10. Draw the zygote below. LABEL the two masses of chromatin, the cytoplasm and the cell membrane.Zygote: Slide 1
  2. 2. Prophase11. The ____________________ have become much shorter and thicker.12. How many chromosomes do you see? _______13. After fertilization, the _______________ chromosomes and the _______________chromosomes pair up.14. Draw prophase. Label the U-shaped and bent chromosomes (Prophase: Slide 2) Metaphase15. In this slide the chromosomes have moved to the__________________ plate16. At each pole is a _________________17. A starlike structure called an ___________________, radiates from each _________________.18. Fine _____________ ________________ go from centriole to each chromosome.19. Chromosomes are held together by a structure called a ________________________.20. Draw Metaphase. Label: aster, spindle fibers, and chromosomes ( Metaphase: Slide 3)
  3. 3. Metaphase--Polar View21. In slide #4, you are looking at the same stage as shown in slide #3, but we are now looking at the cell fromthe ____________.22. The four chromosomes are seen as they lie flat on the ___________________ _____________. Early Anaphase23. How many Us are there in this stage? _________ How many bents? __________24. In these eight chromosomes, there is enough hereditary material for two__________.25. The groups are starting to move toward the ____________26. Each chromosome is being pulled by a ____________________, attached to each _______________27. Draw early anaphase. Label: centriole, aster, chromosomes, cell membrane (Early anaphase: Slide 5) Anaphase28. The eight chromosomes are now ___________________ into two groups.29. Electron microscopes show that spindle fibers are made of structures called _____________________30. Why causes the chromosomes to look beaded?31. Draw anaphase.Anaphase: Slide 6
  4. 4. Telophase32. The chromosomes have moved completely ________________________33. The cell membrane ________________ inward and the cytoplasm is dividing into two masses34. As the cell approaches its division into two cells, the chromosomes become less ________________35. Draw Telophase. (Telephase: Slide 7) Late Telophase and Cytokinesis36. The separation is now _________________37. Each of these two cells has __________ chromosomes38. One cell with _______ pairs of chromosomes formed _________ cells.39. How many chromosomes does a human cell have? _________________40. Comparasion of Plant and Animal cell Telophase:Use the slides on plant Mitosis and go to the last slide.Draw late telophase in the animal cell from the ascaris mitosis and late telophase in the plant cell. Name anddescribe at least three major differences between the two.