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Frog dissection worksheet 2


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Frog dissection worksheet 2

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Frog dissection worksheet 2

  1. 1. Frog Dissection Pre-lab pg. 782-792 You will have to read thoroughly to find the answersNames: ___________________________________________________________________________Date: ____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Kingdom ______________ 2. Class ________________ 3. What characteristics do all chordates share?(767) 4. What are the two groups of non-vertebrate chordates? (769) 5. Why are frogs said to have “two lives?”(782) 6. How are amphibians different from reptiles? (search ch. 30 and 31) 7. What are 3 adaptations that frogs have? 8. What’s the difference between what tadpoles and adult frogs eat?(784) 9. Since frog lungs are poorly developed, what else do frogs do to breathe? (784) 10. How do frogs reproduce?(786) 11. Do frogs take care of their young?(786) 12. What is the purpose of the nictitating membrane?(786) 13. What is the purpose of the tympanic membrane?(786) 14. How do frogs retract their eyes?
  2. 2. Names: ___________________________________________________________________________Date: ____________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Instructions for following page: Use your glossary to find the functions of the following organs. ***Please color code the parts.A. Esophogus (yellow)________________________________________________________________________C. Stomach (purple)___________________________________________________________________________D. Pancreas (orange)___________________________________________________________________________F. Cloaca (black)_____________________________________________________________________________H. Lung (dark blue)______________________________________________________________________________I. Heart (red)____________________________________________________________________________J. Liver (brown)_____________________________________________________________________________K. Gallbladder (lt. green)__________________________________________________________________________L. Small Intestine (Dark green)________________________________________________________________________M. Large Intestine (lt. blue)____________________________
  4. 4. (video) (part) lab)