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Does your iud feel funny -10


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Here is an excellent question about the intrauterine device, Mirena. (Just in case you are not familiar with Mirena, it is a form of contraceptive that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

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Does your iud feel funny -10

  1. 1. Does Your IUD Feel Funny?
  2. 2. Here is an excellent question about the intrauterine device,Mirena. (Just in case you are not familiar with Mirena, it is aform of contraceptive that is placed in the uterus to preventpregnancy. It releases the hormone called levonorgestreland does not contain any estrogen.Visit Mirena IUD recallfor more info. It can safely stay in the uterus for up to 5years!)
  3. 3. Patient: I have recently had my second Mirena inserted andhave noticed that at times it seems I am able to feel theplacement of the Mirena. I do not remember having thisfeeling with my first Mirena (but then again I may just notremember). Should I be concerned with this feeling?Me: Yes, you should definitely be concerned because youshould never be able to feel the placement of the Mirena.
  4. 4. If you do feel the placement of the Mirena, there is a goodchance that the device was not put in correctly to beginwith or it may have become dislodged. If you feelsomething is not right with your Mirena, you should call thedoctor as soon as you can - a misplaced or dislodgedMirena will not prevent pregnancy like its suppose to. Inthe meantime, you should use a backup form of birthcontrol (that does not contain hormones) until your doctorgives you further instructions.
  5. 5. If the doctor decides you should have the device removed,they will replace the old Mirena with a new one. An oldMirena will never be reinserted!The only time you should ever be able to feel the Mirenadevice is when you check to see if its still where itssuppose to be (A good time to check for it is after everyperiod). When you do the checking procedure, you shouldfeel the removal threads at the top of your vagina.
  6. 6. First, you will wash your hands with soap and water. Then,with your clean fingers, feel for the threads at the top ofyour vagina. DO NOT pull on the threads - this can pull theMirena out of place! If you feel more than just the threads,you will have to call your doctor because this means theMirena is not in the right position. If you cant feel thethreads at all, make an appointment to have your doctorcheck to see if the Mirena is still there and in the correctspot.
  7. 7. You know what you can do if you cant find the answersyoure looking for? Call the manufacturer of Mirena, BayerHealthcare Pharmaceuticals - I called them to confirm theinformation I just gave you! They are an excellent resourceto use, especially when you cant find the information youare seeking on the internet or elsewhere.