Identifying Stressed Out Employees


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Learn to identify employees experiencing stress & how to effectively intervene!

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Identifying Stressed Out Employees

  1. 1. * Margie Roop, LifeServices EAP 1-800-822-4847
  2. 2. * We will look at * Am I comfortable behaviors, emotions, & observing, physical symptoms documenting &* Questions to ask intervening? yourself: how well do I * Am I willing to know my employees? withstand possible* How well do I defensiveness & lack understand their work of cooperation? responsibilities?*
  3. 3. * Caring for others at work AND at home!* Your whole being is geared for response & crisis mode!* High expectations to have to be: on time, adaptable, flexible, sterile, neat, organized & cordial! *
  4. 4. * Hurrying through tasks * Weepiness on the job* Lack of concentration * Frequent personal phone* Agitation; shortness with co- calls on the job workers * Pattern of missing* Forgetfulness; needs appointments; lateness; reminders absences; lack of* Outbursts with co-workers preparation* Slamming doors; throwing objects * Shoddy job performance *
  5. 5. Stressed Emotions:• Sad tone to voice, talking slower/more deliberately, repeats self• Angry tone of voice; has an edge to it• Appears frustrated more often; attempts to assist are met with rejection & anger• Sounds hopeless or helpless (sadness)
  6. 6. * Seems frightened or hesitant to perform a job task* Sarcasm (anger)* Acting happy over an obviously sad or serious situation* NOT acting happy when there is occasion to celebrate* Over-reacts to * perceived slights
  7. 7. *
  8. 8. * • “I„ve had it!” • “I‟m losing it!” • “ I‟ve had enough!” • “She better stay clear of me!”
  9. 9. * I can‟t take it anymore * I want to kill myself* My husband/wife is leaving * It‟s just hopeless me * It‟s just too much* My kid is driving me nuts * We can‟t take it anymore* I hate this place * I can‟t concentrate* These policies are stupid * My head is ready to burst!* I can‟t eat or sleep * She‟s driving me nuts! *
  10. 10. *Intervening on a Stressed Employee *
  11. 11. * Always talk with an employee * Note your own emotions and in private, if possible be a cool cucumber; your* A simple: “Are you OK?” will over-reacting will ruin the get a person‟s attention deal!* They‟ll either know what you * Use open body stance, great are talking about or they eye contact, & attend to won‟t the employee by actively* If they don‟t, point out what listening you observed-be specific *
  12. 12. * Be clear about WHAT you observe is either: inappropriate, against policy, offensive, unsaf e, illegal, and/or uncharacteristic for that person.*
  13. 13. *• Don‟t cause a scene yourself!• Get employee out of the public view• Call security if employee fails to cooperate with you• Do not touch employee unless you need to protest self or others• Usually employees just need a “time out” to collect their thoughts
  14. 14. * Allow them time to de- * Consider if the behaviors stress; de-brief; or warrant disciplinary action otherwise let you know * Informal referral to EAP? what‟s going on * Formal (management)* If they share a personal referral to the EAP? problem; suggest they call the EAP: maybe right then a * Maybe it‟s time for more & there! training/job shadowing?* LifeServices CAN do same- day appointments, if needed!* If they cannot continue to * perform their job at that time, consider staff coverage and/or possibly send them home.
  15. 15. * Can you make the workplace more serene? * Look at your physical surroundings: is it conducive to a stress-free environment? * Can you add: soothing posters, photos, music, jokeb ook, 24-Hour Meditation Books, healthy snacks, stress- reduction articles?*
  16. 16. *• Call us for consultation.• Have enough EAP literature around the work station.• Talk up the EAP ensuring your employees are well-aware of its resources.• Talk openly about your supporting employees management of their stress; that will go a long way to disspell taboos around: “having to have it together at all times!”• 1-800-822-4847
  17. 17. *