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Bullying in the Workplace


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See if this gal's insights, based on seeing employees in the EAP clinical counseling setting, help you gain further insights into this epidemic issue facing U.S. workforces.

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  • PAB-QPC-thank-you for your feedback; much appreciated! It is great to know that people agree on how the bully is truly percieved and, maybe by staying in touch, we can help resolve this horrible issue occuring in the workpace!
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  • I applaud you efforts in issue, too long unaddressed. It is our view employee feedback is vital to educate and communicate to generate the change to bad behaviour that exists. The bully themselves is a complicated and I am not sure there is a one size for all individuals, however connect with your points on insecurity... for it is insecurity that initiates behaviour in us all to some degree or another.

    I look forward to connecting Margie as I see a strong common interest.
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Bullying in the Workplace

  1. 1. Bullying in theBullying in the WorkplaceWorkplace LifeServices EAP 1-800-822-4847 Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP; SAP
  2. 2. Bullying in the WorkplaceBullying in the Workplace • Just what IS it that’s going on? • Unprecedented incidents of bullying occurring within U.S. workplaces! • Supervisors seem to be struggling with how to address this…?! • Violence in the workplace is often a result of on- going bullying behaviors. • But, what exactly IS bullying?
  3. 3. BullyingBullying • Margie Roop’s definition: • Bullying occurs when one sees THEIR own weaknesses in others: I call it: their “fear of the mirror.”
  4. 4. BullyingBullying • Bullying is an instantaneous reaction; a less threatening way of dealing with one’s fears that is recognized in others. • Most of us with insight (who are not threatened) are prone to HELPING someone who we see as scared or weak, right?
  5. 5. BullyingBullying • Dr. Phil once said that bullies are not insecure; I vehemently disagree! I have seen too many bullies in my office to know that they are NOT secure in themselves. • If bullies were secure in themselves, they’d easily recognize the “mirror of self-fear” in others; rather than bully someone, they’d EMPATHIZE with the person and respond appropriately. • This takes work and thus INSIGHT!
  6. 6. BullyingBullying • Men often fail to report bullying: Our society says that men are supposed to “suck it up”; or “boys will be boys” or “don’t be a wimp.” • Women accept WAY too much and tend to get caught up in gossip and “cliques”….Just like in junior high school!
  7. 7. EAP for BullyingEAP for Bullying• Employees referred to the EAP for “bullying” are typically: male. • These same employees, after interviewing them, turn out to actually be: the victim! • Men are not comfortable reporting that they are being bullied; they fear losing face, their masculinity, their pride. • Instead, men respond to bullying with defensiveness and threats (programmed).
  8. 8. So, guess who gets in trouble?So, guess who gets in trouble? The male victim! How’d I get here?
  9. 9. Typical responsesTypical responses • Men: defend themselves with threatening statements such as: I own weapons; I’ll meet you out back after work; you better watch your back, or, actually respond with physical violence (“I just couldn’t take it anymore!”). • Women: Will recoil, shrink into themselves, acquiesce to the bully’s demands, or request transfers away from the bully.
  10. 10. How to handle a bullyHow to handle a bully “ What IS it about me that makes YOU feel uncomfortable?” OR “STOP: what you said is out of line, it’s inappropriate; I won’t tolerate your behavior.” OR “Help me understand how I upset you so much….?”
  11. 11. Bullying based on protected class?Bullying based on protected class? • Reporting bullying to a company’s Human Resource (HR) or EEOC Officer is crucial! • The bullying may be determined to be based on: gender, age, sex, religion, disability, and/or ethnicity. • HR/EEOC may have to take a different avenue as it investigates each event, especially if the behavior violates an employee’s civil rights.
  12. 12. Report BullyingReport Bullying • Best practices: the company encourages employees to report incidents to management. • Management needs to keep sources of reporting confidential as it investigates & resolves the problem. • Employees should document incidents of bullying & when they are reported to management. • Do not let behaviors go unaddressed; push for response from management; go to upper management if you feel incidents are being ignored!
  13. 13. LifeServices EAPLifeServices EAP • Contact LifeServices to discuss bullying within your work environment. • We can guide you in properly reporting and responding to such behaviors at work. • You are never alone; refuse to isolate yourself! • Call: 800-822-4847