Uppercase Living Opportunity brochure 2013


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Start your own business as an Uppercase Living Demonstrator.Check out the business opportunity and find out how to JOIN MY TEAM. I can help you earn income and succeed in this business!

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Uppercase Living Opportunity brochure 2013

  1. 1. The Opportunity to InspireLive a life inspired©2013 Uppercase Living®, LLC.DEMONSTRATOR INFORMATION:We believe that you should always feelinspired, because when you’re inspired, thosearound you are, as well. This is what we callour “Inspiration Movement.” We share thismovement through a network of wonderfulDemonstrators who have the opportunity toearn income on their own terms, build lastingrelationships, and enrich the lives of others. Ifyou want to be an inspiration to others, workon your own schedule, and share creative,unique, and inspirational products, pleaseconsider joining us. We’d love to help youLive a Life Inspired.The opportunity to inspireWhere inspirationmeets opportunityAs an Uppercase Living Demonstrator you’llhave the ability to earn up to 37% from yoursales. And you’ll be able to make even moremoney when you add new Demonstrators toyour team and teach them to do what you do.No matter how you look at it, this is definitely aninspirational opportunity.Margie LewisIndependent Demonstratoryoucanexpressitinvinyl@yahoo.ca(709) 639 1338http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  2. 2. Starting strong with UpStartWe make it easy for you to start yourUppercase Living business successfullywith our UpStart program. Your UpStartperiod begins the day you join UppercaseLiving and gives you the right goals you’llneed to grow a successful business. As yougrow your business, you can earn up to$600 in free product in your first 60 daysas an Uppercase Living Demonstrator.Get StartedFor as little as $99, you can start your career asan Uppercase Living Demonstrator right now.You’ll receive a Starter Kit full of everythingyou’ll need to host three or more Open Houses,as well as training and support materials fromUppercase Living.Talk to your Demonstrator or visit us online atwww.uppercaseliving.com to view our fabulousStarter Kit options and choose the right one foryou. There are three to choose from. Our EliteStarter Kit is the best value and offers you a60% savings.There are some serious benefits to beingan Uppercase Living Demonstrator. You getto share unique, creative, and inspirationalproducts. You have the opportunity to earnextra income on your own terms and yourown schedule. You build lasting friendships.And that’s just the beginning. Check out therest of the benefits below:› Four ways to sell: Open Houses,Individual Orders, Online Orders,and Direct-to-business Orders.› Being a part of a community of funand empowered women who inspireand encourage each other.› A vast network of support fromUppercase Living and your fellowDemonstrators that includes training,marketing tools, and more.› Hostess Rewards paid byUppercase Living.› The opportunity to earn free productand supplies for your business.› And exciting annual awards, annualevents, and regional training visitsfrom Uppercase Living staff members.Serious fringe benefitsExpress yourselfOur vinyl expressions are totally unique. Notonly do they come in 57 exclusive colors, butthey can be ordered in varying sizes and styles.We also offer a collection of stylish and funembellishments that can be used on their ownor with any of our expressions to create just theright look. You can even use our MyDesign Suitetool to customize an expression of your very own.Most importantly, our products have the abilityto inspire everyone who sees them.Margie LewisIndependent Demonstratoryoucanexpressitinvinyl@yahoo.ca(709) 639 1338http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net