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Blume reference sheet margie lewis

  1. 1. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_1011Blume Jewelry CollectionReference InformationCOLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSHINESHINE NECKLACEN0222Shiny metal chains strungtogether on a large silver-plated chain4Take this out for a spin! We areloving how this necklace looksand how it wears. Clip on somecharms or just wear it alone.LIVE LAUGH LOVEEMBELLISHMENTC0238Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link4Add these to the Shine necklace,to any of our Strong Foundations,or to a piece of your own. Say it.Sing it. Wear it out loud!!!KEEP YOUR FACE TO THESUNSHINE EMBELLISHMENTC02394ALL YOU NEED ISLOVE EMBELLISHMENTC02404MAKE YOUR MARKEMBELLISHMENTC02414YOU GO GIRL EMBELLISHMENTC02424http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.netMargie LewisIndependent Demonstrator(709) 639
  2. 2. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10112COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSHINESHINE BANGLESB0222 (M) B0223 (L)Silver-plated bangles 5Just like the Shine Earrings,we know that you will throwthese on with everything youwear. They literally go withANY other bracelet set in theBlume Collection, and theyalso make a great sound whenthey jingle together.SHINE CIRCLE EARRINGSE0214Textured sterling silver loopshang on sterling silver ear wires5These simple earrings aregreat all by themselves, butyou can also add your favoriteembellishments for a fun look.Hammered hoopse0215Hand-hammered sterlingsilver hoops5These are going to be yourfavorite earrings. So simple,which makes them so versatile.Handmade in our warehouse,we know you are going to wearthese babies day after day!FINDBALANCELUMINOUS HARMONY NECKLACEN0202Hand-wrapped coin pearl ona silver-plated chain6The luster of these simple(but really lovely) pearls arelike tiny stars in a dark sky.Wear them dressed up or down.LUMINOUS HARMONYEARRINGSE0202Coin pearls, sterling silverear wire6CENTERED BRILLIANCEEARRINGSE0203Faceted crystals and texturedbrass-plated steel ringson sterling silver ear wires6While these earrings have a tonof sparkle, they are brought downto earth with the addition of thebrass ring. They are beautifuland simple—which is the key toa lovely balance.
  3. 3. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10113COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSFINDBALANCECENTERED BRILLIANCENECKLACEN0203Faceted rock crystal on Blume linkon a gold-plated chain6If you like perfect glass crystals,this necklace is not for you. Itsbeauty comes from the inclusionsand cracks that are deep withinthis amazing clear rock. Just likeeach of us, a few flaws only addto the beauty.FIND BALANCE EARRINGSE0204Hand-wrapped pearl and fiberpaired with textured brass andsilver-plated steel rings hungfrom sterling silver ear wires7This set of jewelry is the epitomeof finding balance. It is not easyto bring all these elements to-gether, but somehow works.Sound familiar?FIND BALANCEBRACELETB0204Textured brass-plated steelrings, pearls and facetedcrystal, strung with silver-plated wire and chain7FIND BALANCE EMBELLISHMENTC0215Coin pearl on Blume linkwith a hand-knotted leatheraccent7FIND BALANCE NECKLACEN0204Textured brass-plated steelrings, gold and silver-platedchain, textured silver-platedsteel rings accented with pearls,a faceted crystal, hand-knottedleather and thread.7GRACEGRACE EARRINGSE0205Faceted blue glass briolettes,silk cherry blossoms on sterlingsilver ear wires8Silk flowers and glass crystals area fantastic combination. Treat theselittle silk flowers carefully, and theywill maintain their lovely, fresh-picked look for many years to come.GRACE NECKLACEN0205Faceted blue glass briolette,silk cherry blossom, Germansilver and brass-plated steelrings, faceted ball chain.8
  4. 4. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10114COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSGRACESWEET CHARITY EARRINGSE0206Potato pearls, silk cherryblossoms, and silver loopshang from sterling silverear wires9Simply sweet pearls and silkcherry blossoms. Delicate andso graceful.SWEET CHARITYEMBELLISHMENTC0243Potato pearl paired with silkcherry blossoms on Blume link9Simply sweet pearls and silkcherry blossoms. Delicate and sograceful. To protect this lovely littleflower, wear it so it doesn’t rubagainst any other metals.CULTIVATE KINDNESSNECKLACEN0201Coin, rice and potato pearlshand-wrapped on a Blumelink, hand-strung zigzagpearl necklace9A stunning mix of many differentpearls. A pearl is created by a smallpiece of sand irritating the insideof an oyster. A pearl becomes morebeautiful the longer it irritates theoyster. Pearls are a little lesson onbeautiful things coming outof adversity.CULTIVATE KINDNESSBRACELETB0212 (M) B213 (L)Biwa pearls hand-strung ona Blume pewter-cast toggleand bar9These unique pearls are Biwapearls, originally from LakeBiwa in Japan. This bracelet isso unique that many will ask youwhat it’s made of and where itcomes from. Now you know.ANATURALLIFENatural ElementsDark Wood BraceletB0235Dark wood beads hand-strungwith a silver-plated bead onelastic10Natural with a little silverglamour. Wear it to remember tobe yourself—with a little sparkle.Natural ElementsLight Wood BraceletB0237Light wood beads hand-strungwith a silver-plated bead onelastic10
  5. 5. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10115COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSANATURALLIFENatural ElementsSilver BraceletB0236Silver-plated beads hand-strungon elastic10This is a simple, simple piecethat can be worn with the NaturalCollection or any other braceletset in our 2011 line. Easy peasy.Symbols of NatureBrown Leather EarringsE0218Leather hand-wrapped with silver-plated brass chips hang fromsterling silver ear wires10These leather earrings are agreat go-to piece. Kind of likeslipping on a pair of your mostcomfy shoes.Symbols of NaturePinecone EarringsE0216Antique gold pewter-castpinecones hung from sterlingsilver ear wires10Pinecones, the mountain girl’ssymbol of new growth andpotential.Symbols of NatureTurquoise Bits EarringsE0217Two turquoise nuggets hangfrom sterling silver ear wires10We think of these bits ofblue-green turquoise earringsas a neutral­; they really do gowith everything.LAVA STONE BRACELETB0240Black lava stones hand-strungon elastic11This lava may look rough, butit’s actually soft and comfortable.Mix with the Black Mixed Set.Rustic SaddleWraparoundB0238Split Saddle leather wraparoundaccented with brass textured linksand a turquoise bead11We adore this casual bracelet. It’slike an old Western Americantreasure, but better because youcan hang your own wishes anddreams on it.Rustic buckskinWraparoundB0239Split Buckskin leather wraparoundaccented with brass textured linksand a turquoise bead11
  6. 6. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10116COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSLIVEGENUINELYSLICE OF NATURETURQUOISE EMBELLISHMENT C0216Hand-wrapped turquoise stoneon Blume link12We can’t resist this embellishmentbecause it’s so fabulous! But notwo are alike; each have organicedges and shapes. We’ll pick abeautiful one just for you!SLICE OF NATURETURQUOISE EARRINGSE0207Hand-wrapped turquoise stoneshang from sterling silver ear wires12Turquoise teardrops with wirewrapping. So perfect and soversatile that they can be wornwith dresses or jeans.EARTH GROWNBRACELETB0215 (M) B0216 (L)Solid Bayong wood links uniquelypaired with textured aluminumchain12Our unique bracelet is causing aruckus every time it is worn. It isjust such a great combination ofearthy elements and metals. Thewooden links are hand-carvedfrom one continuous piece ofwood—strong and striking!EARTHY TURQUOISEWRAPAROUNDN0211Hand-strung turquoise stones 12Sixty-four inches of turquoise canbe worn dozens of ways. Wear itlong or wrap it again and again.You can even wear it on your wristas a bracelet or around your waistas a belt. Then when you’redone, hang a few of your favoriteembellishments on it for a realstatement.LIVE GENUINELY BRACELETB0217Turquoise, a faceted crystal,pearl, and carved wood ona chain blend of textured brassand German and plated silver13We tried to pack as many elementsof the earth, animals, and the seainto one set as we could. Eachelement compliments the others,creating pieces that are extremelyversatile and can be worn withalmost every outfit you have. Wethink you are going to love wear-ing this genuinely gorgeous set.LIVE GENUINELY EARRINGSE0208Turquoise, pearls, carvedwood beads, textured brass,German-plated silver links,and leather hang from sterlingsilver ear wires13LIVE GENUINELY NECKLACEN0210Textured brass combined withGerman and plated silver chainshost a pearl and pewter tassel13
  7. 7. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10117COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSCREATEHOPECREATE HOPE BRACELETB0203Ghanian glass beads hand-strungon elastic with custom pewter-castcharm on Blume link15These glass beads are the perfectblend of colors, easy to wear withany outfit. In addition to feelinghopeful and happy, this collectionof bracelets will complement anyoutfit. They really do create hope.SEEKADVENTUREACROSS THE WORLDBRACELETSB0221Porcelain beads in four richshades on elastic16These are the most comfortablebracelets to wear. We pickedcolors that will best coordinatewith all of your clothes. Wearthem alone or add a few froma different Collection forsome fun!!GLOBAL TREASURESAMAZONITEC0237Faceted Amazonite stone onBlume link16Something blue! This big stonecan be worn as a pendant on anysimple necklace you already own,or on one of ours. Or throw it onthe Shine Bangles for impact onyour wrists.GLOBAL TREASURESSCULPTED ROSEC0236Hand-carved coral rose onBlume link16Oooooo! So pretty and soimpactful. We love it on silverand adore it on black (like ourgun metal ball chain). This rosewill never wilt and is a perfectgift of protection and beauty forsomeone you love.TAKING FLIGHT EARRINGSE0213Gold-plated pewter doves hangon sterling ear wire16These pretty earrings soar allon their own.OUT ON A LIMB NECKLACEN0221A glass bird, a pearl, facetedcrystals, silk flower, hand-knottedleather and natural stones hangfrom textured brass links andplated chain17At first glance you may think,“This necklace is way too boldfor me,” but we think you shouldgive it a try. So far we haven’tfound anyone who does not justfall in love with our Out on aLimb Necklace.
  8. 8. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10118COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSPLAYFULFANCIFUL BRACELETB0219 (M) B0241 (L)Yellow jade, pink pearls, and bluemarble, German silver accents andsilver-plated chain along with asilk flower, faceted crystals, andan amber crystal on Blume link18With its vibrant colors anddifferent textures, this braceletlooks amazing on. And thenthere is that really beautiful silkflower and the removable charmthat you can use on almost anypiece. It’s a show stopper!PLAYFUL BRACELETB0220Textured brass links with goldand silver-plated chain host anItalian-made bead flower ontop of a silk flower, magnasite,faceted crystals, pearl, and alampwork bead18Similar to the Fanciful Bracelet,this piece is a perfect fit with thematching necklace, but can alsobe worn with pearls or the FindBalance Collection for variety.PLAYFUL EARRINGSE0212Faceted crystals and Italian-madebead flower on silver loops hangfrom sterling silver ear wires18The little beaded flowers onthese earrings are just so lovely.When we found them at the beadmarket, we knew we needed touse them somehow. They areperfect with just a touch of colorin the crystal. Simply beautiful!!!PLAYFUL NECKLACEN0220Textured gold-plated links, silver-plated chain, a silk flower andmagnasite, attached is a facetedcrystal and pearl on Blume link18We love this necklace becauseof the mix of silver and goldmetals. Often times we wantto wear gold and silver together,but can’t figure out how. Thisnecklace makes it easy.WHIMSICAL EARRINGSE0211Teal apitate stones and Italian-made bead flower on silverloops hang from sterling silverear wires19The little beaded flowers onthese earrings are just so lovely.When we found them at the beadmarket, we knew we needed touse them some how. Add in thedeep blue of the apitate stonesand you have a great piece!!WHIMSICAL NECKLACEN0218Green pearls, teal apitate,Italian-made bead flower, anda touch of leather19Such a pretty delicate piecefor jeans and t-shirt days.CAREFREE BIRD NECKLACEN0219Glass enameled, hand-cut copperbird with a yellow lucite dogwoodflower; silver-plated chain19This sweet little bird is painstak-ingly made by hand. The beautifulblue of the enameled glass is thesame color as a robin’s egg. It’s aHome Office favorite.
  9. 9. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_10119COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSBEBOLDDaring Smooth BraceletB0202Miao silver 20This cuff bracelet looks heavy,but is really quite light and socomfortable to wear.Fearless CuffB0200Miao silver 20Fearless? Yep! Put this braceleton and be bold! To adjust for atighter fit, just give it a squeeze.Daring Carved BraceletB0201Miao silver 20This bracelet has traditionalMiao workmanship carved intoeach floral pattern. It can alsobe carefully pulled apart if youneed a slightly larger size.Daring EarringsE0200Miao silver 21We love these Daring earrings.Whether you have long hair, or ashorter ‘do, they’re a stand-out!Be Bold EarringsE0201Silver-plated links hung fromsterling silver ear wires21Much like diamonds, the etchedmarks in these earrings reallysparkle. But, of course, for away better price.Be Bold NecklaceN0200Silver-plated links with alobster clasp. 36"21Wrap this once or twice aroundyour neck, four times aroundyour wrist—and if you are reallylucky—once around your waist.It’s that versatile.
  10. 10. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101110COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSHELPOTHERSMULTI-COLOR MIXBERR BRACELETB0214Northern Uganda handmadebeads from recycled magazinesplaced on a coiled wire22Berr Beads are not produced in astate-of-the-art factory. They arehandmade by women in NorthernUganda. Their uniqueness and theopportunity we have to help makethe artisans’ less-than-perfect liv-ing and working conditions betterare just a few of the reasons whywe love these pieces. When verywarm they may feel a little tacky,but will return to normal oncethey cool.MULTI-COLOR MIXBERR NECKLACEN0207Northern Uganda handmadebeads from recycled magazines.Necklaces can be wrapped 3times around your neck andrange from 58”–65”.22MUSTARD SEEDBERR NECKLACEN0209Northern Uganda handmadebeads from recycled magazines22SOFT SILVERBERR NECKLACEN0206Northern Uganda handmadebeads from recycled magazines23CRIMSON REDBERR NECKLACEN0208Northern Uganda handmadebeads from recycled magazines22SIMPLYWORDSLIVE A LIFE INSPIREDBANGLEB0224 (M) B0225 (L)Ivory lucite, made in China 24These bangles say it all. Wearthem together or pair them withother Blume bracelet sets for amore impactful look.BY DOING BRAVE ACTS WEBECOME BRAVE BANGLEB0226 (M) B0227 (L)Black lucite, made in China 24
  11. 11. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101111COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSIMPLYWORDSDO WHAT YOU LOVEWHAT YOU DOB0228 (M) B0229 (L)Ivory lucite, made in China 24These bangles say it all. Wearthem together or pair them withother Blume bracelet sets for amore impactful look.LIVE LAUGH LOVEBANGLE LARGEB0232 (M) B0233 (L)Black lucite, made in China 24MYDESIGN BANGLEB0230 (M) B0231 (L)Ivory lucite; made in China.Custom vinyl design, Salt LakeCity, Utah24We have dozens of ways tohelp you express what youare feeling, but if you havesomething extra special tosay, go ahead and MyDesignyour bangle. Send us a photowhen you’re done! Pair thesewith the other Simply Wordsbangles or with other BlumeBracelet sets to completeyour look.LOVE NECKLACEN0226Custom pewter-cast charm onsilver-plated necklace25 We love this and we love you!HAPPY NECKLACEN0223Custom pewter-cast charm onsilver-plated necklace25You just have to look at thisnecklace for the desired effect!SHINE WORD NECKLACEN0224Custom pewter-cast charm onsilver-plated necklace25 Shine On!!!
  12. 12. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101112COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSIMPLYWORDSDREAM NECKLACEN0227Custom pewter-cast charm onsilver-plated necklace25One look in the mirror will keepyour head in the clouds, whereall the dreams are.BELIEVE NECKLACEN0225Custom pewter-cast charm onsilver-plated necklace25A perfect reminder for you(or someone like you) tojust believe for a moment.STRONGFOUNDATIONSBLACK LEATHER CORDN0228Black leather cord with silver-plated chain and clasp26 An easy to wear classic piece.GUN METAL BALL CHAINN0230Gun metal ball chain 27A dark twist on a classic ballchain necklace.SILVER BALL CHAINN0231Silver-plated ball chain 27A classic and easy piece toadd any charm to.CHAIN MAIL NECKLACEN0229Chain-mail with textured andsmooth-plated metal rings27This necklace is perfect all byitself, but it makes such a greathome for our embellishments thatyou may just want to load it up.
  13. 13. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101113COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSTRONGFOUNDATIONSSILK NECKLACEEMBELLISHMENT KEEPERN0233Silk ribbon wrapped aroundpewter oval ring27Tied up short or worn long,this hand dyed silk necklaceis the perfect way to show offall your charms.LEATHER NECKLACEEMBELLISHMENT KEEPERN0234Soft suede leather wrappedaround pewter ring27Tied up short or worn long,this deerskin suede necklaceis the perfect way to show offall your charms.IVORY BEAD BRACELET SETB0207Ivory beads on elastic 28A perfect mix for summeror winter.JADE FLOWER BRACELETB0206Carved jade flowers on elastic 28Because these roses will neverfade, this beautiful carved jadebracelet is the perfect bouquet.PINK PORCELAIN SETB0205Round, circle, and oval pinkporcelain beads on elastic28For a soft and casual feel. Mixthis with our Ivory Beads, BlackMix, Jade Flower or…RUBBERIZED BEADBRACELET SETB0208Rubberized blue round beads,green oval beads, and redheart beads on elastic28These unique beads are perfect ontheir own or when mixed with theother sets for a little whimsy.BLUME BRACELETB0234 (M) B0242 (L)Silver-plated chain, custompewter-cast toggle and bar27 A UL twist on a classic.
  14. 14. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101114COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSSTRONGFOUNDATIONSSPARKLE BRACELET SETB0209Black, clear, and smoky cutcrystal on elastic29Wear these bracelets alone,together, or mixed withanother set, like our BlackMixed bracelets.CORAL SHARDS BRACELET*B0210Coral shards elastic 29Beautiful sponge coral shardshave a strong look but a comfort-able feel. Coral is said to protectthe wearer.*Long-term outageBLACK MIXED SETB0211Square and circle porcelainbeads along with blackrubberized beads on elastic.29Wear these as they are, ormix them with the sparkle set,or rubberized heart—apersonal favorite.MyDESIGNBIRTHSTONES- JANUARYC0217Faceted garnet on Blume link 30We love to celebrate birthdaysany way we can, and ourBirthstones are the perfect way.A great idea is to add each of yourchildren’s birthstones to oneFoundation to keep them all closeto you. Or, combine a birthstonewith an initial from our alphabetembellishments to representyourself or someone special.Please allow for some variance inour stones as they are natural andwill all differ slightly.BIRTHSTONES- FEBRUARYC0218Amethyst on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES- MARCHC0219Aquamarine on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES- APRILC0220Carved crystal flower onBlume link30
  15. 15. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101115COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSMyDESIGNBIRTHSTONES-MAYC0221Emerald green onyx onBlume link30We love to celebrate birthdaysany way we can, and ourBirthstones are the perfect way.A great idea is to add each of yourchildren’s birthstones to oneFoundation to keep them all closeto you. Or, combine a birthstonewith an initial from our alphabetembellishments to representyourself or someone special.Please allow for some variance inour stones as they are natural andwill all differ slightly.BIRTHSTONES-JUNEC0222Pearl on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES- JULYC0223Three rubies on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES-AUGUSTC0224Faceted teardrop peridot onBlume link30BIRTHSTONES- SEPTEMBERC0225Stacked sapphires on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES- OCTOBERC0226Opal drop on Blume link 30BIRTHSTONES- NOVEMBERC0227Topaz fluorite on Blume link 30
  16. 16. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101116COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSMyDESIGNBIRTHSTONES-DECEMBERC0228Turquoise on Blume link 30We love to celebrate birthdaysany way we can, Birthstones arethe perfect way. Please allow forsome variance in our stones asthey are natural and will alldiffer slightly.LITTLE BOY CAMEOC0229Custom pewter-cast charm onBlume link31Like Grandma’s cameo, buttotally up-to-date.Little Girl CameoC0230Custom pewter-cast charm onBlume link31NestC0231Silver-plated wire with freshwaterpearls, custom to your specifiednumber of pearls up to six31This is one of our favoriteembellishments. What a sweetway to represent the family.Choose from one to six eggs. Ifanother little one comes alongjust send it in and we’ll add anegg and get it right back to you(return shipping included).MyDesign CircleC0232Custom pewter-cast charm onBlume link with ability to havecustom stamped message upto 8 letters31We hand stamp this customcharm when you order it. It’sdone with a loose feel so expectyour letters to bounce a little—there is no room for perfect on apiece like this!1–5 letters use a large letterstamp and 6–8 use a smallerletter. Both are so precious.MyDesign HeartC023331MyDesign RectangleC023431
  17. 17. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101117COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSMyDESIGNAlphabet EmbellishmentsCustom pewter-cast charm onfunctional, Blume link32Abbreviate it, monogram it, orspell it out! Our typeface alphabetembellishments will be endlesslyfun for you and your customers.EMBELLISHMENTSBe Wise OwlC0201Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link34Give her this embellishment onthe first day of school or anytimeyou want her to remember howwise she really is.Live Large WhaleC0203Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link34Live Large! Dream Big! Takeon the World!STAND STRONG BADGERC0202Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link34Our cute, but feisty badger hastaken on a personality all its own.Share him with a friend who needssome extra courage.FAITH CHARITY HOPEC02003 custom pewter-cast charmson Blume link34Faith, Hope, and Charity. Togetherthey are like a compass for ourlives. Each charm is combinedon a jumpring. Necklace shownin catalog is not included.PEACEC0204Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35We can all use a little morepeace; in our families, in ourhearts, and in the world.LoveC0205Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35Not just a trinket, but a truestatement for you to give awayor keep for yourself.
  18. 18. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101118COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSEMBELLISHMENTSMake A WishC0206Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35We haven’t grown out of theidea that maybe, just maybe, ourbiggest wish may still come true.SHAMROCKC0207Custom pewter-cast charm onBlume link35Need a little more luck? Pick thisembellishment.Lucky HorseshoeC0208Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35It never hurts to get a little extrahelp in the luck department. Wearour horseshoe for a boost.Key To HappinessC0209Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35What’s the key to happiness?Well, being happy about life!This is just a little reminder.Key To ConfidenceC0210Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35Sometimes the key to confidenceis to pretend that you have it,right? Hold on to this when youare doubting how fabulousyou are.Key To KindnessC0211Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35UL ladies are known to be kindand helpful, but we can all usea reminder every now and then!TAKING FLIGHTC0212Gold-plated pewter onBlume link35 Fly free. Take an adventure. Soar!
  19. 19. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101119COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSEMBELLISHMENTSCrossC0213Custom pewter-cast charmon Blume link35Keep this fresh symbol of yourfaith close to your heart.PINECONE EMBELLISHMENTC0214Antique gold pewter-castcharm on Blume link10, 35You outdoorsy girl, you!This tiny pinecone is a subtlereminder that, although youare stuck inside right now, adeep breath of fresh air iscoming soon.NEVERGROWUPGRACE NECKLACE - CHILD’SN0215Hand-strung pearls with acarved crystal flower36These are the perfect gift for anewborn, for a christening, orjust for a “big girl” gift. Thesealso pair nicely with Mommy’spearl necklace from the GraceCollection.Grace Earrings - Child’sE0209Pearls hang from floral sterlingsilver posts36Perfect for a christening,birthday, or just because, theseearrings also pair nicely withMommy’s pearl necklace fromthe Grace Collection.PLAYFUL NECKLACE - CHILD’SN0216Green pearls hand-strung andaccented with a teal apitate,Italian-made bead flower, and atouch of leather36Just like mommy’s Playful set.Any piece in this line would beperfect for an extra special eventor just for fun.PLAYFUL BRACELET - CHILD’SB0218Green pearls, teal apitate,Italian-made bead flower, anda touch of leather36PLAYFUL EARRINGS - CHILD’SE0210Green pearls hang from sterlingsilver posts36
  20. 20. ©2011 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Blume Reference Sheet_101120COLLECTION PIECE MATERIALS PAGE JUST A FEW THOUGHTSNEVERGROWUPHAPPY & BRIGHTNECKLACEN0212African Christmas beads,custom pewter-cast charm37African Christmas beads arehappy all on their own, but wedecided to add a sweet littlestamped heart for extra love.Perfect for a happy little girl.GARDEN GROW CORALEARRINGSE0220Hand-carved coral flowers onsterling silver ear posts37These carved coral earrings area special gift for any child. Coralis known to be a protecting stoneand is often given as a gift of loveand protection.Garden GrowNecklaceN0213Red coral beads with hand-wrapped Millifore flower andgreen seed bead37Coral for protection and theflower bead for health andgrowth! This is a beautiful giftfor little girls.Garden Grow YellowEarringsE0219Yellow Millifore flower beadshang from sterling silver posts37The matching earrings to ourGarden Grow necklace, thesedelicate beads are just the rightsize for little girls.All jewelry manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, unless otherwise noted.http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.netMargie LewisIndependent Demonstrator(709) 639