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Web Sites that WOW - Which Printers Made It?


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How should commercial printers build web sites that are "prospect sticky"? Which sections MUST they have? And which web sites did I put in the PRINTERS' HALL OF FAME?

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Web Sites that WOW - Which Printers Made It?

  1. 1. Building a Printer’s Web Site that WOWs! Margie Dana September 10, 2013 Print 2013
  2. 2. @margiedana STEEPED IN CONTENT  Weekly Print Tips enewsletter (since 1999)  Marketing column for Printing Impressions  Blog for  3 books about print buying & print selling  Ghost-tweet for Fortune 100 client  Blog for industry clients  Write direct mail campaigns  Write promotional materials  Write web site content, enewsletters, articles
  3. 3. @margiedana Forgive me. Let’s make PowerPoint more social.
  4. 4. @margiedana
  5. 5. @margiedana MY POV?
  6. 6. @margiedana Your site visitors
  7. 7. @margiedana THIS SESSION’S ROADMAP 1. Putting your site in perspective 2. What every print prospect looks for 3. The sections every site must have 4. Hallmarks of a GREAT web site 5. Wringing value from site content 6. Painting your site with personality 7. Sites in the Printers’ Hall of Fame 8. Q & A
  8. 8. @margiedana TOPICS FOR ANOTHER DAY o Easy ways to integrate your site with other company content o Site design do’s and don’ts o SEO o Google analytics o System for updating site content
  9. 9. @margiedana 1. PUTTING YOUR SITE IN PERSPECTIVE Surveyed 162 print buyers  Focus on prospects  Think like a print buyer  Home is where it’s at  Critique other sites  Aim for quality rather than quantity  Build it for the kids Forget Your Customers
  10. 10. @margiedana WHAT KIDS? Millennials AKA Gen Y Roughly 1982 – 2001 Marked increase in use and familiarity with communication, media, and digital technologies. Gen C – overlap with Y, born after 1990 C for Connected or for Content Digital natives Social animals Constantly connected 91% sleep next to their smartphone (Engaging Generation C, Nov. 2012)
  11. 11. @margiedana Their ownership & use of connected devices makes them incredibly unique customers…both a challenge & an opportunity for marketers & content providers.* *Forget Generation Y, 2/12, Zoe Fox
  12. 12. @margiedana New customers will source all print online
  13. 13. @margiedana HOW WILL THEY INTERACT WITH YOU?
  14. 14. @margiedana Make way for the new workforce “…technology has had a profound influence on the youthful cohort that will begin to dominate the global workforce by 2020.” - Cisco White Paper, Transitioning to Workforce 2020, 2011
  15. 15. @margiedana Incoming class of print customers is attracted to printers with shared values
  16. 16. @margiedana Some defining traits, Gen Y & C o Relationship-oriented purchasing. High values on friends’/peers’ recommendations. This will erode the value of traditional marketing and bricks-and-mortar businesses. o Instant communication – speedy delivery of everything o Crave innovation – buying the latest models of every tech toy and tool. o Playful mentality – bred on video games and interactive experiences o Visuals matter more
  17. 17. @margiedana PRINT SOURCING BY THE NEXT DECADE o 100% online engagement? o No door-to-door sales reps? o Mobile devices are preferred tools o Virtual events & videos for education o Personalized‘lesson plans’online o Peer reviews count mightily
  18. 18. @margiedana “The challenge for the communication & technology industries will be to abandon successful but outlived business models & refocus on what it takes to thrive in the Gen C environment.” The Rise of Generation C: Implications for the World of 2020 Booz & Company, 2010
  19. 19. @margiedana This must influence your web site.
  20. 20. @margiedana 2. WHAT PRINT PROSPECTS LOOK FOR Surveyed 162 print buyers  Signs you have what they need  Clarity: appearance & information  Contemporary, not crusty  Real people to contact  Signs of life! Be Mindful: Levels of Print Savvy
  21. 21. @margiedana 3. SECTIONS EVERY PRINTER’S SITE NEEDS  Shining home page  Equipment list  Capabilities  People (team)  News  Blog  Contact forms  Markets served  Who we are/why us  Resources  Social buttons
  22. 22. @margiedana GHDEAN.COM– EQUIPMENT LIST
  24. 24. @margiedana CONCORDLITHO.COM – TEAM (WHO)
  25. 25. @margiedana ALLIEDPRINTING.COM – TEAM (WHO)
  26. 26. @margiedana HBP.COM – TEAM (VIDEO) 
  27. 27. @margiedana BURDGECOOPER.COM – BLOG
  28. 28. @margiedana WHY US? WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT “ HBP is building on its legacy business to respond to customers’ evolving needs. Unlike competitive offerings, we focus on developing intelligent solutions that drive results throughout the communications lifecycle. We accomplish this by identifying new and innovative opportunities for engaging audiences, while streamlining production processes to realize greater cost efficiencies and achieve better outcomes. That’s the HBP difference – driven by knowledge, expertise and results.”
  29. 29. @margiedana 4. HALLMARKS OF A GREAT PRINTER’S SITE Surveyed 162 print buyers 1. Refreshing, not trite or boilerplate 2. Conversational 3. Strong visuals 4. Contemporary/current 5. Resources 6. Evidence of social 7. Values evident 8. Strong personality Margie’s 8
  30. 30. @margiedana 5. WRINGING VALUE FROM SITE CONTENT Surveyed 162 print buyers  Blog as crown jewel  Glossary? Fuel SM  Aggregate blog posts into e-book, giveaway  Site updates yield new posts on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn  Manage SM posts on Mine it for content gold
  31. 31. @margiedana 6. PAINTING YOUR SITE W/PERSONALITY w  People, not machines  Personalize with language  Blog  Good citizen, social values, care about environment, love your employees = bonus points! Humanize your site
  32. 32. @margiedana 7. PRINTERS’ HALL OF FAME SITES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  33. 33. @margiedana Questions?
  34. 34. @margiedana THANK YOU! Margie Dana I can help with your site, blog, SM & other content! 617.730.5951