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Famous women in american history


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History project on women

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Famous women in american history

  1. 1. Created by Springer’s American History Class 2010 Women Who Helped Create American History
  2. 2. Molly Pitcher 1744—1832 American Patriot An American Revolutionary War heroine, whose real name was Mary Ludwig Hays. She earned her nickname by carrying water for her husband and other soldiers in the battle of Monmouth in 1778. Her service came to the attention of General George Washington and in 1822 she received a pension for her services.
  3. 3. Molly Pitcher
  4. 4. Betsy Ross 1752—1836 American Patriot Raised as a Quaker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and married to an upholsterer, John Ross who was killed during an explosion at a munitions depot he was guarding. Betsy took over the business and is known to have made flags during the American Revolution. The legend that she created the first Stars and Stripes still remains unproven, but her home remains a historic landmark and flies “Betsy Ross Flag” proudly.
  5. 5. Betsy Ross
  6. 6. Sacagawea (Scajawea) Appx. 1788—1884 Shoshone Indian Indian wife of French Canadian trader Toussaint Charbonneau. She was the Indian guide who accompanied Lewis and Clark along with her husband and infant son from 1805--1806 on their expedition to explore the territories between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. The only woman on the trip, she also cooked, foraged for food, sewed, mended and cleaned the clothes of the men. No real picture exists of her, but in 1999 the new United States dollar coin features a likeness of her with her son.
  7. 7. Sacagawea
  8. 8. Dolley Madison 1768—1849 Former First Lady Besides being First Lady and hostess to serve in Washington, DC, Dolley became an emblem of courage to American Society. During the war of 1812 when the British burned the capital, leaving behind all her personal possessions to burn, Dolley saved the famous life-size portrait of George Washington and other historic federal documents. Dolley’s social graces made her famous and loved and honored as a part of her country’s history.
  9. 9. Susan B. Anthony 1820—1906 American Women’s Rights Leader Founded the American Equal Rights Association and spent her life trying to win voting rights for women in the United States. She also campaigned against slavery and in favor of temperance. She was honored by Congress with her portrait on a one dollar coin in 1979.
  10. 10. Susan B. Anthony
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  12. 12. Created As Sample For Class Project  Margaret Springer 2010
  13. 13. Dolley Madison