Artista f av orito daniel gonzalez herrera


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my students favorite artists.. using past simple

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Artista f av orito daniel gonzalez herrera

  1. 1. Christian BundóJimenez´LIFE(PORTA)
  2. 2. Porta was born inBarcelona in 1988.
  3. 3. Ten years later he literallystumbles with rap andfrom that moment his lifedoes not return to be thesame.
  4. 4. So in 2006 hanging on their first demo internetprofessional, “not a question of age” and less than amonth becomes the most downloaded, commented andlistened in the network.
  5. 5. On January 29, 2007 with a new modelappears “no trick hangs”, websites wherecollapsed, the forums were filled withcomments.
  6. 6. Already in 2008released his first LPIn so many mouthis all the rage, hisrecords sell likepancakes and thefight between fansand the hatersbegins thecontroversy ofbeing a sellout.
  7. 7. His fame goes beyond the Spanishborders, comes to America mainlyin Mexico, Colombia, Argentina,Chile.In 2009 appears the new albumBipolar Disorder which makes clearhis internal struggle betweenChristian and Porta, his fame, hedefinitely said goodbye toanonymity.
  8. 8. Well, this is the definitive diskHolder and Soma term inannouncing his official Facebookpage and took the past 2012.Talkto restart this album and howfame changed his life.
  9. 9. END…