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  • , Generals Masaharu Homma and Tomoyuki Yamashita, the commanders at the time of the Bataan Death March, were executed on April 1946
  • sanctuary for young and aspiring Filipino artiststhat is located in Mount Makiling, Los Baños, First Lady Imelda Marcos administered by the Cultural Center of the Philippinesroad going to Jamboree from the highway,about 500m from the Yamashita/Homma shrine. An amazing feature of this magnetic hill is that if you stop on a marked area and place a tin can on the road, notice that the can is magnetized up hill.
  • First to implement the no to Plastic Policy!At the foot of Mt. Makiling, most students just walk or bike for their daily transportationMost of the students are from different part of the country.Lastly…
  • Both murdurer of Given Grace was already captured and non bialable
  • arrested
  • Mostly of the outpost where located in the entrance of a village or a avenue
  • The notice is about the car pass or the school car ticket it a new and improved rule in lb for all the motorist either its public or private vehicle
  • Upf’s jurisdistion is from the main gate up to the irri. So bascially the villages before the campus is not under the upf but the los banos police
  • Don’t go outside if its too late, but when your classes ended late make sure you go straight to your dorm or apt, to avoid misfortune, and if you were in a bad situation already, think before you panic.Umbrellas, plastic bottles, perfumesIts no harm to follow rules once in a while specially if the beneficairy of the rule is you,It like in common sense, if you have one you would never think to walk in a dark alley alone, so it for protection walk in big group or if your really that alone, walk to the alley that have some street lights and some people who can see youPolice number, UPF mcdo and kfcThey say that when given grace was raped and murdered she was wearing short shorts
  • Persuasive Speech

    1. 1. Jan Margarette Vasquez
    2. 2.  1st clas urban municipality in Laguna Centerof business ventures and get away destination, since surrounding Los Banos was well known place/ town. Also its accessible via SLEX
    3. 3.  called Mainit, the Tagalog term for "hot" and alludes to the thermal springs at the foot of Mount Makiling. By 1589, through a Franciscan Friar, it became popularly called by its present name: "Los Baños," which is Spanish for "bathing place
    4. 4.  Homma- Yamasita  UPLB
    5. 5. National Art Center of Magnetic Hillthe Philippines
    6. 6.
    7. 7.  Answers are according to some UPLB students and Police officers in and outside of the campus.They said that:  Enviroment Friendly  Less Pollution  Melting Pot  Simple and Friendly People.
    8. 8. Common Crimes Recent Crime Rates Robbery  Before the rape-slay of Murder Given Grace,the police officers said that it was Rape after already 10 years that Drug cases another crime occured involving a student. It just so happen that the recent incidents were with only span of 5 months.
    9. 9.  Given Grace Cebanico- Oct. 11, 2011, 19-year-old computer science student, also raped and murdered, her body found on IBP Road in Barangay Tuntungin- Putho.
    10. 10.  3 months before- Bradley Inway, 16 and Gilbert de Ocampo, 23, were killed on July 24 in the same vicinity where UPLB student Given Grace Cebanico was raped and murdered. Both murders were found five meters from the roadside and about 20 meters from the nearest village outpost in Barangay Putho-Tuntungin
    11. 11.  5 months after Rochell Gerona- a student of Los Baños National High School was raped and slain in Barangay Batong Malake last Feb. 27
    12. 12.  Ray Bernaard Peñaranda- 19 year-old student of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna. An agriculture student, was stabbed dead on March 4, causing fear and rage in UPLB
    13. 13.  Senior Superintendent Dante Novicio and his 53 police personnel were replaced because of numerous crime incidents in Los Baños, according to the regional police office in Southern Tagalog. Thirty more cops have been added to our police force, and 15 new police outposts have been put up in strategic locations. Around 200 additional lampposts have been installed
    14. 14.  A new police force is in place and is expected to do a better job. More police patrols, particularly on foot, have been ordered, and checkpoints ordered set up.
    15. 15.  The municipal government purchased CCTVcamera and the Laguna provincial government donated 10 mutli-cab vehicles
    16. 16.  Inside the Campus of UPLB, according to Chancellor Rex Victor Cruz, along with the UPLB administration and the student council, are also helping us in this campaign. We are strictly enforcing a curfew for minors, a ban on the selling of liquor after 10 p.m., and the anti-loitering policy.
    17. 17.  For now I think LB is already safe because , there are a lot more police whose patrollig than before and since the are some talk between the owners of the dormetories and the police and the administration of the school the curfew is an important rule around LB now. – Zhinkie Pelayo, 1st BS Economics Yes it is because most of the crimes are outside the campus it just so happens that the victim is a student of the universities. Actually, misfortunate incidents wouldn’t happen if you don’t go give out motive to those possible attacker.- kuya guard.
    18. 18.  We think it is just a show off to the people that they are doing somethig better to prevent those crimes but when the news went down and be forgotten, the policemen would get tired of patrolling and just sack off like the others. Another thing is the police officers they hired are mostly the fresh graduates so there’s a possibility that they are still not ready to fight the bad people and protect the citizen.-Abigail Magpantay, 1st yr BSChemEng-Dayanara Canceran, 1st yr BSBIO
    19. 19. 1. Use your common sense2. Always have things that can be weapon for self defense.3. Follow the university / your dormitory curfew4. Always have someone to accompany you when going out after dark5. Have Emergency numbers6. Don’t wear revealing clothes7. Don’t talk to strangers