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London (edgar)


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London (edgar)

  1. 1. The tourist guide of London
  2. 2. • Where is London? • The city • The Coin • To do in London? • The monuments • Parks and gardens• Proposals to do in London • Transport • Transport cards
  3. 3. WHERE ISLONDON?London islocated in thesouth ofEngland andis thepolitical andeconomiccapital of theUK.
  4. 4. THE CITYHuge,vibrant andreallymulticulturalLondon isone of thebig cities ofthe world!
  5. 5. THE CITYIn London thereare many places tovisit.London is a citywhere you can seeeverythingabout modernistworks, theMillennium Bridgeis one of the mostoutstanding worksthat we can visit.
  6. 6. THE COINin the UK, theofficialcurrency inLondon is theBritish pound(GBP, £) Eachpound isdivided into100 pence.
  7. 7. TO DO INLONDON?Most interestingmuseums:The BritishMuseum is a mustfor anyone visitingthe city and has aminimal concernfor history,archeology and art.Best antique objectsare exposed is thisgreat museum.
  8. 8. TO DO INLONDON?Most interestingmuseums :The NationalGallery allows youto see soon some ofthe best paintingsof history, from thefifteenth century tomodernimpressionistpaintings.
  9. 9. TO DO INLONDRES?Most interestingmuseums :This wonderfulmuseum,impeccablyorganized showsthe differentstages of humantechnologicaladvance
  10. 10. TO DO INLONDON?Most interestingmuseums :Any type of objectdesign issusceptible fruitentering themuseum. Frombottles to bicycles,virtually all theutensils of daily lifeare the product ofdesign and, as such,deserve their ownspace.
  11. 11. TO DO INLONDON?Surroundings todiscover :Greenwich is anideal excursion nearLondon for a day oreven tomorrow ifyou have little time.Greenwich is adestination rich inhistory, great viewsand a nice boutiquemarket.
  12. 12. TO DO INLONDON?Surroundings todiscover :Very near London isthe city of Windsor,famous for giving itsname to the BritishRoyal Family. Withits medieval castleand the prestigiousEton College on theopposite bank of theThames, is ideal for abreak away from thebustle of London.
  13. 13. TO DO INLONDON?Surroundings todiscover :The name of thistown is no accident:from Roman times, itshot springs haveattracted the mostchallenging classes ofcompanies that wentthrough there. Itpresents a range ofcultural andentertainment thatleaves no room forboredom.
  14. 14. TO DO INLONDON?Surroundings todiscover :Our trip to Londonallows us to beclose to one of thegreatestarcheologicalmysteries of theplanet, theNeolithic dolmensof Stonehenge.
  15. 15. THE MONUMENTSThe ancientBenedictine abbeyof Westminster is aplace of worship, ofroyal coronationand burial of kingsand great names ofEnglish history.It is one of the greatexamples ofmonumentalsculpture in Europe.
  16. 16. THE MONUMENTSAlthoughskyscrapers arebeing imposed onthe skyline of thecity, you can stillsee in the distancethe spectaculardome of one of thelargest Christianchurches in theworld.
  17. 17. THE MONUMENTSThe new element ofthe London skylineis an impressiveobservation wheelthat sits beside theThames, in aprivileged locationoverlooking theParliament.
  18. 18. THE MONUMENTSHarrods has strongsupporters anddetractors large soyou have no choicebut to visit formyour own opinion.Areas such as thefeed section and thepet store will leavetraces.
  19. 19. THE MONUMENTSCovent Garden is one ofthe most visited touristattractions in London. Itis situated in the easternpart of the district ofWestminster. The areais dominated bybusinesses, by actorswho entertain thepublic, museums suchas the LondonTransport Museum andthe Royal Opera House,considered the largesttheater facility andmodern Europe.
  20. 20. THE MONUMENTSWhat would havebecome of the gossipmagazines without thestories that were borninside this palace?.Although not especiallynoted for itsarchitectural interest,history and typicalBritish guards each yearattracts millions oftourists.
  21. 21. THE MONUMENTSThis picturesquemedieval castle incentral London isan attractiveattractioncondenses some ofthe best knownessences Britishespítiru: royalty,befeeaters andcrows.
  22. 22. THE MONUMENTSThe area known asSoho, instead ofnight clubs andadult entertainmentin general, is alsofamous for hissmall piece ofChina, where weshop and eat likewere on a street inBeijing.
  23. 23. THE MONUMENTSIf something is knownLondon, withpermission from BigBen, is due to thechange of guard in frontof Buckingham Palace.Whenever held,hundreds of touristscrowding around armedwith cameras and readyto not miss a detail ofwhat happens there.
  24. 24. PARKS ANDGARDENSA part of its greenmeadows, old treesand a pond full ofsociable birds,Kensington Parkknown for itschildrensplayground, theextravagantmemorial toAlberto andmemories to Dianaherself.
  25. 25. PARKS ANDGARDENSThis charming parkin the heart ofLondon houses Aninteresting bird lifein their beautifulpond.Its proximity tobusiness areas andtourist attractionsmake it one of themost visited greenspots in the city.
  26. 26. PARKS ANDGARDENSThis park northof the city centerhosts greatattractions forchildren as theirplayground orthe zoo greatcity, one of theworlds best.
  27. 27. PARKS ANDGARDENSIn a city likeLondon, where thecultural offer is sowide, could notmiss a zoo, but tosee the park thathouses it, no onecould say that thegreen lung ofCamden is home toover 700 species ofanimals.
  28. 28. PROPOSALS TODO IN LONDONIt is impossible not tomeet them on a visit toLondon and it is almosta sin not to enter one.The pubs have been forcenturies the meetingpoints of Londonersand condensed into asingle point moretraditional aspects oftheir culture: the food,beer and meeting withfriends.
  29. 29. PROPOSALS TODO IN LONDONIf you want to releaseadrenaline, screamingto forget the stress andlive a chillingexperience youve cometo the right place: theLondon Dungeon. Astep away from thetypical touristattractions of the city ofthe Thames, lies a veryunconventionalmuseum, which trumpfear and blood
  30. 30. PROPOSALS TODO IN LONDONMany tourists areinterested in seeinga match of thesoccer leagues mostfashionable: theEnglish.London has some ofthe most successfulclubs of worldfootball and offersthe possibility ofseeing big stars.
  31. 31. LONDON TEAMS
  32. 32. PROPOSALS TODO IN LONDONLocated at thetop of HighgateHill, part of anice residentialneighborhood innorth London,not far from theattractiveneighborhood ofHampstead, isthis beautifulcemetery
  33. 33. TRANSPORT UNDERGROUNDThe LondonUndergroundhas 11 lines andits network isone of the mostextensive in theworld. Virtuallywherever you arethere is a metrostop nearby.
  34. 34. TRANSPORTWhile not thefastest means oftransport, thefamous reddouble-deckerbuses are a niceway to explorecentral London. BUS
  35. 35. TRANSPORTDespite beingbig, bold,elegant andcomfortable, thefamous LondonBlack Cabs"compete" forbeing the mostexpensive inEurope. TAXI
  36. 36. TRANSPORTAlthough theextent and theclimate ofLondon notinvite it, manyLondoners whochoose to bike toget around town. BICYCLE
  37. 37. TRANSPORTCARDSThe Travelcard isthe best choice fortravelers interestedin using the metroand publictransport in general.Used to use publictransport withoutrestriction.
  38. 38. Prices 1 day Travel Card Outside peak (Off Validity At peak (Peak) Peak) Areas 1-2 £8,40 £7 Areas 1-4 £ 10,60 £7,70
  39. 39. TRANSPORTCARDSThe Oyster card is arechargeable s wipecard that simplifiespayments on publictransport. In addition tostreamlining theprocess, the prices ofthe different modes oftransport are lowerusing the Oyster cardwhen you buy singletickets.