Prezentation of romania


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Prezentation of romania

  1. 1. Do you know thatDo you know that….….  Bucharest is the capital ofBucharest is the capital of RomaniaRomania  Our flag is formed by threeOur flag is formed by three colors: red, yellow and blue.colors: red, yellow and blue.  The main language isThe main language is Romanian.Romanian.  Romanian currency is calledRomanian currency is called <<LEULEU>> ??
  2. 2. RomaniaRomania,, a country of wonderful placesa country of wonderful places with palaces, castles, and monuments of art
  3. 3. Bran Castle
  4. 4. The Council Tower-Sibiu
  5. 5. Palace of Parliament, Bucharest (Palatul Parlamentului)
  6. 6. The Arch of Triumph was build to celebrate the victory of Romania in the First World War
  7. 7. The Athenaeum from Bucharest
  8. 8. Peleş Castle, Sinaia
  9. 9. Sighişoara
  10. 10. Braşov From White Tower
  11. 11. Braşov Council Square
  12. 12. RomaniaRomania,, a country witha country with Carpathians Mountains,Carpathians Mountains, rivers and lakesrivers and lakes
  13. 13. Toaca peak (1900 m) – Durău Carpathians Mountains
  14. 14. Bâlea Lake
  15. 15. Red lake
  16. 16. Bears CaveBears Cave
  17. 17. Meduse from the Black Sea Romania, a country with the BLACK SEA
  18. 18. Constanţa, Mamaia on the Black Sea The Black Sea forms the border on 245 km
  19. 19. C a s i n o i n C o n s t a n t a
  20. 20. RomaniaRomania,, a countrya country withwith wonderfulwonderful DANUBE DELTADANUBE DELTA
  21. 21. sturgeon on the Danube near the Iron Gates
  22. 22. Swan from Danube Delta
  23. 23. RomaniaRomania,,a country witha country with picturesquepicturesque MONASTERIESMONASTERIES andand authentic customsauthentic customs
  24. 24. Putna Monastery
  25. 25. Barsana Monastery
  26. 26. Transylvanian Brandy Jug (Oas)
  27. 27. Romanian ceramic saucers
  28. 28. RomaniaRomania,, a countrya country withwith picturesque landscapespicturesque landscapes andand a rich spiritual peoplea rich spiritual people
  29. 29. TTraditional costumesraditional costumes  The costumes are differentThe costumes are different from city to another.from city to another.  Now the only peopleNow the only people wearing the costumes arewearing the costumes are the traditional dancers andthe traditional dancers and singers.singers.
  30. 30. Famous RFamous Romanianomanian peoplepeople ScientistsScientists  Nicolae Paulescu has discovered the insulin.Nicolae Paulescu has discovered the insulin.  Henri Coanda has invented the jet plane engineHenri Coanda has invented the jet plane engine  George Emil Palade, Nobel Prize in Physiology and MedicineGeorge Emil Palade, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for descovering the ribosomesfor descovering the ribosomes
  31. 31. ArtistsArtists Constantin BrancusiConstantin Brancusi is calledis called the the Patriarch of Modern SculpturePatriarch of Modern Sculpture..  George Enescu, the greatestGeorge Enescu, the greatest Romanian musician: composer,Romanian musician: composer, violinist, pianist, conductor andviolinist, pianist, conductor and teacher.teacher.
  32. 32. WritersWriters  EugenIonescu - EugenIonescu - Romanian and FrenchRomanian and French   playwright and dramatist, andplaywright and dramatist, and one of the most famous playwrightsone of the most famous playwrights   of the Theatre of the Absurdof the Theatre of the Absurd  Mircea EliadeMircea Eliade – first historian of religions;– first historian of religions; fiction writer, philosopher,fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at theUniversity of Chicagoand professor at theUniversity of Chicago  Emil Cioran –Emil Cioran –phylosopherphylosopher and essayist.and essayist.