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Nicole Presentation

  1. 1. EVOLUTIO N According to the Collins English dictionary evolution is a gradual change in the characteristics of a population of animals or plants over successive generations In other words evolution is when things change and adapt to their surroundings over many years
  2. 2. Are we still evolving? •I am going to investigate if we are still evolving. •I will compare the people of today with the people of the past •I would like to see how these changes will affect my future.
  3. 3. Are we getting smarter? The average human has to learn complicated new skills and abilities that involve a massive brain change. Our brains are very different, in fine detail, from the brains of our Our brains are massively ancestors. re-modelled by the exposure to the Internet -but also, by reading, television, video games, modern electronics, contemporary music and by contemporary "tools," etc.
  4. 4. The average IQ in 1900 would have been 50, below the level of retardation. Obviously our grandparents or great grandparents were not retarded. The average IQ of the population today is approximately 100. IQ tests had been increasing about 3 points per decade or approximately 10 points per generation.
  5. 5. If we compare the inventions of today with the inventions they made 100-200 years ago then yes, we are getting smarter! to to to
  6. 6. Medical Advances. If you compare the scientists of today who are making cures to cancer and many other diseases to those who had no answers - then yes we are getting smarter
  7. 7. Are we getting Dumber? Are we getting reliant on computers, and therefore, dumber? In the 1950s if you did not do well in your reading and math you did not move up to the next year group. Some people repeated the same primary year two These days its not until year 11 that if you fail you might to three times!!! have to repeat that year. If the power went out in a shop or business would we be able to work without a calculator or computer?
  8. 8. Are Our Bodies Changing? Average height for a western European man With evolution we are getting taller !!!
  9. 9. Obesity is a serious issue facing our society - and the western world - today. Levels have tripled in the past two decades in England and the government reports that a fifth of men and a quarter of women are now obese, with a staggering 24 million adults thought to be overweight or obese.
  10. 10. With evolution how will Technology change in the future? I think… •We will talk to computers not type into •Factories will be run by them computers and machinery and will need very little human care •We will have houses with computers and robots who do everything for us •We might have virtual reality holidays
  11. 11. My Conclusion With evolution, if we rely too much on computers and other technology I believe we will become a very lazy, over weight and an With inventions such as unintelligent world! computers and robots we will do less and less I believe we are still evolving and our future will be a very different place to live.
  12. 12. Conclusion Continued. With evolution This is my way of we have become saying that, we taller and more need to look out intelligent but for one another, with all these watch what we eat new inventions and the technology we will get fat, we use. We need lazy and throw to take care to away our continue evolving intelligence. I and living the lives believe this is we are living now, what may Also the life expectancy is in so have a happy happen in the creasing so make the most of and healthy life future!!! it!!! everyone!!!
  13. 13. I think I will change my future by… •I will watch less television •I will get out out and do more things for myself •I will add up the cost of shopping as I am in the store and the only time it will be checked is when I pay for it •And last but not least I will not fall behind in exercise and will try and not to become over weight and definitely NOT OBEASE!!!!!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING… BYE!!!
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