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A presentation on how to use Twitter as a representative of the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts. This presentation was given on April 12, 2012.

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  1. 1. Margaret Portier @tophile Jennifer Liddy @jennliddy VPA! 201 ADVANCED TOPICS#Tw101VP Using Twitter as a representative of VPA.
  2. 2. BrandingWhat does it mean?
  3. 3. What is branding? Branding is the practice of making a name, product, or image an easily identified representative of an organization and the goals, ideals, and personality of the organization for the purpose of attracting and retaining attention.
  4. 4. You are the VPA BrandWhere? How? When you align your  Character social media accounts with VPA  Tone When you share  Attitude status updates  Goals In class  Reputation In public At conferences
  5. 5. A Social Network is aCommunityIdentify and engage with your community. Hi, I’m VPA! I like your style!
  6. 6. The Social Audience  Who do you want to reach?  Why?  Who do you reach?  How?  Who reaches you?
  7. 7. Twitter FollowersFind them. Help them find you. Identify your  Use hashtags interests  Write a bio  Search hashtags  Start conversations and keywords  Participate Follow thought leaders  Best information Look at your followers
  8. 8. Use Twitter to EngageTalk with your students and colleagues, notat them. What do you think? Looks good to me. How about this?
  9. 9. Use a Class Hashtag For students to discuss class and assignments For you to answer questions For announcements For sharing interesting information To generate outside interest  Start a buzz  Interest a new class of students  Engage with past classes  Ex. #Rotoloclass #Tw101VPA
  10. 10. Develop Your ReputationWith Students With Colleagues Be equal  Be equal Be approachable  Be approachable Be friendly  Be friendly Be inclusive  Be inclusive Be a good model  Be a good model Share your expertise  Share your expertise Embody the VPA  Embody the VPA Brand Do you notice a Brand trend?
  11. 11. How to EngageBroadcast Receive Tweet @ your  See trends followers  Pick up tips Ask questions  Answer questions Share notable  Learn something events new Brag about your students Share your interests
  12. 12. Privacy and SecurityNothing on the internet is every fully private. Shh. Don’t tell. I can’t keep secrets.
  13. 13. Security  Keep your passwords secret  Use different passwords for every account  Don’t share your personal information online  Phone number  Address  Email  Etc.
  14. 14. Personal vs. ProfessionalIdentitiesPersonal Professional For your friends and  You represent VPA family  Stay true to the VPA Private? Brand  Shouldn’t be private  Don’t be a robot
  15. 15. Use common sense.  Do not post material that is:  Harassing  Obscene  Threatening  Make sure conduct is consistent with University Policies  Follow laws  Remember who you represent
  16. 16. Mistakes and RecoveryUh oh. Now what? Look at this! RT Uh oh. I shouldn’t have Tweeted that.
  17. 17. Don’t Panic, Apologize Initial reaction is to cover up mistakes or pretend they didn’t happen.  WRONG  Increases negative reaction Own up to the mistake and apologize.  RIGHT  Transparency  Honesty Move on but don’t ignore
  18. 18. Dealing with Negative Attention  Stay true to the VPA Brand  Stick to ideals and goals  Opportunity for new discussion  Clarify what was intended  Take a deep breath  Monitor – should you let it go?  Apologize?  Let your group help
  19. 19. Negative Attention – PersonalAttack What are Trolls?  People who post deliberately provocative or inflammatory messages to cause maximum disruption  Regular part of internet life Don’t engage Trolls A form of encouragement Stay positive
  20. 20. Margaret Portier @tophile Jennifer Liddy @jennliddy Huh? DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?#Tw101VP Tweet us any time @tophile and @jennliddy