Cil2013 engaging teen library users


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This presentation was given at the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington DC on April 7th, 2013.

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Cil2013 engaging teen library users

  1. 1. +Teen Library Users:Engaging the NextGenerationMargaret PortierDirector of Innovative Family ServicesFayetteville Free Library
  2. 2. +Fayetteville FreeLibrary Suburban library Chartered to serve 10,000 School district highly ranked inscience and math Supportive community Active volunteer base 7 full-time librarians
  3. 3. +Fayetteville Free LibraryCulture of Innovation Open discussions Monthly staff forum anddirectors’ meeting Flexibility LIS student clerks Universal staff buy-in Maker culture
  4. 4. +Full STEAM Ahead!Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math aren’t just forschools.
  5. 5. +Common Core and STEAM More age-interesting nonfiction More historically accuratefiction Displays that match currentschool projects Growing graphic novel andmanga collections Fiction and nonfiction More programming aroundthese core subjects Maker Culture Embrace the community’sinterests Trick teens into learning Start young Don’t leave out the parentsand educatorsCommon Core STEAM
  6. 6. + Teen Programming atthe FFLLEGO RoboticsFirst Lego LeagueMission:LEGOSTEAMPunk Club!Creation ClubTeen Volunteer OpportunitiesFuture Teen Engagement
  7. 7. +FIRST® LEGO® LeagueFIRST LEGO League is an international competitive LEGO Roboticsteam for 9-14 year-olds that involves programming LEGO robots,completing a public service research project, and learning teamworkand cooperation.
  8. 8. +FFL’s The Inside Joke 10 members Ages 9-14 All levels of abilities 2012 Challenge: Senior Solutions Robot Game Project Core Values
  9. 9. +Mission:LEGOAn opportunity for teens to learn about programming and LEGOrobotics in a hands-on mission based after-school program
  10. 10. + Your Mission:LEGO, should you chooseto accept it… Materials: LEGO Mindstorms Kits Computers (one per kit) Kids Process Introduce the pieces Introduce the software Separate into teams Announce the Mission Or have them come upwith itMaterials Process
  11. 11. +STEAMPunk Club!A steampunk genre reading club that includesScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math projects.
  12. 12. +STEAMPunk Club!• Each month sponsored bya steampunk YA novel• Book discussion• Hands on projects
  13. 13. +STEAMPunk! Projects• Hot air balloons• Salt water and air batteries• Wind turbines• Takeapart• Skeletons
  14. 14. +Creation ClubAn afterschool club for middle school students interested in digitalmedia.
  15. 15. +FFL CommunityCreation Lab(and FFL Fab Lab)Adobe Creative SuiteGreen screen wallVideo camerasPodcast stationiLife SuiteiPads3D Printers3D modelling software
  16. 16. +Creation Club•1st week of the month – Workshop on how to use something in the CreationLab•Last week of the month – Share what you made this month
  17. 17. +Creation Club February – Podcast Audacity March – Image editing Adobe Photoshop April – Movie editing iMovie 3D modelling Google Sketch-up Autodesk 123D Blender Advanced video editing Using the green screen Adding effects Music creation Garageband AudacitySo far in 2013… Coming soon…
  18. 18. +Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you theCreation Club’s creations!
  19. 19. +Teen Volunteer OpportunitiesGetting teens to volunteer to do what they do best.
  20. 20. +Teen Corps of Volunteers Adopt a Shelf Event support Display arrangement Program prep support Processing project assistance Smart Play
  21. 21. +Teen Tech Squad One-on-one technologyassistance Drop-in help desk Trained on troubleshootingmost common technologyissues Assist with FFL IT initiatives
  22. 22. +Digital Media Expert League Trained on all technologies in the Creation Lab Provide support and training of patrons during drop-in hours in theCreation Lab Create digital content for the FFL
  23. 23. +Bookworms Prepare and run FFL BookSales Use detective skills todetermine category/genre ofbooks Add books to FFL Book SaleLibraryThing account Shelve FFL Book Sale books
  24. 24. +Future Teen EngagementTo infinity and beyond…
  25. 25. +Onward and Upward! Minecraft free play drop-inprogram Comic and Manga Read/WriteForum Recruit teen volunteers More Making More STEAM programming More involvement with families More opportunities for teens toparticipate collaboratively More teen leaders More fun!Coming Soon Big Goals
  26. 26. +Margaret PortierDirector of Innovative Family Servicesmportier@fflib.orgTwitter: