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Vitaminwater's marketing blunder


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A break down/discussion of Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater bilingual lid campaign oversight.

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Vitaminwater's marketing blunder

  1. 1. + Hot Topics Presentation:
  2. 2. + The facts  Sept. 17th Blake Loates discovers “YOU RETARD” message under her lid, shares it on Twitter/Instagram, tagging both @CocaCola and @VitaminWater – Doesn‟t receive timely response.  Father, Doug Loates writes letter to Coke, shares it with mainstream media outlets. Sept. 18th family then receives an „impersonal‟ apology from Shannon Denny, Coca-Cola‟s director of brand communications.  Loates, unsatisfied, does not accept apology.
  3. 3. + The facts  Sept. 19th David Thomson, VP Still Beverage Unit at Coke then issues an apology, along with a statement on their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages on September 20th: “…and to further express our sincere regret for this incident, we are making a $100,000 donation: $50,000 to Easter Seals Canada, and $50,000 to United Way Canada for diversity and inclusion programs across the country.”  Loates Family then accepts apology.
  4. 4. + Discussion  With this type of marketing blunder, do you think an apology from the director of brand communications was enough? - How do you feel about the VP‟s actions vs. the brand communicator‟s actions?  As a Coke/VW communications team member, what suggestions would you have for minimizing the negative press in the mainstream media?