Conditions in no fault divorce


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No fault divorce means that the couples does not need to prove any events of wrongdoing to file a divorce in court. Newyork state allow this no fault divorce, so this nation is called as “No Fault Divorce Nation”. For more info visit us at:-

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Conditions in no fault divorce

  1. 1. Conditions in No Fault Divorce
  2. 2.  No fault divorce means that the couples does not need to prove any events of wrongdoing to file a divorce in court. Newyork state allow this no fault divorce, so this nation is called as “No Fault Divorce Nation”. In previous days, couples who need a divorce without proving any fault have to live separately for one year to attain the eligibility to file a divorce. The worst thing is that this type of divorce leads to high divorce rate.
  3. 3.  Both fault and no-fault divorces are available in all states today, but not all status allowing the no – fault divorce. This term may be unfamiliar to the public, but this divorce helping many couples to get a divorce easily without proving any reasons to the court. New york is the last american state which allow this divorce.
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  5. 5. Conditions: Nearly 80% of the no fault divorce is unilateral.That is, one party objecting the divorce and the other party willing to divorce. The state does not take this in to consideration. If any couples applied for this divorce, the state will approve it. When there is no fault at any one parties, then the decision of the judge will be based upon his feelings. You can approach no fault divorce lawyer in new york.
  6. 6.  New york court always supports a mother for child custody, taking away fathers right to the child. It is always hard to prove that mother is unfit to parent to take care of the child. This divorce came in to act at October 2012 in new york. The couple seeking for divorce must solve certain issues like property division, child custody, child support, spousal support and they should know well about the divorce and family law before that divorce gets finalized. Child support is the major issue, when the spouse try to get divorce in newyork. Mostly the court will support for mother for the child support.
  7. 7. Child Support Issues: Heavy increase or decrease in the income of the either parent. The child would like to spend lot of time with one spouse while compare to other. The child has certain specific financial needs such as medical expenses or schooling expenses.
  8. 8. No Fault Vs Fault Divorce: There is a lot of difference between fault divorce and no fault divorce. Fault divorce does not require any divorce waiting periods. But no fault divorce requires divorce waiting periods to become eligible for that. Some states have increased the spousal support, if it is proved that the one spouse was at fault. There is disadvantage in this divorce. A few womens rights group have fought against this divorce, because marital property is equally distributed in this case, but in the case of fault, marital property will be give more to spouse who is less at fault.
  9. 9. Uncontested Vs No Fault Divorce: An uncontested divorce is the one, where the parties do not agree on the terms and conditions of the divorce. Even the uncontested divorce, requires the filling of legal pettition and complaints to proceed in the legal way. The filings include child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. In the case of no fault there is not requirement of filing the legal pettition and complaints to procced in the legal way. This type requires only one party wants to end the marriage. The divorce will be granted on default basis if it is not filed any complaints.
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