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Web 2.0 sf 2011 metrics


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web 2.0 #w2e san francisco new metrics for new media social media measurement deck

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Web 2.0 sf 2011 metrics

  1. Web 2.0 SF March 29 2011<br />Measuring the Future: New Metrics for New Media<br />@margaretfrancis<br />#smm #measure #w2e<br />
  2. Warranty Cards: Genius!<br />
  3. Media Measurement, 1990<br />Sale!<br />Media Targeting<br />TV<br />Print<br />Post-Purchase Information<br />Market Research<br />OOH<br />Warranty Card<br />Radio<br />Telephone Surveys<br />WOM<br />Credit/ Payment Info<br />Focus groups<br />Mail<br />
  4. Web 1.0<br />
  5. Media Measurement, 1990<br />Online Display<br />Search<br />Clicks<br />Page Views<br />Sessions<br />Registra-tions<br />Opt-ins<br />Conver-sions<br />TV<br />Print<br />OOH<br />Warranty Card<br />Radio<br />Telephone Surveys<br />WOM<br />Credit/ Payment Info<br />Focus groups<br />Mail<br />
  6. The more digital our communications get, the more trackable our interactions and transactions, the higher our expectations of measurement<br />
  7. Media Measurement, 2010<br />Comment<br />Blog<br />Post<br />Post<br />Digg<br />Make video<br />Share<br />Tweet<br />Re-Tweet<br />Fan<br />Like<br />Review<br />Book mark<br />Rate<br />Online Display<br />Search<br />Clicks<br />Page Views<br />Sessions<br />Registra-tions<br />Opt-ins<br />Conver-sions<br />Telephone Surveys<br />Warranty Cards<br />Radio<br />TV<br />WOM<br />Print<br />Focus groups<br />Credit / Payment Info<br />OOH<br />Mail<br />
  8. What we measure<br />
  10. Ford Explorer “Reveal,” July 2010 <br />
  11. “You also probably recall Ford’s ambitious 2011 Ford Explorer Reveal. The car maker decided to forgo the auto show and reveal its new car on the web, with Facebook as the centerpiece of the company’s online reveal strategy.<br />The campaign proved to be more successful than anticipated. On reveal day, Ford produced the number one trending topic on Twitterin the U.S.; the Explorer was the number two most searched for term on Google; Ford’s YouTube reveal video garnered 11,000 views; more than 50,000 Ford Explorer Facebook “Likes” flooded in; and, perhaps best of all, 25,000 potential car buyers built and priced new Explorers on the company’s website.”<br />Mashable, “Top 5 Emerging Brand Trends on Facebook,” September 28, 2010<br />
  12. Is that good? <br />
  13. Measure strategy, <br />not stuff<br />
  14. FOUR KINDS OF APPLIED METRICS<br /> Brand Perception<br /> Marketing Efficiency<br /> Revenue Growth<br /> Support Savings <br />
  15. Think KPI<br />Not ROI<br />
  16. BRAND PERCEPTION METRICS<br />Social Media participation is necessary to create and maintain brand reputation<br />Sentiment <br />Brand equity<br />Thematic/ perceptual maps; cluster analysis <br />PR functions/ crisis control <br />Media relationships<br />Influencer relationships<br />Customer satisfaction<br />Likeliness to buy<br />Likeliness to recommend (NPS)<br />
  17. MARKETING EFFICIENCY METRICS<br />Social Media is an effective way to create awareness of and interest in products and services <br />SEO<br />Improved rankings<br />Reach<br />Followers<br />Fans<br />Forwards<br />Invites<br />Word of Mouth<br />Shares<br />RTs<br />Research<br />Defrayed/ reduced cost of surveys, focus groups, panels, testers, and secret shoppers <br />
  18. REVENUE GROWTH METRICS<br />Social Media is an effective way to drive sales <br />Relationships that could become leads<br />Members, Registrants, Fans, downloaders, subscribers, followers, bookmarkers, commenters<br />Leads<br />People that have expressed an interest in your product in the public domain and that you can follow up with <br />Sales <br />Tracked from links promoted via social media channels<br />Tracked via promo codes and offers<br />
  19. SUPPORT SAVINGS<br />Social Media is an effective way to service our customers (or let them self service themselves)<br />Content creation: user generated vs. company generated <br />Ratings & Reviews <br />Forums<br />Groups<br />Support case metrics<br />Cases per channel<br />Response times per channel<br />Wait time per channel<br />Resolution rate per channel<br />Customer sat per channel <br />Call center costs defrayed<br />
  20. Know what you’re counting <br />(and what you’re not) <br />
  21. Paid/ Earned/ Owned<br />
  22. Roll it up<br />
  23. Assembling Metrics into KPIs (Courtesy of Edelman)<br />Attention<br />Engagement<br />Authority<br />Influence<br />Sentiment<br />Measurement<br /><ul><li>Unique Visits
  24. Impressions
  25. Page Views
  26. Media Consumption
  27. Total Interactions
  28. Fan Photos/Videos
  29. Post Quality
  30. External Links to Content & Discussion
  31. Total “Likes”
  32. Subscribed “Likes”
  33. Audience Profile as Reflection of Target
  34. On-Message
  35. Positive/Negative/Neutral
  36. Change Over Time</li></ul>Facebook<br /><ul><li>Total Followers
  38. Direct Messages
  39. @Replies
  40. Shared Content
  41. Inbound Links
  42. External Coverage
  43. Extended Network/Influence of Followers
  44. Follower Profile as Reflection of Target
  45. On-Message
  46. Positive/Negative/Neutral
  47. Change Over Time</li></ul>Twitter<br /><ul><li>Views
  48. Subscribers
  49. Likes/Dislikes
  51. FavoritesdReplies
  52. Inbound Links
  53. External Coverage
  54. Subscribers
  55. Demographic Insights
  56. Audience Profile
  57. On-Message
  58. Positive/Negative/Neutral
  59. Change Over Time</li></ul>YouTube<br /><ul><li>Share of Voice
  60. # of Comments RelativetoAudience Size
  61. Inbound Links
  62. Subscribers
  63. External Coverage
  64. Audience Profile as Reflection of Target
  65. On-Message
  66. Positive/Negative/Neutral
  67. Change Over Time</li></ul>Blogger Engagement<br /><ul><li># of Unique Visitor Check-ins
  68. # of Repeat Check-Ins
  69. # of Check-ins broadcast to Twitter or Facebook
  70. Positive/Negative/Neutral Commentary w/Check-ins</li></ul>Foursquare/Geolocation<br /><ul><li>Audience Profile as Reflection of Target
  71. Traffic to Site
  72. Unique Visitors
  73. # Page Views (Overall)
  74. # Page Views/User
  75. Time Spent on Site
  76. Inbound links
  77. Profile of Visitors as Reflection of Target
  78. Most Popular Search Terms </li></ul>Search<br /><ul><li>Total Media Consumption
  79. Total Interactions
  80. Total Trackbacks & Coverage of Activities
  81. Total Ongoing Engaged Subscribers to Content/Community
  82. Community Crossover
  83. Overall Sentiment
  84. Total Shift in Sentiment</li></ul>Overall<br />
  85. Socialize the data<br />
  86. Quantitative complements qualitative<br />
  87. Being pretty never hurts<br />
  88. February Twitter Report<br />INSIGHTS<br />Tweets, Retweets, @Replies by Day<br />INSIGHTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:<br />During the month of February, the @AutoMaker Twitter handle had a total of 96 tweets with an average 3.4 tweets per day. <br />Source: TweetStats<br />
  89. INSIGHTS<br />Fan Posts By Hour and Day of Week<br />Day of week Breakdown by hour<br />INSIGHTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:<br />SUNDAY: Heavy engagement in the evenings, with 62% of posts coming after 3pm PST<br />Monday: Fans post bright and early when they get into the office. Engagement spikes at 7am PST, and slows consistently throughout the day<br />Tues - Thurs: Engagement occurs during peak work hours, again starting at 7am PST but slowing at 4pm PST<br />Friday: Posts spike mid-day, but continue to occur in the evening at a higher rate than Monday through Thursday<br />Saturday: Continual posts throughout the day, with peaks in the morning and late evenings<br />Source:<br />
  90. Share of voice insights<br />Total mentions of Automaker within Social Media (30 day sample)<br />Day of Week<br />Commercial peaks on Twitter with 37,389 total mentions on February 5 – Super Bowl<br />Mentions on Twitter top out at 11,554 with the unveiling of the new model on February 28<br />Time of Day<br />Time of Day<br />*Sample data pull of all Twitter conversation mentioning @Automaker from 3/2 -3/7<br />*Sample data pull of all Twitter conversation mentioning @Automaker from 3/2 -3/7<br />Source: Radian6<br />
  91. Thank you for listening. Enjoy my hometown!<br />#smm #measure #w2e<br />@margaretfrancis<br />