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Assignment 4 for Crash Course in Creativity

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The SpegulaNew!
  2. 2. Hey Kids!Aunt Muriel Created A New, Multi-Purpose Game Using Just a Spatula and a Plastic Easter Egg
  3. 3. Using Just a Spatula and an Egg You Can Have HOURS of Fun!
  4. 4. Launch Egg Rockets! How Far Will YOURS Go?
  5. 5. See How High You Can Throw the Egg!
  6. 6. Launch an Egg Attack Against Unsuspecting Enemies
  7. 7. Fill With Water and Have A Water Egg Fight!
  8. 8. Have a Race While Balancing the Egg!
  9. 9. Call Now and We’ll Include SIX Plastic Eggs! 1-800-SPEGULA Spatula Plastic Easter Eggs