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Winning lottery


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Winning lottery

  1. 1. Get Speaking! Improving your communication skills and confidence in English The Splendid Speaking Course Volume 2 Unit 6 ‘TOP Talks’ Splendid Expressions ‘Money’ Unit 23: Winning the Lottery Task: Presentation (1-2 minutes) Topic vocabulary To become a millionaire 1. Introduction: Read the following newspaper extract: overnight A tidy sum A small fortune To be in the money Everyone’s a winner! To be set up for life It’s something we all the cash to help those To be well off To have money to burn dream of – winning the closest to them rather than To go on a spending spree lottery! Yet contrary to indulging in an extravagant To splash out popular opinion, 75% of lifestyle. The surprising To make a donation To provide funds/financial people in a recent survey findings follow another support said that they would use survey that showed people Proverbs and sayings It’s often said that: 2. Planning: Spend 1 minute making notes. Use a mind map if it helps, or just ask yourself the following questions. the love of money is the root How would it feel to win a huge sum of money? of all evil. How would it change your life? you should save money for a What drawbacks, if any, would there be to winning a huge sum of money? rainy day. money can’t buy love or 3. Task focus: This topic requires you to use speculative language. This happiness. includes the use of the 2nd Conditional: you should neither a borrower “I would probably spend more time on my interests and hobbies.” nor a lender be. we live in a buy-now-pay- as well as expressions such as: later society. I’d imagine … a fool and his money are soon It’s likely that … parted. I doubt whether … Focus on using speculative language during your talk. 4. Language: Tick any of the vocabulary and sayings on the topic of money you want to use in your talk. Task: Discussion (4-5 minutes) Listen to Stefania from You’ve discovered you’ve won $15 million on the lottery! What are you going Italy talking on a similar to do with all that money? How much of it would you spend on: s u b j e c t. S e e t h e A p r i l a r c h i ve s ( I n t e r vi e w 2 3 ) Investments | Your family | Your friends | Charity | Yourself at: s p l e n d i d- s p e a k i n g . c o m Share your views in a group. Explain your decisions and if necessary be prepared to justify your choices.