Maribel rubio plaza. 5º inglés a


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Maribel rubio plaza. 5º inglés a

  1. 1. WRITTEN IN HER EYES (Maribel Rubio Plaza. 5th grade class. English)She has an open, determined look in her eyes as if she wanted to take the world bystorm. Her name’s Nati, and she’s one of the most responsible and hardworkingstudents attending the fourth grade class in a primary school, like so many others.When I saw her for the first time I couldn’t help thinking: “this girl will go far”.But there was an insurmountable obstacle in her way which I was not aware of at thattime.She’s a Romany girl, and just as her mother, grandmother and all previous women inher family, she’s proud of what she stands for. But, this very source of her pride willone day become the wall that prevents her from achieving her expectations.We were about to celebrate The World Day of Roma at school and Nati’s mother hadbeen invited to participate. When I met her we had a talk about Natis’ future. Her wordswere devastating: “Of course I’d like my daughter to go to university, but none of theRomany women I know has ever been to college. We have no choice, and Nati willeventually live up there in the hill, as we all do”.I felt really sad and helpless imagining those eyes that wanted to take the world bystorm, fixed on the ground looking down forever.Unfortunately Nati’s story is not the only one. I could see that look in Auatif, Dunia,Fátima and so many other girls.No matter how advanced our society is, these girls will never have the sameopportunities that you and I have. Unless we get together and begin a deep socialrevolution, someone will carry on writing the end of these girls’ stories even before theycan start living them.