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Eating habits


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Eating habits

  1. 1. Get Speaking! Improving your communication skills and confidence in English The Splendid Speaking Course Volume 1 Unit 4 ‘Captivate your Audience’ Splendid Expressions ’Food and Drink’ Unit 14: Eating Habits Task: Presentation (1-2 minutes) Topic vocabulary 1. Introduction: Read the following extract: Processed food Food additives Changing tastes Eating habits Consumer choice Changing attitudes to food Organic/fair-trade products Have eating habits less healthy? Do families To be health conscious Balanced diet changed in your country sit together still or grab To prepare meals over the years? Are we something to eat in front Convenience food To skip breakfast/lunch better off now with the of the TV? Present your To snack/eat between meals choice of food we have views at our international Mealtime as a family available or do production festival to be held on the occasion To sit down as a family methods mean our food is Student Union this week. To eat out To live on take-aways 2. Planning: Start your preparation for this 1-2 minute presentation by making notes. Think about the following issues: Cause and effect How food is produced expressions What we choose to eat To have a huge effect/impact How we spend meal times on To result in To lead to 3. Task focus: Try to use a short anecdote which relates to your own experiences of eating habits in your country. The anecdote might serve To be the cause of as an attention-grabbing introduction or an example of a point you want Thanks to to make during the presentation. We’ve ended up We’ve got to the point where 4. Language: Tick any of the vocabulary on the left you want to use. Task: Role Play (15 minutes) “Modern-day eating habits result in people suffering culturally and nutritionally compared to when our parents were younger.” Work in groups. Each person should take on the role of one of the people below and prepare points for or against the statement. Use some of the cause and effect expressions on the left to help make your points. L i s t e n t o Ar t ur o f r om  A supermarket manager It a l y t a l k i n g o n a s i m i l a r  A chef specialising in local cuisine subject. See the  A parent February archives ( I n t e r vi e w 1 4 ) a t :  A teenager s p l e n d i d- s p e a k i n g . c o m  A fast food restaurant manager  A nutritionist