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Ana maría fernández parra 1 b inglés


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Ana maría fernández parra 1 b inglés

  1. 1. I had a dream.In 1917 I was a young Lady, my name was Ofelia Grant, I was 23 years old and lived inLondon.At that time, to be a rich woman wasnt difficult. Because the ladies didn’t work, theyonly went to meetings at lunchtime, dinners and opera. They must be beauty and quiet.But that life was not for me. Why not? Because I needed something more!I was a suffragette, whats the meaning of suffragette? Well, I fought for womens vote,because in 1917 the women couldnt vote for any political party and World War didntmake me easy my job.Then a year later, the Parliament approved the right of women to vote because menwere in France for the war. Only could vote married women or older than 30 years, itwasnt perfect but we won a battle.RING! RING! RING! - Thats my alarm clock.I wake up and stop it. Everything has been a dream! I get up very slowly; I cant stopthinking about my dream.While I have breakfast, Im comparing my dream with the present time. All adultwomen can vote, we can study, and we can work the same as men. Yes, it is true thatwomen can do anything, but we must keep fighting for the equality of opportunities.Today in most cases, men win more money that women for similar jobs, men have moreimportant positions in companies and governments that woman, and they do lesshousework than us.In conclusion, I believe that equality is near but not here. Maybe its waiting for ourdaughters or our granddaughters.Ana María Fernández Parra. 1º B