StartUp In Bulgaria & the favit way


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Presentation on the status of the Bulgarian Start UP climate and the way by Martin Linkov -'s regional manager for Bulgaria and Greece.

The presentation was held during the first ever Open Coffee in Drama, Greece.

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StartUp In Bulgaria & the favit way

  1. 1. State of the Bulgarian StartUp market & the favit way by Martin Linkov Education/Spark Funding The Start Ups
  2. 2. Education: Education / Spark • Technical/Mathematical High-Schools • Universities (cooperation with Berkeley & Intel, abroad) • Foundations, Education Centers, Events, Competitions, DSLL, Novatech, #sofiarb, How Ideas Evolve
  3. 3. Good News! And that’s how I joined favit
  4. 4. • History & Capital, Investing Process Portfolio:
  5. 5. Advisors, Lawyers, Evangelists
  6. 6. Problem: Information overload Users are flooded by the streams of friends’ activity Blog News site Facebook Twitter Article (apple) Article (business) Article (music) Article (business) Article (politics) Article (fashion) Status (photo) Link (business) Status (breaking) Status (breaking) Status (video) … … … … Status (funny) Solution: Multi-level personal filtering system Filter incoming information based on fully personalized interests rules Blog News site Facebook Twitter Auto-tagging incoming feeds (articles from subscriptions) and assigning topics to all the favit entities (users, groups, feeds) allows us to filter everything very accurately. Filtering and manipulating information on a personal level is the biggest challenge the Internet is facing right now. Subscriptions Create and manage topic based lists for users, groups and sources Topics based filter for tracking an unlimited number of sources Topic based personal filter for your social network and subscriptions
  7. 7. Svetla RAIT Bulgaria Radu RAIT Romania Martin RAIT Greece Vassil Core developer Alex RAIT Russia Besim RAIT Turkey Damian Sys. admin Corporate information Where we started and the team behind favit Founded in November 2008 in a joint venture with VC Neveq (New Europe Venture Equity) Founder Team Atanas Youroukov, Head of Product Design • Strong web product visionary • Creative UI designer Konstantin Hristov, CEO, Biz Dev • Sales and Marketing • VP of M & S in Outsourcing • Citigroup Nenko Ivanov, CTO • Top 3 Software engineer in BG
  8. 8. Services overview favit is a complex system with services running in perfect sync Groups Lifestream Fully featured RSS Reader Filters & Bundles …… Favit is one of the leading companies that have integrated the PUBSUBHUBUB protocol for realtime sharing of information from sources that support it. It name resides besides such services such as Blogger, Facebook and Friendfeed. (Blogger Buzz (Google) - )
  9. 9. Questions & Follow Up: In Greek: & In Bulgarian: All Languages: Thank You! martin.linkov @ twitter: marfuzii