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Casebox deck

  1. 1. Casebox Human Rights Solutions
  2. 2. Can you easily determine your progress in human rights advocacy?  The answer is almost always NO Why? This is why: Most records are still kept in binders, physical storage or Folders on hard drives
  3. 3. The Problem:
  4. 4. Most tech solutions are unfit for human rights organizations Too unsafe Too outdated Too service-oriented Too expensive Hard to customize Too focused on corporate practice
  5. 5. Enter Casebox – a solution created by human rights defenders
  6. 6. Human Rights Advocacy is often a collaboration between several organizations across continents
  7. 7. Shared Task Management for Human Rights Litigation Familiar folder structure
  8. 8.  When a task is created, notifications by email are sent to Assigned users.  A notification is sent to the owner of the task when it's closed by assignee users.  Here is a list of 3 notifications received by Erik Norman:
  9. 9.  Casebox will group all tasks created or assigned to you in smart folders. In 2 clicks you can see active tasks that you've created for a specific user.  Ray Mack has 3 active tasks created by the logged in user:
  10. 10. Tasks can also be displayed in Calendar View
  11. 11. Office Integration is Key to usability -  Casebox allows to seamlesly edit a MSWord document without having to download, edit, and then upload the file again.
  12. 12. Casebox helps visualize complex litigation and advocacy campaigns
  13. 13. What if you manage hundreds of cases?  Human Righs advocacy contains fascinating data from different countries, gender, types of violations. Each case tends to have a status (under investigation, active, closed) and other attributes. So, Casebox has a Charting Option
  14. 14. Data analysis for non-data brains: Filters are key
  15. 15. Important to Human Rights Defenders: Open Source Fully Customizable Run on your own server
  16. 16. Beyond Tech – a relationship to navigate process creation

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