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Tallinna programm final 230810

  1. 1. The Nordic Association of Poisons Centres. Annual meeting Hotel Meriton, Tallinn Estonia September 8-10 2010PROGRAMWednesday 8 September 201012.30-13.00 Arrival & Refreshments13.00-13.10 Opening of the meeting. Raido Paasma, Mare Oder13.10-14.00 ”Current situation in our different PC:s ” 5-10 min/presentation14.00-15.00 Lunch; Check-in15.00-17.00 External and internal preparedness of Poisons Centres Chairperson Erik Andrew15.00-15.10 Finland Kalle Hoppu15.10-15.20 Sweden Henry Lindberg15.20-15.30 Norway Erik Andrew15.30-15.40 Denmark Niels Ebbehoj15.40-15.50 Iceland Leifur Franzson15.50-16.10 Coffee/tea16.10-16.20 Estonia Mare Oder16.20-16:30 Latvia Viesturs Liguts16.30 -17.00 General discussion concerning the external and internal prepardness of Poison CentresSocial programme.17.15 -19.45 Guided tour in Tallinn 20.30- Dinner at the conference centreThursday 9 September 201009.00- 10.20 Poisoning treatment with fat emulsions pro and contra Chairperson Peter Skanning09.00-09.15 “Fat emulsions” pro Mark Personne (SWE)09.15-09.25 “Fat emulsions” contra Kalle Hoppu (FIN)09.25-09.35 “A critical review of the clinical pharmacological data” Gesche Jürgens (Denmark)09.35-09.55 General discussion concerning Poisoning treatment with fat emulsions and Insulin/glucose
  2. 2. 09.55-10.15 Poisonings by manipulated dosage forms of medicinal products. Anne Mariia Termälä (Finland) Coffee/tea10.35-11.50 Free presentations Chairperson Raido Paasma10.35-10.50 Fatal administration error of giving butyldiglycol during a gastroscopy Katri Kosonen (FIN)10.50-11.05 “Treatment strategies for aconite-induced ventricular arrhythmias based on electrophysiological principles” Erik Lindeman(SWE)11.05-11.20 ”The SPICE phenomenon – what happened?: Jenny Westerbergh (SWE)11.20-11.35 ”Severe poisoning with drotaverin” Roberts Stasinskis (Latvia)11.35-11.50 “Rare poisonings by biological poisons” Tomas Vilius Kajokas (Lithuania)11.50-13.15 The role of PIC-s in the national antidotal supply Chairperson Dag Jacobsen11.50-12.00 Norway Barbro J Spillum12.00-12.10 Sweden Mark Personne12.10-12.20 Denmark Peter Jacobsen, Niels Ebbehoj12.20-12.30 Finland Kalle Hoppu12.30-12.40 Estonia Raido Paasma12.40-12.50 Latvia Viesturs Liguts12.50-13.00 Lithuania Jurate Margeriene13.00-13.15 General discussion13.15-14.00 Lunch14.00- 15.00 Interactive training session: Pre-hospital treatment and advice for referral of poisoned patients. Chairperson Kalle Hoppu15.00-15.20 Coffee/tea15:20-16.50 PIC activities Chairperson Leifur Franzson15.20-15.35 “A case of ricin poisoning: Moderate symptoms despite large ingestion of castor beans”: Ann-Charlott Svanhagen (SWE)15.35-15.50 “Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by waterpipe smoking: a case report”. Maria Enghag (SWE)15.50-16.05 “Experiences with the training of the call centre nurses at the Estonian PIC” Mare Oder (EST)
  3. 3. 16.05-16.20 “Telephone waiting time as an indicator of quality” Gesche Jürgens, Niels Ebbehøj, Peter Jacobsen, Gitte Lauritsen, Peter Skanning, Ingelise Jørgensen (Denmark)16.20-16.35 “The use of record based markers to evaluate the quality of documentation of inquiries to the Danish Poison Information Centre. An Audit procedure” Gesche Jürgens, Niels Ebbehøj, Peter Jacobsen, Gitte Lauritsen, Peter Skanning, Ingelise Jørgensen (Denmark)16.35-16.50 “Photo identification of mushrooms” Peter Jacobsen, Lajla Sonne, Lars Christensen (Denmark)16.50-19.00 NAPC Annual Board Meeting Two representatives / Nordic country19.30 /20.00-24.00 Conference dinnerFriday 10 September 201009.00 – 10.30 New drugs: safer or more dangerous when it comes to poisonings Chairperson Mark Personne09.00-09.20 “Methylphenidate and its use as a drug of abuse” Kim Dalhoff (Denmark)09.20-09.40 “Poisonings with SSRI’s in adolescents” Nete Brandt Hansen, Lotte Høgberg (Denmark)09.40-10.00 “New antpsychotics (Quetiapine)” Liv Ingrid F Beck (NOR)10.00-10.15 “New antpsychotics (Quetiapine)- a case report” Ann-Sofi Skagius (SWE)10.15-10.30 Discussion about trend of new drugs: are they safe or dangerous when it comes to poisonings10.30-11.10 Coffee/tea11.00-12.35 Children poisonings Chairperson Kalle Hoppu11.00-11.15 “Administration errors in infants with nasal oxytocin spray” Gro C Havnen(NOR)11.15-11.30 ”Pediatric poisonings with common insecticides” Paula Nielsen(DEN)11.30-11.45 “Pediatric use of Ipeca syrup. To use or not?” Helga Ruus Lorentzen (NOR)11.45-12.00 ”Hypokalemia due to liquorice ingestion” Marie Åkerman(SWE)12.00-12.15 “A child ingested 200mg sustained release metoprolol” Ragnhild Lindqvist (NOR)12.15-12.35 ”Poisoning in children – how do we reach the parents?” Eva Strand, Lotte Høgberg (Denmark)12.35-13.00 State of the NAPC & Closure of the meeting (Report from the Board, a sum up and future plans)
  4. 4. Guðborg Guðjonsdottir, Mark Personne, Kalle Hoppu, Erik Andrew, Peter Skanning13.00- Lunch; Departure from the hotel