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Non Profit Soc Media Overview


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Super Basic primer on soc media for non profits

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Non Profit Soc Media Overview

  1. 1. These are the things that I would do
  2. 2. What I do • I help companies figure out a way to get their name, cause and issues more attention. • This can be done in many different ways. • While there are many great tools available, only some of them are appropriate for an organization’s specific needs.
  3. 3. Why bother listening to me? • You don’t have to • Over a decade in international communications experience • Have helped lots of grass-roots companies find a voice in an already crowded market • Discovered some truisms regarding new media
  4. 4. Social Media for Non-Profits • Social media and nonprofits naturally go together. • Both are grass roots, both put power back into the hands of many rather than the hands of few. • Often the price for social media tools and education is perfect for NPs. . .FREE!
  5. 5. What is the goal? • Seth Godin has talked about raving fans. For non-profit organizations and charities, I think a better word is believers. • Believers can be workers, contributors, donors, volunteers, board members and beneficiaries of your services. • The goal? Build a bigger base of believers
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  7. 7. Overview of working parts • Website • Blog • Job/Volunteer Site • Facebook Tools • Microblogging Tools • Monitoring Tools • Communities
  8. 8. Your Website • It is important, no matter what they tell you. • Still establishes authority, still needs to be well done. • Discuss your need-to-haves
  9. 9. Where will your material fit on this site? Everything should have at least two homes (if not more). The first, where it originated, the second the overall home, which is your website/blog. Network tools should then tell the world where to find that information.
  10. 10. Blog • Even if you don’t have a website, you NEED a blog. • Dynamic vs. static content • Individual vs. corporate presence • Casual vs. professional feel • Many of these are doubly important for NPs • To try: Wordpress, Squarespace, TypePad, Blogger • MAP YOUR DOMAIN NAME
  11. 11. Even if you have a full force site, consider a multi-page blog site like typepad or wordpress. Remember, content and conversation are paramount.
  12. 12. Job Volunteer Site • Even if the budget is small, it never hurts to try to find great people. • Because of our current economic situation, more people are willing to build portfolios through volunteer work. • Many free options for this type of site. • Another way to create believers
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  14. 14. Facebook • Events • Fan Pages • Groups • Personal Pages of Believers • Paid Advertisements
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Microblogging • Easy, free access to distribution of your marketing tools • Requires little “buy-in” from believers or potential believers • Another way for believers to know you • Easy to cross-reference more “in-depth” tools • To try: Twitter, FriendFeed, Seesmic,
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  18. 18. Monitoring Tools • What are people saying about your brand? • Your competitors? • Your clients? • Your industry? • Services to try: Radian6, TweetBeep, TweetAlert, Google Alerts
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  20. 20. Communities • A community is NOT always a necessary part of a social media strategy. • For NPs, it usually is. • If your NP is local, it definitely is. • Services to try: Ning, KickApps, HiveLive, CrowdVine, CollectiveX,
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  22. 22. Using Video Easy, free way for people to really “get involved” from afar. Services to try: vimeo, viddler,,, and mogulus. Stream from your computer or invest in a small flip camera.
  23. 23. Where are all the pretty pictures? • Don’t forget to represent your events, your believers, your workers with pictures. • This is way more important than most people realize. • Stock is stupid. I want to see your FACE. • To Try: Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook, Twitpic
  24. 24. Who I am • Maren Hogan • (402) 215-4440 • • • @marenhogan •