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Making social media work


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Making social media work

  1. 1. Making SocialMedia WorkUnderstanding Social Demographics,Maximizing the Draw
  2. 2. Maren HoganChief Marketing Brain at Red BranchMediaI help people in HR and Recruitingfigure out social.Its easier than it used to be.Who Am I
  3. 3. When I say Social - you sayBig three...maybe.Add visual to the mix.Niche and industry specific.Interaction the is main component.
  4. 4. The Real DealWe shop online, date online, meet up with friends online,and find work online. That is not going to change,probably ever. So taking steps to include social where itmakes sense in your recruiting function is necessary forsuccess. I’m not saying it’s a nice to have. I’m not sayingit’s something new recruiters should do. I am saying thatevery successful recruiter that I know is using socialmedia in some way or another. Your methods of
  5. 5. The Double Edged SwordRight Fit - Different forevery company.35 percent of employershave found informationon social media that’scaused them to not hirea job candidate.
  6. 6. The Right CandidatesRight Fit - Different for every company.Your right candidates may be in a very specificplace online.Build a profile/sketch.Find out where theyare.
  7. 7. Even more social facts
  8. 8. Profiling
  9. 9. Nothing new under thesunI learned it by watching you!You can definitely fake it.Shelf-life of an employee.Where they are = Who theyare?
  10. 10. You are very special
  11. 11. Some Starting PointsGood social is finding out WHERE to beAnd then showing up in a big way...
  12. 12. The Approach
  13. 13. You had me at hello...WorkValuePlaceCTA
  14. 14. Passive Talent + Social- job history- company activity- social frequency- explicit signals
  15. 15. Go Big or Go HomeJust kidding. 70% of Consumers Trust BrandRecommendations From Friends1) Find your authentic story and culture.2) Create the profile of your perfect worker or team.3) Find the places online where those people hang out (thestats are only a guide).4) Create ad efforts just for them.
  16. 16. Talent War"Companies that are truly serious aboutattracting, retaining and developing high-quality talent should operate as growthplatforms where people can develop fasterthan they could at other organizations."
  17. 17. Questions/ResourcesIgniteHRDigiday (social media stats)Buffer BlogBusiness 2 CommunityPhotoPinHireRabbit
  18. 18. ContactFeel free to get in touch!
  19. 19. MobileWhy it matters.
  20. 20. September 2010
  21. 21. There will soon be more mobile devicesthan people on planet earth.
  22. 22. Facebook mobile MAUs - 751 million
  23. 23. More tweets happen on mobile than PC
  24. 24. 27% of LinkedIn usage is mobile.
  25. 25. Simply Hired - 40% of mobile traffic ishealthcare vs. 20% other categories
  26. 26. 23% of teens access the Web onlythrough the mobile devices.
  27. 27. percent of respondents reportedthat the Smartphone has becometheir primary device for workplacecommunications and access toinformation.
  28. 28. Mobile Providers
  29. 29. VideoWhy it matters.
  30. 30. Its huge.178 million Americans watched 33billion online videos in Feb. 2013
  31. 31. Mobile devices, apps & fasterconnections are driving growth.
  32. 32. Employers taking advantage of broadand targeted messages.
  33. 33. SEO - Google and YouTube No. 1 & 2
  34. 34. Job search with video integration
  35. 35. Video interviewing.
  36. 36. AdvertisingMedia convergence
  37. 37. Questions?@joelcheesman