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Recruiting By The Numbers


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Recruiterbox gathered information from over 500 companies across the U.S. to bring us some interesting numbers in recruiting.

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Recruiting By The Numbers

  1. 1. 2013 Work Trends Survey of 500 companies Learn more about top trend reports: Recruiting NumbersBy The 500 Companies Recruiterbox pulled together data from over 500 US companies to bring you some very important numbers in recruiting. Applicants vs Hires It's not easy out there. It takes at least 50 complete applications to get to just one solid hire. So find a great system, start reading and realize the tough road ahead! Hiring Process The steps to a hiring process are typically between 4-5. So as long as candidates and hiring pros know there are this many pitstops between job ad and getting the job, we're good! Best & Worst The best sources for US jobs are candidates who apply at career pages. The worst sources for US jobs are candidates who uploaded from prior databases. Common Source The most common source of applicants? Job advertise- ment aggregators are where applicants head first. It's the supermarket of want ads. Interviews Per Role The amount of interview rounds depends on the type of role: Junior Roles: 1-2 interviews Mid-level Roles: 3 interviews Senior Roles: 4-5 interviews Non-Tech Hiring There is a lot of non-tech hiring happening. By volume, most non-tech hires are in the retail segment (barista, store managers/attendants, etc).