Build a Talent Community in Under 30 Min a Day


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  • So where do we start?
  • Finding out the right people for your organization is easy. Interview the superstars, the team leaders, the employee of the month winners, the lifers. Then find their common ground. Those traits are what you start with when building your target market profile.
  • Ahhhh, measurement, the Excalibur of HR Technology. I am not going to lie, measuring a talent community is difficult.  There are three numbers based metrics you can look at: Web AnalyticsSocial AnalyticsBackend Job Analytics Argyle Social- Measure HOW your campaigns are doingSprout SocialKISS metrics When you work on proving ROI for your Talent Community, there are a few measurements you should definitely keep track in the beginning: ConversationsEmployer Brand SentimentAny improvements on candidates specifically from the talent community. 1) Let’s look at elements backing that argument under the lens of the expected benefits associated with talent communities: Speed (decreased time to hire), Cost (lower agency or search firm usage) and Quality (larger pool of candidates and a better fit). All of the above as elements of total ROI have to be baked in ahead of time by the management team. So ROI does not exist by just jumping in the stream with a huge pool of generic (everyone else has them) communities.2) The above also means that Talent Communities are efficient in the LONG RUN. I always tell clients this and I also think this is why so many TC solutions cost a lot less or are free in some cases. It doesn't take that much money, but it does take careful planning and time.3) Because so much time is taken to assess cultural fit and the right role specifications, TCs work best (provide most ROI) if the role is "low barrier to entry" and "recurring". Think customer service reps, insurance agents etc. While this can look on the outside like "production line" thinking, I warn clients not to think this way at all as it will damage any relationship they are looking to create with the people in the TC.4) You can see where I am going with this. Every TC has a different ROI based on the processes that were implemented before the TC was formed. Furthermore, very few consultants recommend a talent community as the only HR Tech or Process in TA to be used. If the cost for the former system or process was never calculated (I find that people who ask about ROI in TCs almost NEVER know what the ROI is with their current situation) then I cannot help know how much time, money and lost costs you are saving.
  • So where do we start?
  • Build a Talent Community in Under 30 Min a Day

    1. 1. • The Right People• The Best Content• The Real Conversation• The JOB Message• The Valuable Channels• The Working Platform• The Serious Measurement
    2. 2. • Assess needs, goals and resources.• Identify and invite target markets.• Enlist ambassadors.• Create a content plan.• Select a platform or platforms.• Be interesting.• Measure and analyze.
    3. 3. Your awesome employees+Current business needs (future alignment)+Cultural fit Your target profile starts here
    4. 4. If I do nothingelse, I willbuild myidealemployeeprofile
    5. 5. • Decide to whom you are talking.• Write to that person.• Tailor your message to multiple distribution channels.• Mention the secondary and tertiary goals for the community (not just jobs, which is primary).• Your sources?
    6. 6. • Gmail, Outlook (auto responders, canned responses)• Salesforce/Sugar/ACT/Zoho (CRM)• Autoresponders or drip marketing via Vertical Response, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber• Email + CRM + Social: Gist, Rapportive, Sprout Social and more that will allow you to keep track of people that email a specific address.• Many of these are free or very low cost and allow you to import/export CSV files.
    7. 7. If I do nothingelse, I willcreate a CSVof current andformerapplicants
    8. 8. Got a captive audience thatneeds something? Give it to them. They may not be today’s hire, but they could be tomorrow’s (or a customer!)
    9. 9. • Eloqua • Research can be• Survey Monkey conducted via follow up• QuestionPro surveys• Facebook Insights • Beta groups can be used on LinkedIn• Dive into your ATS data • Testing tools within your• Your own two hands career site and facebook • Try your own career site. What do they want to see?
    10. 10. • Be helpful, to newcomers.• Be informative, to complainers.• Ask questions from experienced employees.• Answer questions promptly.• Share the love and highlight others, not just yourself, your team, or your company.
    11. 11. If I do nothingelse, I willmake a list ofrelevantcontent for myaudience.
    12. 12. Is your content mostly: – Video – Copy – Forum/Survey – Call to action Chances are your content has similarities. This should help you choose an appropriate platform (and supporting channels).
    13. 13. • Planning tools • Campaign automation – Editorial calendar – Wildfire – Login matrix – Media Funnel – Workforce – NorthSocial plan/Evergreen – SproutSocial requirements – iContact – Job descriptions – Marketo – Company events – Hootsuite* calendar –* – Company collateral – Industry ed cals
    14. 14. If I do nothingelse, I willcreate alooseeditorialcalendar.
    15. 15. You need help.- marketing- administrative- interns- executive- legal- {employees}
    16. 16. Create a sample plan for the first 30-60 daysand show your talent community “team”.Keep jobs posted simple at first.Show expected {modest} goals.Begin measurement (in platform or viaexternal means)
    17. 17. If I do nothingelse, I willwrite emailsto 2coworkerswho can
    18. 18. • Speed (decreased time to hire)• Cost (lower agency or search firm usage)• Quality (larger pool of candidates and a better fit).• Measure your current or former TA for ROI• TC is a long-term solution• Low barrier to entry and/or recurring
    19. 19. If I do nothingelse, I willfigure therough ROI ofour currentprocess.
    20. 20. • Monday: Create ideal employee profile• Tuesday: Build CSV from applicants/candidates• Wednesday: Create content list and ed. cal• Thursday: Set goals and email co-workers• Friday: Figure ROI of current process
    21. 21. • Assess needs, goals and resources.• Identify and invite target markets.• Enlist ambassadors.• Create a content plan.• Select a platform or platforms.• Be interesting.• Measure and analyze.
    22. 22. • Everyone needs help. Call me: Maren Hogan Red Branch Media @marenhogan (402) 715-0102