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Brick by Virtual Brick


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My original presentation on talent communities was all about theory and the why you should argument. After feedback from audience members, I realized they might need some tactical ideas as well. So this presentation is a 30 minute a dy, weekly plan to help you start on building your talent community. GO!

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Brick by Virtual Brick

  1. 1. Brick by Virtual BrickBuilding Talent Communities withpractical suggestions in under 30minutes a dayw/Maren Hogan
  2. 2. What We’re Going To Do!1. Learn how to tactically build a responsivecommunity2. Identifying and location your target talentmarket3. Creating content and communitymessaging4. How to build out and implement youreditorial calendar5. Choosing the right platform
  3. 3. Tactical Building Blocks• Identifying The Right People• Curating Content• Starting Conversation• Messaging Focus• Planning Tools• Choosing a Platform• Measuring Response
  4. 4. Who?
  5. 5. Write this downBuild an “idealemployee profile”
  6. 6. Invite Them InMarketing• Has to research target markets and tailor their messaging to several.• Must use multiple distribution channels.• Works with customer service to ensure seamless experience.• Has lower cost of acquisition.• Candidates are different as are their expectations for a “good” experience.• As application channels increase, so too must the communication loops.• Candidate experience doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  7. 7. How to Reach Them?• Loop11 • LinkedIn• Silverback 2.0 • Salesforce• Omniture • Constant Contact• Youtube • Aweber• Facebook • YOUR ATS
  8. 8. Rapid Response TeamNo it’s not easy, butwhether you do it throughsocial channels, thetelephone, auto-respondersor a CRM, you MUSTrespond to people.No excuses.
  9. 9. Tools• Gmail, Outlook (autoresponders, canned responses)• Salesforce/Sugar/ACT• Autoresponders or timed responses via Vertical Response, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber• Social channels inc. Twitter• There are several tools, including Gist, Rapportive, Sprout Social and more that will allow you to keep track of people that email a certain address.• Many of these are free or very low cost and allow you to import/export CSV files.
  10. 10. Market researchA good marketer knows his or her markets, all of them. How canyou use this information to your advantage? You got it.Networks, communities, or just contact!
  11. 11. Tools• Eloqua • Research can be• Survey Monkey conducted via follow• QuestionPro up surveys• Facebook Insights • Beta groups can be used on LinkedIn• Dive into your ATS data • Testing tools within your career site and• Your own two hands facebook • Try your own career site.
  12. 12. Talent Communities:Make people want to be there.
  13. 13. Content MarketingGot a captive audience that needs something? Give it tothem. They may not be today’s hire, but they could betomorrow’s (or a customer!)
  14. 14. Tools• RSS feeds • If content creation is• Storify,, etc out of the• Slideshare question, try curation.• Video • Use questions/pictures to• Good old fashioned start conversations. email • People love video, especially when it shows them the answer to a burning question.
  15. 15. Content is no longer king.{Conversation} is KING.
  16. 16. Do this:Create a loose editorial calendar.
  17. 17. PlanningAutomation. Say it with me.
  18. 18. Choosing a platform
  19. 19. {the recruiting ones}
  20. 20. a {platform} isthe least ofyour worries.
  21. 21. Tactical Building Blocks• Identifying The Right People• Curating Content• Starting Conversation• Messaging Focus• Planning Tools• Choosing a Platform• Measuring Response
  22. 22. You need a role model.
  23. 23. You need help.• marketing• administrative• interns• executive• legal• {employees}