FTC FIRST Summer Conference: Gearing Up Mad Interview Skills


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Share our July 24, 2014 FIRST Tech Challenge webinar slides! Info: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc/gear-up-with-ftc and http://firsttechchallenge.blogspot.com/2014/06/gear-up-with-ftc-inaugural-first-tech.html

Description: Team judging interviews can be a mystery for rookie teams -- and for many experienced teams and mentors as well! We'll share stories of good and challenging judging interviews and cover 5 steps to improving your team interview skills. Gigi Johnson, EdD, has both judged and coached FTC teams in the Los Angeles area and with humor and insight is glad to share ideas on gearing up your team judging interview skills.

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  • Be sure to BYOD – if you need a laptop or other element to show something (e.g., design software), bring it yourself.
  • Experiences: Really differs by team experience and coaching
  • FTC FIRST Summer Conference: Gearing Up Mad Interview Skills

    1. 1. FTC Summer Webinars 2014FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Gearing Up Mad Interview Skills • Team judging interviews can be a mystery for rookie teams -- and for many experienced teams and mentors as well! • We will discuss 5 steps that can help you improve your team interview skills and preparation. Host: Gigi Johnson, EdD, Exec. Director, Maremel Institute Judge and Judge Advisor, Los Angeles FTC Region (Emcee in the Dragon Costume, LA Region and West Super-Regionals)
    2. 2. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Learning to Interview: A Lifelong Skill • Aspects match “real life” interviews, including Group Interviews • Impressions are made in the first few minutes • Understanding your story is vital
    3. 3. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 5 Elements Understand Your Own Story and Strengths Realize that Judges Want to Be Your Fans Make It Easy to Tell Your Story Understand the Judging Day Listen, Learn, and Review
    4. 4. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 #1: Understand Your Own Story and Strengths • What makes you Different? • What is your Story? • How do you explain the path of learning that you have been on? • What can you give judges that they can REMEMBER about you that matches the criteria for the awards?
    5. 5. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Planning: What Can Be Shared in 10-15 Minutes? • Thinking about your stories AND the award descriptions – what matches? What judging criteria are available? • Spreading the wealth among team members • Balancing planning and being too scripted • Thinking ahead about key questions • Designing around proof: evidence- based stories • Planning visuals, including what to bring with you (including any tech elements, e.g., laptop)
    6. 6. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 #2: Judges Want To Be Your Fans • Judges want to support the teams they interview in their room – they are ready to be your booster! • They WANT you to tell them all the things that you have done and so they can represent you well to the rest of the judges • With rookie teams, judges may step in and question more to find the rich story elements
    7. 7. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Goals Differ Judges’ Goals • How to understand or coax a story in 10 minutes • Understand team based on their own experiences and understanding of FTC • Match teams to award descriptions • Keep all the information straight! Team’s Goals • Building fans and telling a story that can be shared onward • Being remembered in a busy, full day • Getting “everything” across in 10-15 minutes
    8. 8. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Your Head Game • Getting in the right head space that morning • Energy – just the right level; food and fuel • Body language – yours alone, your to each other, the Judges’ • Eye contact
    9. 9. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 That Interview • Reading the room and judges – each judging panel has different experiences and expectations • Sharing the story across the team – not a “one-man band” • Being ready to “pivot” and shift conversation – keeping team eye contact with each other to more easily change direction • Closing the story -- things to keep in mind • “Is There Anything Else You Want to Share?” – Story Nuggets (1-2 minute sub- stories that provide examples) at the ready for evidence that has not yet been shared
    10. 10. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 #3: Make It Easy to Tell Your Story • Judges see 6-8 teams in a row • Judges THEN meet with other judges to pitch your team for awards • How can you make it easier? • Pre-plan repeatable, memorable story elements and examples • PRACTICE with different people who don’t know you – then have them write down what they think and remember
    11. 11. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 #4: Understand the Judging Day • Interviews start the nomination process for awards • After nominations, judges split up to confirm strengths of nominated teams • Some judges review all of the Engineering Notebooks, while others make pit visits and/or watch the play on the field
    12. 12. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Understand the Flow of the Day • Interviews: First Impressions • Meetings of Judges: • Nomination Process; Convince Others • Screen and Affirm • Notebook Review Period (screen and celebrate) – subgroups • Pit Visits: Affirm Nominations, Seek Alternatives • Meetings: Review and Reflect • Different by Region and Championship (1 vs 3+ days)
    13. 13. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Role of the Engineering Notebook • There is a mystery behind the Engineering Notebook – and what it DOESN’T do • The Notebook is needed for many awards, and may be used to confirm details for awards • A subcommittee screens and selects for Think – a subset of judges will have reviewed your Notebook
    14. 14. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Role of Pit Visits • Judges visit pits to confirm and expand nominations • What is this judge aiming to do? Listen carefully to their questions and if you aren’t clear – ask. Are they interested in outreach? Technical/design? • Be interested and helpful but be mindful of the judges’ need to visit many teams
    15. 15. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 #5: Listen, Learn, and Review • Learning for next time – what did you think happened and what would help you learn? • Self-review
    16. 16. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 Parting Suggestions • FTC Mentors can/should volunteer as a Judge early in their own experiences to understand the backside of the process AND see the variety of other team experiences • FLL Mentors can/should volunteer as an FTC Judge (and volunteer at competitions) as well
    17. 17. FTC Summer Webinars 2014 QUESTIONS AND THOUGHTS? What have been YOUR experiences?