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Two keys to career success


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Published in: Career, Business
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Two keys to career success

  1. 1. The two keys toCAREER SUCCESS
  2. 2. They are1. 2.PURSUIT OPPORTUNITY
  3. 3. PURSUITMalcolm Gladwell called pursuit the ‘10 000hours to mastery’ rule in the book ‘Outliers’.Dan Pink called it the ‘intrinsic motivator of mastery’ in the book ‘Drive’. Belle & Sebastian sing about one’s ‘life pursuit’.
  4. 4. WHAT IS PURSUITHaving a pursuit means chasing something forever.Enjoying the thrill of the ride, rather than of arrival. Enduring the fact that there is no finish line.
  5. 5. WHEN IN PURSUIT You don’t stop studying and learning after university.And it is as much about learning from failure as from success.
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY It isn’t necessarily luck.Rather an ability to see that an opportunity has been encountered. That it meshes with our pursuit, perhaps in an unexpected way.  
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITY It requires daring. Trying it out. Taking advantage of it. Getting your hands dirty and sticking it out through the emotional times.  
  8. 8. To be successful you mustChase DARE to takeyour life opportunitiespursuit
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