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TTT_Sustainable Design Solutions

  1. 1. Together Towards Tomorrow Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  2. 2. White is the largest architecture firm White is the largest architecture firm in Scandinavia and one of the tenth largest in Europe. one of the tenth in Scandinavia and largest in Europe. Established Ownership Established 1951 Ownership Partnership: 384 shares 1951 (all employee238 shares Partnership: owned) w Umeå Sustainability unit (all employee owned) w Umeå established unit Sustainability Competencies established 1998 Competencies • Architecture 1998 • Architecture • Environment Number of employee • Management Environment Number of employee 520 Management • Interior Design 520 Turnover • Interior Design • Landscape Turnover 36 m € (2006) • Architecture Landscape 48 m € (2007) 28 m € (2005) Architecture • Project Management 36 m € (2006) 26 m € (2004) • Project Management • Restoration 28 m € (2005) w Uppsala • Restoration • Urban Planning w Uppsala w Stockholm • Urban Planning Örebro w Contact Örebro w w Stockholm Contact White Inquiries White Inquiries + 46 31 60 86 00 w Linköping + 46 31 60 86 00 w Linköping White Sustainability White Sustainability w Göteborg Director: Johanna Engberg w Göteborg Director: Anna Graaf + 46 31 60 86 14 + 46 31 60 86 28 w Halmstad w Halmstad Copenhagen w Copenhagen w w Malmö Næstved w w Malmö Næstved w 2 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  3. 3. Welcome to tomorrow Welcome to tomorrow Isn’t it time that we cut through We can make this claim for a number of value for clients, investors, end-users and the all the meaningless talk through Isn’t it time that we cut around We can make this claim for a number of reasons. We are the largest architectural firm value for clients, investors, end-users and the community at large. all the meaningless talk around sustainability and started work- reasons. We are the largest architectural firm in Scandinavia, and, with 520 employees in community at large. ing together to and started work- sustainability build the future in Scandinavia, and, with 520 employees in Sweden and Denmark, among the top ten in We are still fully committed to continuing the thattogether to build the future ing our children and grandchil- Sweden and Denmark, among the top ten in Europe. We have been around longer than We are still fully committed to continuing the journey started by Sidney White in 1951. In dren our children and time for us that deserve? Isn’t it grandchil- Europe. We have been around longer than most. Close to 60 years experience from a journey started by Sidney White in 1951. In January 2008 we formed White International to getdeserve? about it time for us dren serious Isn’t building a most. Close to 60 years experience from a sustained and determined effort to find and January 2008 we formed White International to bring our integrated design expertise to the to get serious about building a world that we can all be proud sustained and determined effort to find and implement better solutions has been gath- to bring our integrated design expertise to the rest of Europe. Our attitude and approach is of and thatthatcan all be proud world one we we can pass on implement better solutions has been gath- ered into our unique knowledge-management rest of Europe. Our attitude and approach is summed up by our slogan “Together towards of and one that we can pass on to future generations in a better ered into our unique knowledge-management system. And during this time we have con- summed up by our slogan “Together towards tomorrow”. With this brochure I would like to state than we found it? a better to future generations in system. And during this time we have con- tributed significantly to several high profile tomorrow”. With this brochure I would like to introduce you to some of our recent award- state than we found it? tributed significantly to several high profile examples of sustainable city development, introduce you to some of our recent award- winning work, and invite you to work together White’s founder, a young architect named examples of sustainable city development, such as Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm and winning work, and invite you to work together with us in realising world-class developments White’s founder, a young architect named Sidney White, had a strong belief in an equal such as Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm and Bo01 in the Western Harbour in Malmo. with us in realising world-class developments that truly deserve to be called sustainable. Sidney White, had a strong belief in an equal society, his aim was to change and improve Bo01 in the Western Harbour in Malmo. that truly deserve to be called sustainable. society, his aim was to change and improve Sweden through architecture. Today his At White we have learnt that sustainable Welcome to tomorrow. Welcome to White. Sweden through architecture. Today his legacy lives on in our ambition to contribute At White we have learnt that sustainable design needn’t be expensive, provided it is Welcome to tomorrow. Welcome to White. legacy lives on in our ambition to contribute towards the building of a sustainable society. design needn’t be expensive, provided it is integrated and applied with intelligence from towards the building of a sustainable society. integrated and applied with intelligence from the outset. For over a decade our environ- We don’t claim to be the greenest architects the outset. For over a decade our environ- mental specialists have been developing and We don’t claim to be the greenest architects in Scandinavia, but we like to think that we mental specialists have been developing and spreading know-how about resource-efficient in Scandinavia, but we like to think that we have made an important contribution to spreading know-how about resource-efficient solutions. We use our Sustainable Integrated have made an important contribution to Sweden being recognised by the OECD solutions. We use our Sustainable Integrated Design methodology to provide solutions Sweden being recognised by the OECD as the world’s best performer in social and Design methodology to provide solutions that minimise energy use and environmental Anders Svensson as the world’s best performer in social and environmental sustainability. that minimise energy use and environmental impact. Solutions that also create added Anders Svensson CEO White AB. environmental sustainability. impact. Solutions that also create added CEO White AB. White AB 2008 3
  4. 4. Project Management Urban Planning Restoration Sustainable Landscape Management Architecture Architecture Life Cycle Cost Interior Design /Profit (LCC) Life Cycle ECO-Effect Environ- Building Information Analysis (LCA) mental Evaluation Modeling (BIM) New tools, such as Building In- We aim to induce a sustainability perspec- designed for the actual project, and consist- formation Modeling (BIM), have tive in all scales. Our long experience in ing of a wide range of competencies, e.g. opened fantastic possibilities for environmental design has taught us that architects, environment specialists, energy ex- sustainable design. But the key co-operation, understanding and respect for perts, process leaders, engineers, economists, factor remains the ability to un- all competencies from the very beginning is landscape architects and urban planners. derstand the whole picture and necessary to make the project a success. the long run; environmental, We are able to guide an entire project from It is crucial to clarify aims and objectives at an social and economical aspects idea to post-occupation, helping our clients to early stage. Experienced process managers throughout the whole life cycle achieve a sustainable building or city. ensure an effective project process and a of a project. White Sustainable Integrated Design successful result. Feedback is very important (SID) concept is based on this possibility by to provide constant development in creating putting together a team of experts specially sustainable projects. 4 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  5. 5. The Benefits of a Sustainable Integrated Design Approach In a resource constrained world End-users have much to gain from sustain- community’s prosperity. A sustainable building sustainable design has a wide able design. An employer’s largest cost is in a well planned location creates not only range of benefits at various not utilities but human resources. Optimis- employment opportunities but can serve to different levels. In addition to ing the indoor environment can improve the reduced demands on critical infrastructure global benefits, and advantages health and well being of occupants resulting such as energy, water, sewage and transport. to the host community, sustain- in reduced absenteeism and staff turnover. In the context of climate change, sustain- able design also creates added In many cases, a gain of 5-10% in productiv- able buildings that incorporate features value for clients, investors and ity can offset any additional investment in such as green roofs and Sustainable Urban end-users. sustainable design features within the first Drainage Systems can protect communities. few operating years. These mitigate the impacts of increased As the European Energy Performance of Climate change and brand image have rainfall and urban heat island effects. The Buildings Directive begins to take effect, become an important issue for companies. impacts of developments on local air quality sustainable development will be critical in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Poli- and road congestion can also be reduced ensuring client value. The market value of a cies that include occupation of sustainable by use of travel planning and by providing building drives development decisions from building not only benefits the wider commu- showers and cycle storage facilities within a the outset. High BREEAM ratings and energy nity but projects a favourable and responsible development. efficient buildings have a greater market corporate image. attractiveness, both for sale and let. Energy Where the end users are students in Co2 emissions from the production and op- Performance Certificates are more and more educational facilities, a visible sustainable eration of buildings account for roughly 50% prevalent and they highlight the sustain- design can be an indispensable learning tool of Europe’s Co2 emissions. More develop- able value for a better return on investment. to ensure that future generations have an ments that aim for zero waste to landfill, zero Likewise, Local Authorities are paying close understanding and interest in global issues of net water use and zero net carbon emissions attention to climate change issues and build- water, energy and climate change. are needed if global economies are to con- ings that can demonstrate high energy effi- tinue to grow, and if we are to have a chance ciency ratings can achieve quicker and easier There is an increased expectation that of tackling climate change and achieving the routes through the planning process. companies contribute to the surrounding goal of One Planet Living. Benefits of Sustainable Integrated Design 3 Reduces Building-related Emmissions & Waste 3 Stimulates Sustainable Communities 3 Assists in Securing Planning Permission 3 Improves Sale & Letting Market Value 3 Creates Productive Work/Study Environments 3 Corporate Social Responsi-bility Policies 3 Increases Community Social Capital White AB 2008 5
  6. 6. From the past, towards the future 1970’s | The energy crisis leads 1971 | Interna- tional environmental 1972 | First UN Conference on the 1980’s | Experi- mental projects such 1986 to an interest in organisation Green- Environment in as Healthy House creating low energy peace founded in Stockholm for the Building Expo housing and sus- Canada are developed. tainable buildings among the architects within White. The Healthy House, Residential 1996 1996 | White holds a series of internal 1997 | The Kyoto Protocol on CO2 1998 | Formation of the White Sustain- 1999 | White develops a concept workshops on emissions was nego- ability. A group of ex- for environmental sustainability, result- tiated in Japan. perts (architects, civil management in ing in ‘Little Green’, engineers, chemists) building projects. a handbook for consulting internally healthy and sustain- and externally in able building. environmental and energy efficient architecture. Ekotopia, School 2003 | Construc- 2003 2004 2004 tion of White’s own office in Stockholm, which meets very high environmen- tal standards and energy-efficiency demands. Fulufjäll, National Park Visitors Centre Vävskedsgatan, Residential Skeppet Hammarby Sjöstad, Kindergarten 2006 | White becomes certified 2006 | Swedish Government Com- 2007 | Former U.S Vice President Al 2008 | White is one of Scandinavia’s lead- 2008 according to ISO mission on Oil Inde- Gore and Intergov- ers within environ- 14001, Environ- pendence aims for ernmental Panel for mental management, mental Management an oil free Sweden Climate Change are low energy buildings, System. by 2020. jointly awarded the life cycle assessment Nobel Peace Prize and costs, building for their efforts in cli- materials and indoor- mate change action. climate. Hamnhuset, Residential 6 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  7. 7. 1987 | The Brundt- land Report defines 1988 | United Nations created the 1990 | European Environment Agency 1992 | ’The Earth Summit’ in Rio de 1994 1995 | The forma- tion of the Building Sustainable Develop- ’United Nations Envi- was established, Janeiro held. An un- Council in Sweden. ment as ‘develop- ronment Programme’ headquartered in precedented United White has a leading ment that meets the and the ’Intergov- Copenhagen. Nations conference role shaping industry needs of the present ernmental Panel on on the environment. objectives for a without compromising Climate Change’ sustainable built the ability of future environment. generations to meet their own needs.’ Kv Tullstugan, Hammar- by Sjöstad, Residential 2000 | Creation of a database describ- 00-03 | In collabo- ration with the Royal 2001 2003 | White plays a leading role 2003 ing the environ- Institute of Technol- in founding the mental and health ogy Development, ByggaBoDialogen, impact of materials, White creates ‘EcoEf- a commitment be- which today contains fect’, an environmental tween the Swedish approximately 3000 assessment method government and 37 chemical building that appraises the companies for sup- products. ecological sustain- porting a sustainable ability of the built Bo01, Western building sector. Katsan, Office environment. Harbour, Residential 04-06 2006 Numerous projects in Hammarby Sjöstad completed Höga Kusten, National Park Visitors Centre 2009 2015 Szosa Polska, Residential New Karolinska Solna, Hospital White AB 2008 7
  8. 8. Ability to incorporate Sustainability into the project Sustainability is not optional – it’s the Environmental Impact and Costs in making changes core of a new project Through long and sometimes fail, and often on the environmental factors Urban Planning bitter experience we have where initial high ambition gives way to – The planning of cities and local learned a simple truth: the lon- well, to low ambition. The key is to take stock areas is essential to successfully ger you wait the more it costs to of sustainability both early in the project and creating a sustainable society. Along with traditional planning apply sustainability strategies throughout it. Our methods are multi-faceted issues, sustainability aspects and features to a project. and applied at various stages within the proj- must be considered at an early ect, where they can be most effective (see stage of the project. As a project moves forward, the potential for illustration and captions). White has skilled city planners maximising the project’s sustainability profile and environmental specialists decreases, delayed implementation spirals The White Sustainability unit´s collaborations working closely together with costs upwards and the desired environmental with universities and industry have included landscape architects and other effect is never realised. studies on building with integrated solar pow- expertise to form: er, concepts for building perfomance analysis • Sustainable city plans and Nobody in his right mind would deliberately (e.g. EcoEffect), hazardous waste manage- local area plans start a non-sustainable building project today. ment and building material assessment. • Environmental Impact Still, some of the best laid plans continue to Assessment • Site Analysis 8 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  9. 9. Development Design Construction Post-Occupancy The most critical phase of a proj- During the design phase During the production it is crucial As a facility manager, it is ect is the start-up, but it is also the sustainability manager to follow up that the sustainabil- important to have knowledge the phase with highest possibility has an important role as the ity goals set during the design about the environmental impact to give a project a sustainable di- co-ordinator for developers, phase are realised in the actual of the building as well as indoor rection. A sustainability analysis architects and engineers. The building. It is also important to climate, energy performance is the base for a successful proj- ect, considering for example, the sustainability targets need to be have routines for handling and standard. E.g. about 85 % impact on the surroundings, use taken into consideration, which environmental aspects on site, of the energy used in a build- of energy and resources, climate demands investigation, interac- i.e contaminated soil, hazard- ings lifetime is consumed in the change assessment, building tive process and specialised ous materials, damp etc. Close management phase. materials, socio-economic an skills. An important tool in this cooperation with the contractor alysis and demands for indoor This is where the sustainability work is to use BIM-models in is the key for success. climate. Clear sustainability quality is put to a test, economi- 3D, which, among many other targets for the project needs to White has expertise in: cally, environmentally and benefits, makes it possible to be formulated and communi- socially. measure and evaluate energy, • Project management and cated to stakeholders. cost, resource consumption etc, Sustainable Construction White has expertise in: White has expertise in: keeping all data in a database Management for the future. • Environmental Management • Sustainability guidelines • Building performance Systems (i.e ISO 14001) analysis, BREEAM etc. • Environmental Programmes White has expertise in: • Environmental Assessment and management plans • Energy Performance of Buildings (e.g. indoor • Sustainable Design Manage- Measurements/certificates • Climate change risk ment/Process Management climate, problems with damp assessment • Investigations and Measures in construction) • BIM 3D-modelling of Contaminated Soil & • Energy Performance • Environmental Systems Hazardous Materials Analysis and Materials Consulting • Building performance • Energy Performance analysis, environmental Calculations due-diligence • Life cycle analysis (LCA), • Demolition plans Analysis of Life Cycle Cost/ Profit, LCC/LCP • Building performance analysis, BREEAM etc. White AB 2008 9
  10. 10. Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm 2 3 1 4 5 6 Sustainable experience #1 7 12 8 9 11 10 It has only taken a few years to sustainable building. White has also 1. Fredriksdal for Hammarby Sjöstad to be- been involved several individual projects Office (Feasibility study) come one of the world’s highest in Hammarby Sjöstad and these projects 2. Katsan profile examples of Sustainable were compliant with and integrated into the Office (Completed) City Development, mentioned environmental design of the entire develop- 3. Tullstugan in specialist publications ment. Passive design elements and solar Housing (Completed) worldwide. power generation have been incorporated 4. Skeppet Pre-school into many of White’s solutions. Nursery (Completed) The sustainable design focus of the area 5. Linjefarten och extends across a broad range of disciplines. Skeppshandeln It encompasses the conservation of green Office/Housing (Project outline) spaces, use of sustainable and renewable 6. Fartygstrafiken energy sources, low energy district cooling/ Housing (In progress) heating systems, water collection and water 7. Godsfinkan saving devices, automated-waste disposal Housing (Completed) systems, waste management, bio-gas extrac- 8. Holmen and Grynnan tion and sustainable architectural design. Housing (Completed) The environmental ambitions of the de- 9. Innanhavet Housing (Completed) velopment have been assisted by White’s Sustainable Integrated Design approach. 10. Lugnvattnet Housing (Completed) In fact, those ambitions have been shaped by White’s involvement in the production of 11. Svallvågen overarching guidelines for the development Housing (Start on site) regarding choice of construction materials, 12. Henriksdalshamnen Housing which has proved to be a crucial element (Design stage) 10 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  11. 11. Awards: White out-grew its offices in the adjacent canal, is led through plastic piping 2003 Kasper Salin Prize for 17th century warehouse in Gam- cast inside the floor slab thus increasing the Swedish Architecture la Stan in the late 1990s. The cooling capacity of the building mass result- Competencies utilised: firm looked for new premises ing in an energy contribution that is by and Architectural Design, Landscape and finally chose to build a new large free. Further energy efficiencies arise Design, Interior Design, Environ- building in Hammarby Sjöstad. from the electrical system, which is controlled mental Project Management by a BUS-system. The lighting levels in the Construction value: White wanted to manage the project itself and office are regulated according to the levels of 11 m € utilise as many in-house skills as possible to daylight. White Project Contact: ensure environmentally sensitive and energy- Bengt Svensson efficient construction. The architects were Natural materials, pleasing lighting conditions, chosen from an internal competition, which carefully balanced acoustics and a resource- gave them the latitude to set an experimental ful air conditioning system all contribute to a Key Sustainable stamp on the climate control system and comfortable indoor environment. Attributes: detailed solutions. • Energy Efficient ‘Heavy Building’ Thermal Mass • Indoor Climate Design The building type enjoys historical connec- • Sustainable Construction tions to the industrial buildings of the past Materials that were dependent on natural light and • Use of Natural Surroundings the simple plan form replicates the feel of a harbour warehouse. The solution for an energy balance builds on the principle of a ‘heavy building’. Therefore despite the glazed facades, low energy consumption can be maintained. Climate is controlled by use of the building’s thermal mass. Water, from the White AB 2008 11
  12. 12. Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm 14 9 12 11 10 8 15 7 Sustainable experience #1 13 6 2 5 4 3 1. Havshuset 1 Housing (Completed) 2. Havslunden Housing (Completed) 3. Salongen 20 Housing (Completed) The closure of the shipyard in other parts of the harbour comes from a mix the Western Harbour presented of locally produced renewable energies such 4. Ankarspelet I Housing (Completed) a unique opportunity to trans- as wind, solar, seawater heat extraction and form a vast desolate area into a bio-fuel. A crucial factor in attracting residents 5. Ankarspelet II Housing (Completed) new district in the city focusing to the area and then stimulating a sustain- on sustainable development and able lifestyle is to ensure design, functionality, 6. Solid Wood Single Family House (Com- living. economics and sustainability are integrated pleted) seamlessly. 7. Kommendörkaptenen Developing Western Harbour as a sustain- 1+10 Housing (Completed) able city is at the forefront of the city’s White’s Sustainable Integrated Design ap- 8. Ubåtshallen development growth plans. It involves tackling proach is built upon that synergy and has Education & Office (Com- numerous environmental issues for creating been applied to ten housing, one hotel and pleted) a healthy ecological development but also four office projects in Western Harbour 9. Scylla 2 involves changing community perceptions of throughout the past decade. These projects Office (Completed) what a sustainable future looks like. The har- have employed multi-disciplinary solutions 10. Dockan I bour area contains several Malmö University within energy consumption, renewable energy Housing (Construction) buildings, offices, residential blocks and the sources, recycling and infrastructure. 11. Dockan II sustainable centrepiece Bo01 Sustainable Housing (Planning) Housing Estate. 12. Nereus The environmental programme’s goals Office (Planning) have been realised through multi-faceted so- 13. Bilen 5 lutions. In order to achieve energy efficiency, Office (Planning) of savings up to 50% when compared with 14. Dockplatsen ordinary developments, many of the construc- Hotel (Planning) tions have used new technologies, materials 15. Fullriggaren and methods. The power source for Bo01 and Housing (Planning) 12 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  13. 13. Awards: Bo01, as the first stage of West- The 3-storey townhouse’s key feature, its Winner design competition to ern Harbour’s development, is wooden construction, consists of layers that participate in the exhibition an experimental housing estate, are bolted together so to avoid glues and development aiming to showcase the most sealant. Other initiatives to avoid chemical Competencies Utilised: effective and efficient sustain- based products are the internal walls, which Architectural Design, Environ- able design solutions developed have a linseed oil glazed finish. Recycled mental Management, Sustainable by trailblazing firms from across and organic material use was a priority, for Construction Material Consulting. Europe. example, the chemical-free paints used for Construction Value: the exterior red facade. 380 000 € The ‘City of Tomorrow’ Bo01 began as part White Project Contact: of the European Housing Expo 01, and the Energy efficiency comes from several sys- Bengt Andersson Liselius result of the cross-border collaboration has tems in the house. As a material the wood /Maud Karlström helps stabilise dampness and tempera- set benchmarks for the whole estate with its Key Sustainable Features: quality programme and environmental objec- ture, the facade windows provide daylight • Energy Efficient tives. Notably the Bo01 area runs on 100% throughout minimising the need for lighting, • Renewable Energy Use locally produced renewable energy (based on the window glass effectively insulates the • Sustainable Construction cyclical offsets). house, and an underground channel filters Materials cool air in summer and warm air in winter • Wooden Construction White showed a vast amount of interpreta- into the house. tions of housing for the future in the large • Recycled & Chemical Free Materials Bo01 development area. Among others was Bo01’s extremely progressive quality pro- the much-talked about ‘solid wood’ made gramme, while not duplicated over the entire • Cellulose Insulation with wood throughout the whole house. Solid harbour development, has set the standards • Linseed Oil Glaze Finish Wood combines the traditional Swedish wood of environmental initiatives geared towards building craft with the latest sustainability energy efficiency and renewable energy knowledge in the field. consumption. White AB 2008 13
  14. 14. Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm Sustainable experience #1 The site at Koster Sea on the glass to make it possible for observation Competencies utilised: north part of the west coast of of and close contact to the marine life. The Environment Project Managemen- Sweden, has been chosen for design highlights the natural sea-fire light tal, Architectural Design Sweden’s first Marine National phenomenon and emphasises conservation Construction value: Park, which will be inaugu- by creating an enclosed space that can be 4,8 m € rated in 2009. used by visitors all year round. The build- Client: ing is placed on stainless steel poles, as Swedish National Environmental In 2006 White won the competition for the the structure needed to be able to handle Protection Agency, Västra Götaland new information and exhibition centre, the forces from waves, flooding, ice, landslides County Council so called “Naturum” meaning a space for and earth tremors. Current Status: nature. The Naturum is to be placed on the On-going. Inauguration South Koster Island, an island which is pro- The sustainable impact analysis was Sept 2009 tected for the unique archipelago, marine essential and extensive, as there were White Project Contacts: life, nature and cultural values. During peak many aspects that had to be taken into Mattias Lind, Ulla Antonsson summer months the area attracts thou- consideration. The area is protected by the sands of visitors, however during quieter EU Habitat directive (Natura 2000) and months the area is only inhabited by around the surroundings have high cultural and Key Sustainable archaeological value. Attributes: 350 people. The Naturum is expected to • Environmental Impact Analysis prolong the tourist season and provide new opportunities for business activities and The target was to create a Naturum with • Energy Efficient design jobs in the area. high environmental profile and low use of • CO2-neutral energy production energy. The building materials are primarily • Renewable energy sources; White has created a Naturum, which renewable and recyclable, without content sun, wind and water consists of three buildings, two of which of hazardous substances. • Sustainable Construction sit in the water. The main buildings consist The main construction materials are Materials of a timber construction, all covered with wood, stainless steel and insulation made • Conservation 14 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  15. 15. from recycled glass. It is also a self suf- WATER: The Naturum is situated in the ficient centre using renewable energy water, makes it natural to use a sea water sources, SUN, WIND and WATER, which heating pump for producing heat and hot will make it a zero CO2/carbon neutral water. As the building construction is very building. well insulated and air tight, the demand of energy for heating is low. The buildings are SUN: The roof will be covered by solar heated by underfloor heating. The glass cells that will produce electricity that covers skin around the building is protecting the the building’s annual needs. In the summer buildings from cooling winds, which can the overproduction of electricity will be sold further decrease the energy demand. On to the power distribution grid and repur- the Koster Islands there is lack of drinking chased later in wintertime. water, especially during summer. There- fore it has been necessary for Naturum to WIND: The need for fresh air in the produce its own water, by desalination of building is solved by natural ventilation. the seawater in an osmosis facility. The natural driving forces are created by temperature differences between indoors Planning for expected rises of the water and outdoors as well as the wind around level caused by global warming is a neces- the building. sity because the buildings are situated in The ventilation is achieved by con- the water. Estimations made by the IPCC trolled opening and closing of the windows have been taken into consideration in the depending on the outdoor and indoor structure’s design. There remains however climate and the need for fresh air. The a risk of flooding resulting in usage of system is extremely energy efficient, as the materials and the construction techniques only energy use is for controlling window able to withstand extreme high water levels operation. over short periods. White AB 2008 15
  16. 16. Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm The New Karolinska Solna passive lighting and heating to efficient Competencies utilised: competition assignment was construction materials. Not only does the Architectural Design, Landscape to create one of Sweden’s most building reduce energy use, but produces Design, Environmental Project Management comprehensive hospital proj- its own from solar panels angled on the ects ever. rooftop. Additional power requirements are Construction value: supplemented with purchased mixed source 1,5 b € Creativity, inspiration and extensive planning renewable energy. Client: was involved in White’s competition winning Locum AB and SLL proposal. The asset of fifty years of hospital A sustainable lifestyle for staff, patients and Current Status: and healthcare project experience allowed visitors is encouraged by public transport Under-going Planning, Completion White to embark on this challenge as the infrastructure to the site to help reduce estimated 2015-2017 sole architect. The outcome produced transport-related emissions. White Project Contact: from years of experience, according to the Bengt Svensson competition jury, was a simple, efficient and sustainable construction, superior interior logistics and interior climate, of the highest Key Sustainable Attributes: quality and an architectural design concept • Energy Efficient Passive Heating & Lighting that provides overall conditions for the development of a top-class facility. • On-site Solar Energy Production • Sustainable Construction Integration is central to the proposal. The Materials White Sustainability unit integrated its • Public Transport Infrastructure expertise into the facility with sustain- • Waste Management System able building materials the starting point. • Air and Water Purification High-energy efficiency is derived from several innovative system designs from 16 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  17. 17. Sustainable experience #1 Competencies utilised: Hamnhuset began when the hand with the building’s sound construction Architectural Design, Landscape client Älvstranden Utveckling material choice that ensure all systems are Design, Interior Design, Environmental AB, requested a contrast to optimised. The design tested the techni- Project Management the modern architecture at the cal aspects of passive technology and has Client: old harbour and docklands in proven to be a success with sound financial Älvstranden Utveckling AB Gothenburg. sustainability. Current Status: Construction, Phase 1 Completion Given that both the client and White had 2008 made commitments to a sustainable built White Project Contact: environment within the Swedish Industry Jan Larsson Group Building/Living Dialogue, it was only fitting that the partnership delivered a de- sign that created Sweden’s first apartments Key Sustainable Attributes: built to Passive House standards. • Ventilation Heat Exchange System Hamnhuset shows that it can be profit- • Energy Efficient Passive Design able from the first day to build an energy • On-site Solar Power Generation efficient structure. The core of its energy • Renewable Energy Use efficiency is its ventilation system that acts • Sustainable Construction as a heat exchanger. Fresh air is taken in, Materials heated in the cellar, led via the beams to every apartment and then sucked back. The result is a 95% heat exchange. Together with south-facing solar panels, the build- ing’s heating is self-sufficient from April to November. The energy initiatives go hand in White AB 2008 17
  18. 18. Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm Sustainable experience #1 In a new urban development that create indoor climate comfort and low Competencies utilised: in Szczecin, Orco wanted to emissions. Partner Envac’s waste manage- Master Planning, Architectural Design, build the first, largest and best ment system is an out of sight sustain- Landscape Design, Environmental Project Management, Construction economically, ecologically and able handling solution, hidden under the Material Consulting socially sustainable housing to development. date in Poland. A further part of the energy solution Construction value: includes a mix of energy sources, including 60 m € They wanted to design buildings with a solar power cells that lie on the roofs of Client: low-energy profile without taking extreme the structures. The project shall have a Orco Construction Group measures in techniques and costs, yet con- total sustainability assessment greater than Current Status: trastingly, wanted to have the sustainable 70% (excellent) according to BREEAM Permit Planning, Completion 2010. aspects of the design visible, to encourage (UK) Ecohomes’ standards. Sustainable White Project Contact: residents to live sustainable lifestyles. Orco living is emphasised by the green spaces in Maud Karlström enlisted the help of White’s Sustainable the middle of the residential area. A green Integrated Design approach to bring the park zone links the houses with nature project to fruition. and mimics the look and feel of a fantastic Key Sustainable Attributes: The masterplan team involved both Scandinavian forest-park. • Energy Efficient; by use of Sustain- able Building Materials architects and the White Sustainability unit who created an environmental program for • On-site Solar Energy Production the project that ensures a high sustain- • Water Management able standard, aesthetic attractiveness and • Green Landscaping quality. A key part of ensuring economical • Envac Waste Management construction in the sustainable process was System our sustainable building material consult- ing. The buildings themselves have efficient heating, ventilation and sewage systems 18 Sustainable Solutions From Scandinavia
  19. 19. Sustainable experience #1 Collaboration: Ørestad urban development is a the development of heavy large buildings, Niras A/S progressive and massive mixed- made up of smaller slimmer towers, which use area on the edge of Copen- contain residences, offices, nursery schools Competencies Utilised: Architectural Design, Landscaping, hagen whose convention centre and shops that are dotted over the site in a Sustainable Integrated Design will host the UN Climate Change grid layout. Construction Value: Conference in 2009. Much has been done in recent years to mini- 67 m € mise heat-loss in buildings but with new harsh A design competition was launched at the Size: Danish regulations punishing high electricity adjacent site to showcase the region’s com- 26,000 sqm consumption a different problem needed to mitment to the environment. Sustainable White Project Contact: be tackled. The design focuses on electricity architecture, energy efficient solutions and Fredrik Pettersson savings by minimising light and ventilation carbon minimisation produced to market needs, flooding the buildings with natural prices were the brief’s demands. It called light and updrafts of air. Despite illuminous Key Sustainable Features: for one thing, White’s sustainable integrated interiors, the amount of window surface space • Low Energy Consumption design approach and co-operation with the needed to provide sufficient lighting and en- best partner possible. ergy savings is below average. Therefore any • Efficient Lighting Design The proposal was the result of the process heat-loss is positively offset and the overall • Efficient Ventilation Design of close collaboration from the very beginning energy balance in the buildings meet the with engineering partner Niras. Technology and competition’s high standards and surpasses design decisions were made together resulting legislative requirements. in an employed low-tech approach to ensure sustainability in both economic and environ- Together White and Niras have proposed a mental factors. town space that is dense yet open, safe yet The result is a completely new way at lively and with the possibility of an attractive looking at the energy problem and sustain- and sustainable lifestyle. able living. The design contrasts the rest of White AB 2008 19
  20. 20. “Swedish buildings are much more energy efficient than British. I think on most of the key issues Sweden is ahead of the UK, but the UK is also moving quickly and learning from the Swedish experience.” Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Review on climate change, interviewed in London on February 26, 2008. This brochure is printed on Munken Lynx, an FSC certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) provides international recognition to organisations who support the growth of responsible forest management.