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Social Media Insights


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The NEED for Social Media Insights.

Perhaps it is time to add a new type of insight to briefs.

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Social Media Insights

  2. 2. At the heart of every brief are its insights
  3. 3. typically either Brand or Consumer insights
  4. 4. Consumer insight: a category relevant need/want
  5. 5. Brand insight: an offering unique to category
  6. 6. together they can make a powerful idea
  7. 7. So how does media channel selection play into this?
  8. 8. Social media is often chosen because of reach & engagement potential
  9. 9. but how do you know how to leverage it to get engagement?
  10. 10. the answer: Social Insights
  11. 11. Social Insights are less to do with how consumers relate to a product category
  12. 12. and more about how they interact with brands, other consumers & social media tools.
  13. 13. consider these following examples:
  14. 14. whopper sacrifice. social insight: The collection of digital friendships made every friend you have less valuable to you
  15. 15. canon mystory social insight: Facebook had become more about telling stories through photo & photo commentary
  16. 16. my obama social insight: Every user participates differently. There is a need for choice in what form and how you want to get involved.
  17. 17. all these combined brand, consumer & social insights to great success.
  18. 18. consider this additional example:
  19. 19. lynx partyacrosstheinternet involved OTP display, video & interactivity sending you on a party across the net...
  20. 20. the final destination was a facebook fanpage with a call-to-action to become a fan...
  21. 21. lynx partyacrosstheinternet social insight: ??
  22. 22. the social insight was missing. what if they had considered what was an important social interaction for their target audience...
  23. 23. that facebook events are all about projecting status (=social insight)
  24. 24. armed with this insight, the call-to-action could have been an event page...
  25. 25. where more engagement and offline brand interaction could take place...
  26. 26. stronger brand associations formed and encouraging peer sharing through networks.
  27. 27. NB! you might be thinking, ‘these are all obvious & not insightful’
  28. 28. Consider this definition: ‘an insight, once discovered, seems so obvious, that you cannot believe you missed it’ -anonymous planner
  29. 29. Moral of the story is..
  30. 30. think! what social interaction insights can I discover to help inform the creatives.
  31. 31. give them a push in the right direction.
  32. 32. See The Forest Through The Trees Thoughts by Marek Wolski @marekting