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ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC brochure to show the MICE possibilities within Bratislava / Slovakia.

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Enjoy Slovakia Incentives

  1. 1. Enjoy Slovakia IncentivesDestination Management Company
  2. 2. Contents Welcome to Slovakia...............3 Fact File ...................................4 Getting there and around.........4 5+1 Reasons to hold your incentive event in Slovakia…..5 Bratislava.................................6 Excursions ................................8 Team Building.........................10 Welcome to Slovakia Entertainment ........................11 Bratislava Venues .................... 12Incentive Travel Bratislava Hotels ..................... 14Meetings and Events The Tatra Mountain Region ...16Conferences Excursions ..............................18Special Interest Groups Travel Active & Adventure.................20ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC s.r.o. Entertainment ........................21 Tatra Venues............................ 21 Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friendsKollárova 16 Tatra Hotels ............................. 22902 01 Pezinok If youre seeking a new destination for meetings and Our inventive, high-value products, organized withSLOVAKIA incentive groups, then Slovakia is the right choice. attention to detail, are the keys to our success. Wecall: +421 33 640 90 26 Youre certainly looking for somewhere little known maintain good relations with local quality suppli- but attractive, so your guests and customers can ex- ers and work with excellent hotels and other venuesfax: +421 33 640 90 29 plore rich heritage and delight in an unspoiled land- that provide the highest standard of service. In Enjoye-mail: incentives@enjoyslovakia.com scape. Tasting new food and discovering new wines Slovakia DMC you will find a strong and reliable part-www.enjoyslovakia.com will also be an unforgettable experience. The ultimate ner committed to upholding the strict standards of goal of sophisticated travel is not just to relax, but to business practice. open up to inspiring and stimulating new horizons. This catalogue presents a wide range of opportunities Slovakia affords an outstanding opportunity to es- for meetings and incentive groups, centered in two cape from the routine of daily life and work. major geographic hubs: the Slovak capital, Bratislava, Enjoy Slovakia DMC is an experienced Slovak and the Tatra Mountains. We feature our successfulEnjoy Slovakia DMC is the Ovation Strategic Partner for Slovakia Destination Management Company that ensures sat- cultural and landscape excursions, adventure prod- Written by: Maroš Borský isfaction to you and your customers. We founded our ucts, innovative team-building activities, and themed Photography: Martin Sloboda, Robert Vrlák, Slovak Tourist Board, company in 2003 after years of experience in tourism, evenings. The presentation of attractive venues and Bratislava Municipality, Airport Bratislava, marketing and the business world in general. Today top hotels will provide you broader insight into what Juraj Novotný, Orange Slovensko a.s., Karol Ličko, Tatranské lanové dráhy a.s., we are a rapidly expanding and creative DMC whose we – and our country – can offer. Jasná Nízke Tatry a.s., Grand Castle, Braňo Molnár, Promoland, Kulturfabrik, enthusiastic and professional team seeks solutions So, please be our guest – and Enjoy Slovakia! Petr Hyppman, Maroš Borský and others tailored to meet the demands of our clients. Design: DuoMedia, www.duomedia.sk © Enjoy Slovakia DMC s.r.o. All rights reserved
  3. 3. 5+1 Reasons to hold your Fact File incentive event in Slovakia 1. It’s somewhere you’ve never 4. You can trip over the been before multitude of outstanding Enjoy incentive cultural treasures Getting there Really − Slovakia is Europe’s best kept se- cret. Though it’s a conveniently located, fast-growing destination, you will still For a country of its size, Slovakia’s cultur- in Slovakia al patrimony is immense. It includes hun- find Slovakia a country that has not be- The aim of an incentive event is to dreds of castles, palaces, and churches come overcrowded and commercialized, dating back many centuries − more than provide an active group experience By air and one that still prides itself on genuine 300 castles alone! There are picturesque that enables participants to escape authenticity and openhearted hospitality. medieval towns galore, plus well pre- the stress of everyday work, get to Bratislava served examples of wooden folk archi- know their colleagues better, and Bratislava Airport is one of the fastest 2. The people are warm and tecture − and even a museum devoted build a strong professional team. growing airports in Europe. Until a few to pop icon Andy Warhol. Four unique By the Danube welcoming (and, dare we say sites in particular have been placed Conference events focus on an ex- years ago it only handled seasonal char- ters and connecting flights to Prague. it, good-looking) on the UNESCO list of World Cultural change of knowledge and ideas In summer, hydrofoils to Bratislava run Today, however, Bratislava is a dynamic Official name: Slovenská republika The Slovaks really do offer visitors time- Heritage: the majestic Spiš Castle and its among a specific professional com- from Vienna and Budapest. hub for national and international con- [Slovak Republic] honored Slavic hospitality. This is not a environs, the medieval towns of Bardejov munity and also provide partici- nections. tourist industry cliché! They may seem and Banská Štiavnica, and the village of pants with the opportunity to meet Population: 5.4 million Vlkolínec, a unique complex of folk-style Vienna By rail and road inhabitants shy at first, but once you break the ice, timber buildings. new people, network, and encoun- local people of all walks of life readily Bratislava, the Slovak capital, is Slovakia’s ter a new culture. Our experience Just 30 minutes by car from down- Capital: Bratislava (462,000 open their hearts to new friends. They town Bratislava and served by major in- main rail hub, with direct, frequent train are eager to show off their culture and has taught us that, given the facil- service to and from Vienna, Budapest inhabitants) 5. The food and drink are out ities, the ideal size of a group for ternational airlines, Vienna Airport at share their love of their country. Schwechat is a favorite port of entry that and Prague. By car or coach, Slovakia is Language: Slovak, but many of this world these kinds of events in Slovakia is serves the two closest national capitals in easily reached from neighboring coun- people, and As befits a country in the heart of central 3. The countryside is about one hundred persons. Europe. tries by motorway and secondary roads. particularly young Europe, Slovak cuisine reflects a flavor- people, speak English brimming with unspoiled ful mixture of influences from neighbor- Slovakia has all the preconditions Poprad or German natural beauty ing Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Poprad airport, in northern Slovakia, lies within an hour’s drive of Slovakia’s main Getting around Currency: Euro (EUR) Slovakia packs a surprising variety of natural wonders in a conveniently com- Republic and Ukraine. The Bratislava re- gion is famed for its meat dishes in sa- to make your incentive event a real success. Thanks to international air- Slovakia has an extensive rail and road ports with good flight connections mountain and winter sports resorts and Time: GMT + 1 hour (GMT vory sauces, and hearty potato dishes pact area. The most spectacular scen- and excellent road and railway net- increasingly serves as the principal gate- network. Several comfortable Intercity (IC) + 2 hours during and small dumplings served with sheep ery is found in the High Tatra, Low Tatra, works, the country is easily acces- way to the High and Low Tatra regions. trains commute daily between Bratislava, daylight savings time) cheese and bacon are favorites from the Little Fatra, Pieniny and Slovak Paradise Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad and Košice, mountains. Local restaurants, of course, sible. Top-class hotels and superior Visa: Slovakia is a member National Parks. But other parts of the Košice and most towns and many villages are also feature excellent Mediterranean and restaurants provide quality servic- of the Schengen country are also stunning. Many pre- on local rail lines. The Slovak motorway international cuisine. And don’t forget to Served by regular flights from Bratislava, zone. fer the uplands of the hilly central re- es. With its wealth of cultural mon- system is constantly being expanded, sample the superb wines from the Small Prague and Vienna, Košice is the east- For a detailed list of gion, where rushing rivers wind through uments, historical cities, national and within a few years the east and west Carpathian region and eastern Slovakia’s ernmost international airport in Slovakia countries and visa lush, forested valleys. The country is also parks and entertainment opportu- of the country will be well connected by famous Tokai! kai! and affords convenient access to all cor- requirements see studded with beautiful caves, twelve of modern four-lane highways. In addition, nities, Slovakia makes a perfect des- ners of Eastern Slovakia. which are open to the public. Most are there are regular domestic flights be- www.foreign.gov.sk tination for incentive events or con- located in the mountainous heartland, tween Bratislava and Košice. and five have been put on the UNESCO ference tourism. list of World Natural Heritage.4 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 5
  4. 4. Bratislava With its wealth of cultural attrac- Located at the point where the Carpathians Main selling points tions and gourmet restaurants, and given its good flight con- meet the Danube and dominated by a looming hilltop castle, Bratislava has a 1. Bratislavas history Bratislava sample itinerary In more than 2,000 years of history, Day 1 ket and enticing cafés. In the after- one of the most highly fortified cas- nections and hotel facilities, the long and tumultuous history. For cen- Bratislava came under Celtic, Roman, Arrival at Bratislava/Vienna International noon, have fun rafting in the artificial tles in the Carpathians. Enjoy lunch at Slovak capital is the perfect city turies it was the capital of Hungary, and Germanic and Slavic rule, and for more Airport and transfer to the hotel by pri- channel at Čuňovo and unwind at the a typical regional restaurant and sam- than two centuries it was Hungary’s vate coach. Welcome dinner at the hotel Danubiana, a scenic site with an exhi- ple some of the best vintages from to host a meeting or incentive many of the Old Town’s most splendid and evening program. bition of modern art. Later, enjoy an Small Carpathian wine cellars. Return royal capital and coronation site. All event. Overshadowed for decades palaces were the residences of Hungarian these influences – and more – have left evening extravaganza with a Danube to Bratislava and enjoy leisure time to their mark on the modern Slovak capi- Day 2 cruise, including dinner and live musical relax. The Gala dinner that night will by nearby Prague and Vienna, noble families. Between 1563 and 1830, tal. Communist rule also changed the In the morning explore Bratislavas entertainment. be the social highlight of the stay in Bratislava has truly come alive eleven Hungarian kings and eight royal face of the city, and today Baroque ar- historic Old Town during a fascinat- Bratislava. in recent years. Its jewel-like Old consorts were crowned in the Old Town’s chitecture rubs elbows with the some- ing Royal Bratislava walking tour. The Day 3 times jarring relics of the post-World route includes the Gothic St. Martin’s After breakfast leave the hotel for an Day 4 Town is a charming and beautiful- St. Martin’s Cathedral. The city boasted a Cathedral and the Primate’s Palace, excursion along the Small Carpathian In the morning transfer to Bratislava/ War II Communist era. ly restored complex of narrow cob- typically cosmopolitan Central European the neo-Classical residence of the Wine Trail, which includes a visit to the Vienna International Airport for a 2. Gastronomy Archbishop of Esztergom. Relax in the famous Modra pottery factory and the homebound flight. bled streets, spacious squares and mix of cultures, too. German, Hungarian The local gastronomic tradition is a cos- quaint Main Square, with its craft mar- Renaissance Červený Kameň Castle, pastel-colored Baroque palaces. and Slovak were all spoken by local resi- mopolitan blend of Slovak, Hungarian, Moravian and Viennese cuisines, and Slovak wines can be excellent. The Old Town boasts a growing number of dents – and the city went by three names: and folk concerts throughout the year as perience and enjoy! Numerous new top-quality restaurants serving inter- national and local cuisine. In the sum- Bratislava in Slovak, Pressburg in German, well. The city boasts a score of museums gourmet restaurants serving Slovak and mer, cafés, bars and restaurants spill and Pozsony in Hungarian. There was also and galleries that range from the Slovak international specialties have appeared, out into the streets and squares. a substantial Jewish population. National Gallery, with its excellent collec- some of them located in painstakingly 3. It’s a compact and friendly city Musical traditions were strong here, and tion of Gothic art from remote Carpathian restored Baroque palaces and medieval Bratislava’s Old Town is extraordinari- many Old Town palaces bear plaques churches, to many specialized collections houses. The hotels have seen real prog- ly “user friendly”. Its Central European charm, lively but laid-back atmo- noting where Mozart, Liszt, Haydn, Bartók, focusing on such varied topics as histori- ress, too; older hotels have been fully re- sphere, compact size and dozens of Rubinstein and other famed compos- cal weapons, feudal justice, winemaking, furbished and now compete with newly outdoor cafés and restaurants make it an ideal destination for weekend get- ers and artists lived or performed. The antique clocks and Jewish history and opened accommodation venues. There aways. nineteenth century composer Johann culture. is also much to do in the area outside of 4. City of incentive tourism Nepomuk Hummel was born here, and Bratislava has undergone a dramatic Bratislava. You can choose from numer- Bratislava can be easily accessed via a memorial museum now occupies his transformation into a lively cosmopolitan ous activities, some of which we present two international airports, frequent IC childhood home. Fine classical musical city in recent years. No longer an insignifi- on the following pages. train connections, and the motorway. Numerous top-class hotels, gourmet traditions still live on, and Bratislava today cant stopover that many people passed restaurants and other quality suppliers has an excellent opera and philharmon- by on their way from Prague to Budapest, guarantee the success of an incentive event organized here. ic hall – but there are plenty of rock, jazz the Slovak capital today is a place to ex-6 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 7
  5. 5. Excursions preserved underground Chatam Sofer the 20th century as a summer residence Communist Bratislava Half-day The Communist regime collapsed in memorial mausoleum and learn about this fascinating chapter of Bratislava his- of Czechoslovakias presidents. Famed for its rich and varied collections, large 1989, but it left a distinctive and linger- tory. A visit to the Museum of Jewish garden compound, horse breeding, and ing stamp on the face of the city. The Culture will open other windows into excellent vineyard, it is a real treat for Royal Bratislava tour will be an eye-opening and educa- this richly textured world. visitors. Spend the afternoon in nearby Bratislava is the ancient coronation town tional lesson for those who did not ex- Nitra, an ancient seat of powerful bish- of the historic Hungarian Kingdom, where perience life under this political system. ops that has a sprawling open-air-muse- between 1563 and 1830 eleven kings Visits to the Soviet military cemetery and A Vintage Tram Ride um of folk architecture with a narrow- and eight royal wives were crowned. The memorial on Slavín Hill and to Petržalka, The history of tram transportation in gauge vintage railway that operates on Royal Bratislava walking tour, designed to one of the largest Communist housing Bratislava dates back to 1895. Embark the museum compound. place the citys history in its European con- estates in Europe, will provide an un- on the vintage tram near the Carlton text, follows the traditional route of the forgettable encounter with East-Central Hotel, at the spot from which the tram coronation procession, visiting Gothic St. European Communist heritage. commuted all the way to Vienna until Bojnice Castle Martins Cathedral and other Habsburg World War II, and explore the city from a Count János Pálffy was an enthusiastic heritage sites. The highlight will be the painstakingly restored historic vehicle of art lover and traveler in the 19th century. neo-Classical Primate’s Palace, where Jewish Bratislava the Bratislava Transportation Company. After a visit to the chateaux in the Loire in 1805 the Pressburg Peace treaty be- mous Modra ceramics. The highlight tween France and Austria was signed – the Palace is famous for its collection of Ancient Pressburg was for centuries one of the most prominent centers of Jewish learning in Europe. Join us for a tour that The tour can be combined with an Old Town walking tour. will be a visit to Červený Kameň [Red Stone] Castle, a massive Renaissance Full-day Valley in France, he decided to have his residence remodeled to resemble a fairy- tale Gothic fortress. The turreted castle English tapestries. fortress and until 1945 the residence of literally descends into the miraculously accommodates his vast art collections, the mighty Pálffy Counts. The trip will Devín Castle and Danube Cruise conclude with a delicious lunch, includ- Trenčín Castle and Piešťany Spa which include the famous Bojnice altar A comfortable passenger ship will bring In 179 AD, a Roman auxiliary legion track- by a Florentine master. An excursion to ing typical local specialties and a wine you to Devín Castle, 12 kilometers up- ing a Germanic tribe was caught by win- this legendary and romantic castle will tasting, in the cozy atmosphere of a lo- stream from Bratislava on the Danube ter storms and had to encamp far in the fire your imagination and prove a high- cal restaurant. River, on the border with Austria. This unknown territory north of the Danube light of your visit to Slovakia. Concluding romantic ruin, long associated with an- River. This remarkable event was record- this day with gala dinner or a nighttime cient Slavic traditions, is an important ar- ed in a Latin inscription on the cliff below tour is also possible. chaeological site with excavations from what eventually became one of the most Roman and medieval times. A source of strategic castles in the region and a resi- inspiration for 19th-century Slovak patri- dence of the powerful medieval oligarch otic leaders, the castle today is a popular Matúš Čák. Lunch can be served at the day-trip destination affording spectacu- fin-de-siècle Tatra Hotel. Enjoy the after- lar views of the Danube landscape. noon in the world-famous Piešťany Spa, known for its charming Art Nouveau spa houses on its Spa Island. Night tours of The Small Carpathian Wine Trail Trenčín Castle with a banquet included The excursion wends through medita- are also possible. tive vineyards and charming wine-grow- ing towns spread out along the south- eastern slopes of the Small Carpathians. Chateau Topoľčianky and Nitra Visit a pottery factory and learn about Chateau Topoľčianky is an elegant neo- the centuries-old production of the fa- Classical mansion that was used during8 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 9
  6. 6. Team Building Entertainment Bratislava Treasure Hunt Petržalka Extravaganza "Ostalgia" Private Concerts Roman Day at Carnuntum The “treasure hunt” theme has by now The vast Petržalka housing estate is one An interactive program will let you ex- Enrich your event in Bratislava by add- Travel back two thousand years to an- become a standard product of incentive of the largest, most anonymous – and perience a taste of the East Bloc atmo- ing a unique evening at the Opera or the cient Roman times during a day chock tourism. What makes it different each most confusing – Communist housing sphere that for decades reigned in this Philharmonic Hall, where we will be hap- full of special activities at Carnuntum, an time is the different urban setting, with developments in Europe, a real "con- country. Period decorations, historical py to organize a special concert – only archeological park on the site of a Roman different cultural and historical heritage, crete jungle". With many of the apart- posters and music will contribute to the for you. Besides classical music, you can garrison town. The complex includes two in which it takes place. Our treasure hunt ment blocks almost indistinguishable staged authenticity of a real Communist also experience the colorful tradition amphitheaters, a reconstructed villa and is a colorful jig-saw of Celtic, medieval, from each other, even Bratislavians can experience. of folk dance in Slovakia at a lively per- many other attractions, forming an ideal Habsburg, Napoleonic and Communist get lost. Small groups will be formed, formance by a costumed professional setting for an unforgettable event. So, let themes – and much, much more, all sit- each provided with a map and bus tick- troupe. During the evening, performers your fantasy run wild for a day and be- ed amid the picturesque cobbled lanes ets. They will receive instructions to fol- will involve your group members in an come an ancient Roman! of the painstakingly restored Old Town of Bratislava. low, leading them on a tour through – and hopefully out of – the district. Adventure entertaining dance lesson. A Small Carpathian Goose Feast Themed Dinner A Danube Extravaganza Čuňovo Rafting A riverboat cruise on the Danube, with The Gabčíkovo Dam is one of the larg- One of the major gastronomic experienc- One of the most popular events we of- dinner and entertainment, is one of est power plants on the Danube River. es in the Bratislava area is a visit to the fer is a themed dinner. For example, step the most popular evening programs in The Čuňovo rafting area has been es- Small Carpathian Wine Region, famous centuries back into time and, for an eve- Bratislava. Enjoy the illuminated pan- tablished here in an artificial channel for its roast goose and excellent wine. ning, experience a real Antique sympo- orama of the redeveloped Bratislava em- that supplies the old Danube branch. It Specially selected geese are prepared ac- sion, a festive dinner served in the best bankment. After dinner, live music or dis- provides excellent conditions for white cording to traditional recipes that have tradition of ancient Roman hospital- co will continue deep into the night as water rafting. Later, guests can relax at been handed down through genera- ity. Medieval, Baroque and many other the comfortable ship glides along the the Danubiana, an architecturally at- tions. The resulting “goose feast” is ac- themes are also available. water. tractive building located on the scenic companied by a tasting of some of the Danube River embankment. best wines produced by small and inde- pendent local producers. It all provides Slovakia Ring an unforgettable gastronomic introduc- The Slovakia Ring is a modern auto- tion to the best that this fruitful corner motive racing circuit opened in the of Slovakia has to offer. spring of 2010. Almost six kilometers in length, it is one of the longest motor race tracks in Europe. This state-of-the- Dinner in the Sky art facility makes a wonderful attrac- One of the world’s most unusual res- tion for Bratislava-based MICE events. taurants is now available in Slovakia! Up Participants explore the legendary K-1 to 22 people can dine in a special en- ATTACK racing car, developed and pro- closed platform that is suspended from duced in Slovakia. The highlight of the a crane 50 meters above the ground. event is the RACE TAXI, an unforget- The crane can be set up in different loca- table adrenaline adventure in which in- tions, affording “sky diners” breath-tak- dividual participants zoom around the ing views of the dramatic Danube land- track as the co-driver in the K-1 ATTACK scape, Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle or car – a professional racing driver will be the broad green meadows of the pristine behind the steering wheel. Slovak countryside.10 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 11
  7. 7. Bratislava Venues Incheba Fair Hall The citys large fair and congress compound is situated on the right bank of the Danube River. The facility provides excellent possibilities for events of various sizes, from presenta- tions and press conferences to full-blown congresses and fairs. National Tennis Center Located in a pleasant residential neighborhood near the Polus City shopping mall, the National Tennis Center provides three interconnected halls that can be used for a whole range of events. Philharmonic Hall The Philharmonic Hall, the Redoute, is a splendid site in the town center that retains much of its fin-de-siècle atmosphere. With its adjoining restaurant, this is a convenient and at- mospheric venue for congresses and conferences. ADD S ADDRESS: OPENING HOURS: PENING HO R N HOUR CONTACT: CONTACT: NTAC ACT: RESERVATIONS: ESE VA ONS Primate’s Palace Hviezdoslavovo ám 20 Hviezdoslavovo nám. 20 lavo Mon-Fri: 1:00 Mon-Fri: 11:00 – 24:00 :0 4:00 :0 www.carnevalle.s www.carnevalle.sk +421 +421 2 2086 36 37 08 36 The Primate’s Palace is a neo-Classical residence constructed in 1778-1781 as the winter Bratislava Bratislava atis Sun: 1:00 Sun: 11:00 – 23:00 3:00 info@carnevalle.sk info@carnevalle.sk rnevall residence of the Archbishop of Esztergom. The palace is famous for its six English tapes- tries and the Mirror Hall, where the Pressburg Peace treaty between France and Austria was signed in 1805. Carnevalle inzerica A5.indd 1 20.4.2012 13:30 Danubiana If you are looking for an ideal spot to contemplate the beauties of nature, you have to visit the Danubiana. Located some 15 kilometers from Bratislava on an artificial embankment, this is a prime address for modern art, architecture, and nature lovers alike. Kulturfabrik, Danubia Region A former tobacco processing plant – a priceless piece of industrial heritage – has been transformed into a an alternative venue for concerts, exhibits and other artistic happen- ings. A 20 minute drive from the center of Bratislava, the Kulturfabrik complex, with its im- posing views of the Danube, makes a unique setting for hosting events. Enjoy Schlosshof Chateau, Danubia Region The Schlosshof Chateau is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture about 20 kilometers the friendly ambience Matyšák Restaurant from Bratislava. A splendid Imperial residence with an extensive garden, it provides an ideal venue for an unforgettable gala dinner. of the established by Slovakia’s leading family-owned winery y Červený Kameň Castle Červený Kameň Castle is a Renaissance fortress located some 40 kilometers from Bratislava. The castle features extensive cellars, once used to store wine, food, gunpowder and giant- · Specialities of Small Carpathian and Slovak regional cuisine cannons. Its large halls today make a stunning venue for a nighttime banquet. · Extraordinary wine cellar with 45,000 bottles Hotel Matyšák Bratislava Fax: +421 (2) 2063 4006 · Expert wine tastings for groups Pražská 15, 811 04 Bratislava prevadzka@hotelmatysak.sk · Attractive venue in a historic wine cellar Phone: +421 (2) 2063 4053 www.hotelmatysak.sk12 Enjoy Slovakia DMC
  8. 8. Bratislava Hotels KEMPINSKI RIVER PARK HOTEL***** The five-star Kempinski River Park Hotel is located on the Danube embankment, in the heart of River Park, a luxury residential property project inaugurated in Spring 2010. The rooms are decorated in a sleek, contemporary style and look out at the Danube or Castle Hill. The rooftop Spa & Wellness center includes four saunas and an indoor pool and pro- vides breathtaking views of the Danube and nearby Austrian hills. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, fitness center, wellness center, swimming pool, internet, air-condition Number of rooms/beds 231/462 Number of conference rooms 8 Capacity of conference rooms 350, 160 (80/80), 60 (30/30), 60 (30/30), 14 Capacity of restaurants 75/110 Location city center SHERATON HOTEL***** The Bratislava Sheraton is a five-star hotel located in a newly developed luxury residential and commercial area – Eurovea – which spreads along the Danube river embankment. The hotel provides accommodation in 186 guest rooms and 23 suites, all of them equipped to offer the maximum comfort. Guests may also relax at the hotel’s extensive Spa&Fitness Zone, enjoy the Club Lounge, or dine at the Restaurant, Lobby Bar or Winter Garden Bar. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, fitness center, wellness center, swimming pool, internet, air-condition, shopping mall Number of rooms 209 Number of conference rooms 7 Capacity of conference rooms 380, 130 (50/50), 32, 12, 17, 32 Capacity of restaurant 120 Location city center RADISSON BLU CARLTON HOTEL**** Located facing the Opera on Bratislavas most prominent square, the Radisson BLU Carlton Hotel is a city landmark. Originally opened in 1837 as the Inn at the Three Green Trees, the Carlton Hotel is now, under the management of Radisson BLU, one of the most luxurious accommodation venues in Slovakia. The rooms are decorated in different styles, and each floor is dedicated to a specific composer. The hotel is a suitable venue for gala events. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, fitness center, internet, air-condition Number of rooms/beds 168/336 Number of conference rooms 6 Capacity of conference rooms 380 (80/80/80), 80, 18, 12, 8, 6 Capacity of restaurants 80 Location city center CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL**** Facing the Baroque Presidential Palace, the former Forum Hotel underwent a complete interior renovation and now ranks in the superior accommodation category. All rooms and suites are fully equipped with the latest technology. The 14 conference rooms with more than 1200 square meters of space offer facilities for any kind of meeting or conference. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, casino, pool, sauna, solarium, fitness center, internet, air-condition Number of rooms/beds 224/296 Number of conference rooms 14 Capacity of conference rooms 350 (100/70/70), 150, 80, 80, 70, 30, 30, 30, 70, 12, 8, 6 Capacity of restaurants 143/40 Location city center AUSTRIA TREND HOTEL**** The Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, part of the Austrian hotel chain, is a modern urban hotel providing four-star quality service in the very heart of the city. The hotel is located on downtown Postova Street, named after Bratislava’s main post office, and the building’s façade and some of its rooms use postage stamp motifs as part of their decoration. The cen- tral location and 335 square meter seminar space make this hotel an excellent conference venue. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, wellness center, fitness center, internet, air-condition Number of rooms 199 Number of conference rooms 4 Capacity of conference rooms 60, 130, 50, 72 Capacity of restaurants 140 Location city center DOUBLETREE by HILTON HOTEL**** The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Bratislava is located in a residential neighborhood well known for its sports facilities. An ice hockey stadium, tennis arena, two football stadiums and a basketball hall are all located nearby. This newly built hotel provides accommodation in 120 spacious guestrooms and serves as an exceptional venue for events, with meet- ing rooms ranging from 52 to 150 square meters. The grand ballroom, at 500 square meters, can host up to 624 delegates and is one of the largest meeting spaces in Bratislava. Hotel amenities restaurant, bar, fitness center, wellness center, swimming pool, internet, air-condition Number of rooms 120 Number of conference rooms 8 Capacity of conference rooms 624, 150 (70/60), 42, 40, 50, 40, 42 Capacity of restaurants 90/60 Location ten minutes drive from the city center14 Enjoy Slovakia DMC
  9. 9. The Tatra Mountain Region The Tatra Mountains area is the fast- 19th century, when railway connections highest peaks, Ďumbier and Chopok, est growing tourist region in Slovakia TATRA-BREAK reached the area and city dwellers began both of which rise to more than 2000 and is easily accessible by air, rail or Day 1 the new motorway along the Váh to flock here for summer holidays. The meters above sea level. From here visi- Arrival at Poprad and transfer to the western part of the Tatra Region, called tors enjoy breathtaking views of the High River. The region boasts excellent ho- hotel by private coach. Welcome din- tels suitable for meetings and incen- ner at the hotel and evening pro- Liptov, spreads out on either side of the and Western Tatra massifs on the other tive groups. These range from elegant, gram. Váh River and is one of the most beautiful side of the valley. The main town in the fin-de-siècle, grand hotels to striking Day 2 parts of Slovakia. The village of Vlkolínec, region, Liptovský Mikuláš, is a centuries- modern facilities designed by contem- After breakfast leave the hotel for an with its many wonderful wooden build- old city featuring a beautifully recon- porary architects. All are beautifully excursion to the remote Zamagurie ings, is a unique architectural enclave rec- structed town square. The highwayman set amid pristine natural surroundings. Region. The major attraction here is floating down the Dunajec River on ognized by UNESCO as a site of World Juraj Jánošík – the Slovak counterpart of The Tatras provide numerous opportu- a raft. Afterward, enjoy a barbecue Cultural Heritage. There are marvelous Robin Hood – was hanged here in 1713. nities for exciting excursions, as well as lunch with real Goral goulash accom- caves in the nearby Demänovská Valley – A nearby man-made lake, Liptovská Mara, year-round adventure, sport and oth- panied by live local folk music. In the afternoon stop at the Červený Kláštor one of them an ice cave. is a popular summer sports resort. But the er activities. Visitors can paraglide, ex- [Red Monastery], a precious heritage The Low Tatra National Park is a won- Tatra Region comprises more than majes- plore mysterious caves, go rafting, or site. In the evening, a gala dinner at hike in mountain valleys. During the the hotel will be followed by a disco. derful area for summer hiking and walk- tic nature. The area boasts a whole range ing tours. One can reach the heights on of precious heritage sites and unique at- winter one can enjoy dog sledge races Day 3 or soak at thermal spa resorts. foot or by funicular and then follow clear- tractions, concentrated in two particular This days itinerary will introduce you to the rich art and architectural her- ly marked trails that lead to the regions regions: Spiš and Zamagurie. The High Tatra National Park is the pride itage of the Spiš Region. Visit the of Slovakia. The mighty granite peaks rise majestic Spiš Castle as well as other proudly on the border between Slovakia precious monuments recognized by UNESCO as sites of World Cultural and Poland, their faces often covered by a Heritage. Enjoy lunch in medieval misty veil of clouds. Deep valleys, formed Levoča, famous for the world’s tallest by prehistoric glaciers, are alive with al- wooden altar, a stunning work cre- ated by the Master Paul. Conclude pine flora and fauna, and glacial water the days program with a relaxing has been retained in picturesque moun- dip in the thermal pools and other wellness facilities of the AquaCity re- tain lakes. Here towers the highest peak sort. Dinner tonight will be served at of the country – Gerlachovský štít, which a Koliba – a rustic, mountain-styled rises 2655 meters above sea level. Nearby restaurant – accompanied with live Gypsy music. Mt. Kriváň is a national symbol. The Tatra Day 4 resorts on the southern side of the moun- In the morning transfer to Poprad for tains developed in the second half of the homebound travel.16 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 17
  10. 10. Excursions Historic Spiš County, known in Hungarian Castle, the Canonry, the town of Spišské Sea. After each long and difficult journey, been fully restored for tourist purposes. Today, the train brings nature lovers deep as Szepes and in German as Zips, is a trea- Podhradie at the foot of the castle, and they attached a small seashell to their into the wild valley of the Black Hron sure house of Slovak art and history. Here the early Gothic twin-nave church in hats as a symbol of the completed voy- River. The highlight of the vintage train we find medieval churches with exqui- nearby Žehra have all been registered by age. Today, the hats of the Dunajec rafts- ride is a staged mountain robbers attack adventure! site Gothic altars and wall paintings. At UNESCO on its roster of World Cultural men are decorated with plastic seashells, the beginning of the 16th century, an Heritage sites. and the only cargo they carry along the artist known as Master Paul was active in The beauty of the isolated Zamagurie re- Dunajec is tourists. Nonetheless, the two- The Mining Heart of Slovakia Surrounded by ore-rich mountains, Levoča. He created a set of unique Gothic gion, cut off from other parts of Slovakia hour, nine-kilometer raft trip through the Banská Štiavnica was for centuries the altars, including one in St. James church by the Magura Mountains, enchants all Pieniny National Park is a wonderful jour- center of one the most important min- that, at 18.60 meters high, is the tallest visitors. Here the Dunajec River, flowing ney through breathtaking scenery and ing regions of Europe. The mining in- dustry here declined long ago, but the in the world. The city of Kežmarok has a through a deep valley, forms the border represents one of the main tourist attrac- sleepy little town itself retained much of remarkable wooden Lutheran church. between Poland and Slovakia. The proud tions of the region. the unique architectural charm that won it a spot on the UNESCO list of World Enormous Spiš Castle, the most famous and hospitable Gorals – mountain folk – Cultural Heritage. Visit former mines tourist attraction in the area, dominates live on both sides of the river and speak and an open-air-museum where you can The Spiš Heritage Trail learn about the rich technical heritage of the landscape from the top of a craggy a distinctive Slovak-Polish dialect. At one Explore the stunning landscape below this region. hill. Not far from the castle, one can vis- time, raftsmen floated rafts loaded with mighty Spiš Castle, one of the largest it Spišská Kapitula [Spiš Canonry], the for- wood from here down the Dunajec and castle compounds in Europe, and dis- The Lovely Liptov Landscape cover other medieval monuments in the Slovakias Liptov region boasts a dreamy tified compound of the local bishop. The other rivers until they reached the Baltic landscape surrounded by the majes- area. Also visit Levoča, once a prosperous market hub, which has retained much of tic Tatra Mountains. Enjoy a day amid its original charm. the green hills and vibrant living tradi- tions of this spectacular region. Visit the Demänovská Freedom Cave, one A Day with Friendly Gorals of the most extensive cave networks in Europe. The afternoon will be spent at The excursion leads through one of the the Pribylina open-air-museum: the folk most spectacular corners of Europe, architectural collection here often forms Zamagurie. Enjoy floating by raft down the backdrop for colorful live folkloric the Dunajec River, which meanders performances. through the Pieniny National Park. After a picnic lunch with live local music at the Pieniny Chalet, visit the Červený Kláštor [Red Monastery], home to a mysterious A Ride on the Čierny Hron 18th century Monk named Cyprian, who Narrow-gauge Railway experimented with flying machines and grew healing herbs in the monastery gar- The southern side of the Low Tatras has den. much to offer to the visitor. The major attraction is a day-trip on a vintage train, originally used to haul timber, which has18 Enjoy Slovakia DMC DMC Enjoy Slovakia 19