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Primo Round Pitch Deck for Mind The Bridge


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Pitch deck for Mind The Bridge application

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Primo Round Pitch Deck for Mind The Bridge

  1. 1. Pitch Deck
  2. 2. The Problem:during an EventThe attention espected The result we gotonly 48% of marketers have metrics in place for determining ROI forevent marketing ventures; just 21% of marketers have a lead scoringprocess for event follow-up, and only 19% nurture those leads.Despite this metrics, the primary goal of marketers when stagingevents is to generate leads (83%), and improving customerengagement (72%).
  3. 3. The SolutionPrimo RoundA mobile platform thatallows interaction andprovides users’ behavioraldata and feedback tomarketersInteraction and feedback are basics for leads generation andqualification and we can enable them by leveraging eventparticipants‘ mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) by allowingcontent delivery, real time feedback, user interaction, social sharingand activities, comments, Q&A, user generated contents, polls andquestionnaires, and much more.
  4. 4. The Market:Worldwide market size: 650B $% of Marketing budgetdriven by EventsFacts●Global virtual events market to grow at a CAGR of 53.1% between 2012 and 2016● Corporate physical events value nearly 50% of overall market size. (CWT 2010 survey)● Marketers spend more than 20% of their budget on events (2012 IDC Benchmarks).● European event market size values 227.5B $ with more than 20B only in U.K.● There is an overall reduction on budget for physical event but a major raise for webinars, virtual meeting andother on-line events.
  5. 5. CompetitorsThere are several startups trying to win the race of the nextgeneration presentation tool: ElectricSlide, DisplayNote, SlideShark, …each of them is focused on bringing presentation to mobile devices,no one is focused on the real pain wich is generating leads and nottelling the same old story (presentation) throughout mobile devices.Acquired for $119 M by LinkedINFunded for 16M $ in 2010Sold to VMWare in 2011Sold to ClearSlide in 2013Competitive Advantageunique and personalizedcontent and experience to each userThe feedback and user behaviouranalysis is focused in generating leads12
  6. 6. Business Model & FinancialsBusiness Model is SAAS / SUBSCRITIONPay per user, with volume discountsmultiple accounts (from 1$ per user),ideal for agencies and companiesUnlimited users on monthly subscription for asingle account, ideal for professionals12
  7. 7. Who we are (and where)Marco RegazzoFounder and CEO. Formerconsultant, manager. Fundraised about 100K €Moreno BalconCTO. 12 years of startupexperiences, being founder,co-owner, CTO of severalstartups.Giorgia Galiazzo e RobertoBaldinFront End and Back Enddeveloper,sViviana GaliazzoSales and MarketingBusinessSEED (35K€)MIP StartupSchoolFirstCustomer32K€ GrantfromRegioneVenetoICT4Exec“involved”ProductIDEAAPHACLOSEDBETAOPENBETA / MVPRELEASEIMPROV.LAUNCH20122013
  8. 8. What we needLooking for a “Startup” round of financingWill use it for:Set up of online editor and reports (back end)Official Launch campaign in Italy (testing country)with a major partner already onboard
  9. 9. ExitSELL to a digitalmarketing andlead generationorientedcompanySame of ourcompetitorSlideRocket