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Eva Méndez: Política europea y EOSC


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El puzle de la gestión de datos de investigación. Maredata. Seminario final Valencia

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Eva Méndez: Política europea y EOSC

  1. 1. Recomendaciones OSPP-REC
  2. 2. Datos DE investigación & EOSC European Open Science Cloud Summit, 12 Junio 2017
  3. 3. (Open) Research Data “mantra” FAIR(RR) ¿por qué? ¿cómo? ¿quién?
  4. 4. Data layer Service layer Governanc e layer Lead users… Scientific communities …long tail Scaleofscientificactivity(data-drivenscience) High performance computing Data fusion across disciplines Big data analytics Privacy and personal data protection … … Data discovery and catalogue Data manipulation and export Data access and re-use Trust Leverage of MS investment Legacy and sustainability IPR protection Federation Humanities Data storage Citizen science European Open Science Cloud Bottom-up governance EU Open Science Cloud & FAIR(RR) DATA Vocabularies layer (Interoperability) Lifesciences Physics Earthsciences Economics Social sciences Applied-engineering …… Based on Burgelman