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Culture geek 2018 mar dixon


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Talk from #CultureGeek 2018

Published in: Social Media
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Culture geek 2018 mar dixon

  1. 1. Mar Dixon @MarDixon Museums, Trends & Social/Digital Media Also Known As Why Social Matters
  2. 2. CultureThemes Money Long Faces Seeing a potential outlet @Mardixon
  3. 3. @Mardixon
  4. 4. Word of the Year! Bye bye
  5. 5. The objective: #MuseumSelfie was simple: share a selfie you took with art/objects.
  6. 6. @Mardixon
  7. 7. @Mardixon
  8. 8. @Mardixon
  9. 9. @Mardixon
  10. 10. @Mardixon
  11. 11. @Mardixon
  12. 12. @Mardixon
  13. 13. Each has it’s own audience • Twitter is great for cultural campaigns • Facebook is still incredibly popular but metrics make it ha rd for people to find you • Instagram is the fastest growing platform Instagram is own by Facebook
  14. 14. Scheduling – pros and cons Pros: Can help ensure there is content during the day Cons: Not social – how can broadcast be social? Pros: Great for reminders of events Cons: Always check trends on the day to make sure it’s not a negative
  15. 15. It is like me being elsewhere but playing a tape of my reading something out in a room o f people. Not social. Deaf to others. Out of step - I can't read the room, I don't know what is going on. What I read out could be wholly inappropriate. – Linda Spurdle, Birmingham Museums
  16. 16. Why? Trends @Mardixon /
  17. 17. Trend: Shift from Academia to Emotive
  18. 18. Make it Go VIral
  19. 19. Publishing
  20. 20. Examples Virgin Trains KLM Innocent Drinks
  21. 21. Follow People MuseumNext - @MuseumNext Bloggers & Shares People who reach out to have conversations @cmccrudden @activrightbrain
  22. 22. @Mardixon
  24. 24. CultureThemes Engage People Museums look and use new tools Builds Communities via hashtag @Mardixo
  25. 25. Science Museum - Autism
  26. 26. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art – Visually Impaired
  27. 27. LIVE STREAM Can’t put lipstick on a pig – Bad content is bad content if live or not!
  28. 28. Livestream should be done at a time that works best for audience, not always staff • Is the live stream of interest? This is NOT about marketing – this is sharing and being responsive to those taking part during (and leaving questions/remarks after). • Content should be interesting • Person(s) should have a bit of a personality. Some of the most knowledgeable people are not very good on screen sadly
  29. 29. alontariomuseum/videos/1015 5660660198147/ Great examples – W Ryan Dodge @wrdodger Royal Ontario Museum Digital Engagement Strategist - Introduces himself first so it’s SOCIAL - Curator or person he is filming introduces themselves - Does a run through before but mainly unscripted
  30. 30. A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive. ~National Museum in Kabul @Mardixon /