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The Dawg House Sports Bar at Mardi Gras Hollywood Florida Casino has the 2011 Belmont on June 11th. Simulcast wagering starts Friday June 10th.

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Watchn wager belmont file sharing

  1. 1. Watch & Wager on the 2011 Belmont Simulcastat our Hollywood Florida CasinoSome Belmont traditions have lasted through the years, but none match the age of the giant whitepine in the paddock, which is 300 years old and the basis for the Belmont track logo. TheWinners Photo Gallery, on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse in the Belmont Room, boasts the photofinishes of past Belmont victors dating back to 1912. The Belmont Charity Ball held atMeadowbrook Country Club is the climax of pre-Belmont celebrations, not to be outdone by anew institution, the Belmont Festival at Garden City which started in 2004. Also by tradition, theBelmont Stakes winner wears a blanket of white carnations in the winners circle. The blanket,which takes about 10 hours to make, contains 300 to 400 carnations which are glued onto a greenvelveteen cloth. A similar blanket done on green felt is draped on the base of the statue of TripleCrown winner Secretariat in the paddock.Handicapping the BelmontHandicapping the Belmont is usually easier than the first two races, although the ability of thehorses to handle extra distance can be tough to gauge. First and foremost, pay attention to thefavorite. The favorite wins at a 44% rate, although odds-on favorites do less well with the lastfive losing. The field is usually smaller, from six to ten, and the track is quite wide with hugesweeping turns, so traffic is usually not a problem. Contrary to popular belief, horses who rallyfrom far back don’t usually win this race. Instead you want a horse with good tactical speed whocan stalk just off the pace and still have enough stamina to kick in down the lane to win. Pedigreecan be an important factor as well since all the horses will have to go farther than they ever havebefore. Having previous Belmont winners in a horse’s pedigree is also a plus. As with the othertwo Triple Crown races, handicap the race just like you would any other before you try to applyany other angles to your selections. Don’t pick a horse just because of pedigree if he has nevershown any ability to win at nine furlongs in the past. Of course you can always just pick by thename: Out of 138 Belmont Stakes winners, horses with names beginning in "C" have won 20times while "S" is in second place with 17 victories.
  2. 2. New York Race Becomes a Hollywood Florida EventThe Belmont is the final jewel of the Triple Crown series and the longest of them at 1 1/2 miles.So far only 11 have managed to win all three races, to win “The Test of Champions” and claimthe title of Triple Crown winner. Come watch the 143rd running of the Belmont Stakes with usand see if your favorite takes home the trophy! Advance wagering is available beginning FridayJune 10th at Mardi Gras Casino in Fort Lauderdale where you can watch and wager on thesimulcast.