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Mardi Gong Show at Mardi Gras Casino                                “The Mardi Gong Show “RulesObjectiveContestants will e...
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Mardi gong show at mardi gras casino


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Marid Gras Hollywood FL Casino is Hosting April Fools Day Mardi Gong Show

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mardi gong show at mardi gras casino

  1. 1. Mardi Gong Show at Mardi Gras Casino “The Mardi Gong Show “RulesObjectiveContestants will enter with the aim of offering the most uniquely, terribly funny variety performances.AwardsMardi Gong Show 1st Place: The Highly Unusual Amount $1004.12, Mardi Gong Show 2nd Place: TheHighly Unusual Amount of $ 400.12 and Mardi Gong Show 3rd Place: The Highly Unusual Amount of$40.12FormatThe contest will take place Sunday, April 1st at 2:00pm. To sign up for this contest come to the MardiGras Casino Player’s Club any time during business hours, from now until March 29th.Contestants will compete in single or group acts with the aim of being both unique and absolutely awful.When the judges can take no more, the gong will be struck at 60 seconds into the act and thecontestants escorted off the stage. Winners will be determined by a panel of judges when allcontestants have finished being “ gonged”.Contestants are encouraged to be creative, unique and absolutely awful – they must not only satirizethe act of performance itself, but do so in manner which is interesting enough to earn the most pointsfrom the judges. This includes, but is not limited to, costumes, dances, group configurations, horrifyingvocals, general concept, etc. Contestants are strongly advised that they will be laughed at by theaudience and subject to possible judge commentary. Thick skin, a good sense of humor, and a strongsense of self parody are all highly recommended for this event.