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College poker tournament


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The Big Easy Poker Room at Mardi Gras Hollywood FL is Holding a College Texas Hold 'Em Tournament Sunday, Oct. 9th 2011. $1,500 Guaranteed FREE Roll. Visit:

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College poker tournament

  1. 1. Mardi Gras Casino College Hold’em Poker Tournament $1,500 Guaranteed FREE Roll * Sunday, October 9th 2011   500  FREE  Units $10  Optional  Dealer  Appreciation  for  1500  units   (available  when  Zirst  seated  only) $10  Unlimited  and  Unrestricted  Re-­‐Buys  for  1000  units   for  the  Zirst  6  rounds $20  add  on  for  3000  units  available   at  the  conclusion  of  round  6 *$1,500  Guarantee  if  there  are  50  or  more  players  ~  Players  must  be  18  years  or  older  ~   Management  reserves  the  right  to  amend  or  cancel  at  any  time  Minimum  of  21  years  of  age  to  play  slots,  consume  alcohol  and  18  years  of  age  for  poker  &  simulcast.  The  State  of  Florida  assumes  no  liability  for  these  promotions  (according  to   Rule  61D-­‐14.084).  Not  responsible  for  typographical  errors.  Visit  player’s  club  for  complete  details.  When  Gambling  is  no  longer  a  1-­‐888-­‐ADMIT-­‐IT.
  2. 2.  RULES  500  FREE  UNITS  ~  Op0onal  Dealer  Apprecia0on  $10  for  1500  Units  (available  when  first  seated  only)  ~  Unlimited  and  Unrestricted  Re-­‐buys  $10   for  1000  Units  for  the  first  6  rounds  ~  Add  on  $20  for  3000  Units  available  at  conclusion  of  Round  6   $1,500  guarantee  if  there  are  50  or  more  players.    If  tournament  revenues  exceed  $1,500.00,  the  house  will  retain  a  $5  per  player  entry  fee.    The  House  reserves  the  right  to  alter  rounds  and  blinds  as  necessary.    Last  three  hands  may  be  called  due  to  0me  constraints.  If  so,  prize  money   will  be  awarded  based  on  top  stack  first,  second  stack  second,  etc.  and  NOT  on  a  value  per  unit  basis.