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Two point perspective


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Published in: Design, Spiritual, Technology
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Two point perspective

  1. 1. Creating realistic drawings Marsha Devine © 2007
  2. 2. What is 2 Point Perspective? Two Point Perspective is a much more useful drawing system than the simple One Point Perspective. Objects drawn in two point perspective have a more natural look.
  3. 3. Sides vanish toward the horizon In two point perspective the sides of the object vanish to one of two vanishing points on the horizon. Vertical lines in the object have no perspective applied to them.
  4. 4. Why use 2 Point perspective? All lines parallel to the left side go to the All lines parallel to the right side go to the Right vanishing point (RP) Left vanishing point (LP)LP RP Horizon Line (eye level) Drawings in 2 point perspective have more depth . Objects appear more natural and dimensional.
  5. 5. Draw a Box in 2 Pt perspective1. Put two vanishing points at opposite ends of the horizontal line.2. Draw in the front vertical of the box. Drawing the line below the horizontal will create a view which we are looking down on. To look at the object from below, draw the front vertical above the horizontal.3. Draw lines from the top of the vertical which disappear back to both of the vanishing points. Repeat the process for the bottom of the line.4. To complete both of the sides by drawing in the back verticals.5. To draw the top of the box, draw lines from the back verticals to the opposite vanishing points
  6. 6. By altering the proximity of the vanishing points to theobject, you can make the object look big or small.Position of the Vanishing Pointschanges the sizes of your object Vanishing Points close to the subject Vanishing Points farther away from the subject
  7. 7. Sometimes the VP is off of thedrawing surfaceLiving Room in 2 Point perspective Horizon LineVanishing Points The couch & chair grouping are set at an angle – so require their own Vanishing Points (not shown here).
  8. 8. Locating the VPs
  9. 9. Step By Step Boxes in 2 pt
  10. 10. Examples of 2 Pt perspective
  11. 11. References point_perspective.html veDrawing/TwoPointPersp/TwoPointPersp.htm Marsha Devine © 2007