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Teaching Portfolio M Devine 2008

  1. 1. Teaching Portfolio Marsha R Devine
  2. 2. Marsha R. Devine • Graphic Illustrator & Fine Artist • AA, BA, MSEd, CAS degrees • Certified Art Educator • Online Facilitator “...In countless situations she exhibited a strong intuitive understanding of how to solve problems effectively....” Bart Linehan, Principal Tuckahoe UFSD
  3. 3. Education (ABD) EdD, Education Leadership, Management, & Policy Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ. GPA 3.8, TBA Certificate of Advanced Studies, Education Administration SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY. GPA 3.7, 2001 MSEd, Education Elmira College, Elmira, NY. Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.5, 1995 BA, Art Education Elmira College, Elmira, NY. Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.9, 1993 AA, Studio Art Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY. High Honors GPA 3.9, 1991
  4. 4. Professional Profile Dynamic, creative, and results-driven professional with significant technology integration experience. • Graphic design artist and college level instructor • Over 20 years of creating personal and professional art • 17 years of cutting edge technology experience • Successful 12 years teaching K - Adult • Strong relationship building and communication skills • Experience in Online Course Facilitation • Passion for educational achievement • Drive for excellence and continual program improvement
  5. 5. Professional Certifications • New York State School District Administrator 2001 • New York State Commercial Art 1998 • New York State Elementary: N, K, 1-6 Education 1997 • New York State Art Education 1997 “…Mrs. Devine is particularly knowledgeable in the area of instructional technology and has been an effective advocate and model for the integration of cutting edge applications….” John W. McGuire Superintendent Greenwich CSD
  6. 6. Key Qualifications • Certified Socrates Online Facilitator • Twenty-plus years of graphic design and advertising experience • Specialist in Distance Learning, e-Learning, Mobile Computing, Digital Media, Web Technologies, Presentation Technologies, Wireless Applications, and Networks. • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw & Painter, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Power Point, Front Page, digital imaging and scanning techniques. • Well-versed in Quark Xpress, Pre-press operations, and multimedia software • Familiar with E-Commerce, website design and management
  7. 7. Experience Teaching Adjunct Faculty - Online Instructor “...a deep Art Institute Online, Pittsburgh, PA 2006-present knowledge and Graphic Illustration appreciation of Drawing History & Analysis of Design Life Drawing Perspective both Concept Development Color Theory instructional Digital Imaging for Web & Multimedia University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix, AZ 2006-presen and Business Systems administrative Workshop Presenter technology, she Capital Region BOCES, Albany, NY 2002 - 2005 Regional Technology Awareness Conference, Albany, NY 2003 is well Bethlehem CSD, Delmar, NY 2001-2004 organized and Teachers Center, Albany, NY 2002 – 2004 articulate...” Addison CSD, Addison, NY 2001 Dr. Leslie G Loomis Advanced Placement Art History Superintendent Bethlehem High School, Delmar, NY 2002 - 2004 Bethlehem CSD Teacher, Visual Communications/Commercial Art /Art Bethlehem Middle School, Delmar, NY 2001 – 2002 Steuben-Allegany BOCES, Hornell, NY 1995 – 2000 Addison CSD Summer School, Addison, NY 1993
  8. 8. Experience (con’t.) Education Administration “What’s so Curriculum Supervisor for Visual Arts K-12 impressive Bethlehem CSD, Delmar, NY Sept 2001 to June 2004 about her Technology Coordinator / Central Office Administrator background Addison CSD, Addison, NY August 2000 to Sept 2001 though, is her patient and Other Experience understanding Education Technology Consultant 2004 - present attitude in Devine Consulting, Penn Yan, NY. http://marshadevine.com working with Executive Director 1994 - 1995 staff members Oliver House Museum, Penn Yan, NY across the Graphic Designer / Artist 1973 - present district....” Self Employed – Logos, Brochures, Marketing materials, Signage Dr. Michael Tebbano Assistant Superintendent Bethlehem CSD
  9. 9. Technology • Distance Learning and Online Course Development • Curriculum & Project Planning with Online programs • Global Communication projects • Web Design for classroom, school, district, and small business • Computer graphics expertise • Technology integration futurist • Extensive software and hardware knowledge; since 1985
  10. 10. Professional Development Workshops • Workshop Presenter at Capital Area Teachers’ Center & Arts Educators Network Professional Development (2003-05) • “Computers in the Classroom”, • “E-Folios” – Designing Digital Portfolios, • “Quark Xpress for the Classroom” • “Painter for the Art Classroom”, • “Painter: Brushes, Paints, Chalk, and MORE!” • “Teacher Web Pages” • “TaskStream”- online educational tools for professional development, teacher mentoring, and curriculum management – workshops (2001)
  11. 11. Online Facilitator • Art Institute Online 4/2006 - present • Graphic Illustration • Drawing Color Theory • Life Drawing Perspective • Concept Development • Digital Imaging for Web & Multimedia • History & Analysis of Design • University of Phoenix 8/2006 - present • Business Systems
  12. 12. One of the greatest rewards of teaching is making a difference for your students! ~ Marsha
  13. 13. Portfolio of Students’ Works • Graphic Illustration G330 • Drawing CC110 • Concept Development G121 G121 – POP Display G330 – Final Project CC110 – Still Life
  14. 14. Graphic Illustration G330 • Illustrator CS and CS2 I feel like I got a lot out of this class. To be honest, when I had to first start using Illustrator in my career, I absolutely hated it. I learned to tolerate it and force it to work for what I needed, but this class absolutely opened my eyes on the amazing possibilities of the program, and I'll be using it for far more than just the absolute necessities like I was before. L Curry Varied Perspective – L Curry
  15. 15. Student Focus - Cody Currently I work for a wholesale distributor of hard and soft souvenir goods. We design all types of mugs, shot glasses, T-shirts, and just about everything else you would find in a souvenir shop. Currently I am the Photo Editor, and do a little designing here and there. I hope to have a future in designing full- time at my current job, and maybe do some free- lance work here and there. Cody D. Cody - This is wonderful! and exactly what was expected for this assignment - well done! - the gradients are very impressive and all in all this is a stylish piece. How will you add color Cody - You have an and texture into this effective use of fonts cover? ~Marsha that offsets the illustration- Have you tried different fonts for the ‘competition’ to help it stand out? Final Design - Cody ~Marsha
  16. 16. Student Focus ~ Erin I am Erin … Most of my digital design experience comes from going to school this past year at AiO and I am working towards my B.S in Graphic Design. In high school , about ten years ago, I was part of a Commercial Arts program. Presently, I am a stay at home mom but I am hoping that by the time my girls will be going to elementary school I will be educated enough to take the graphic design world full force. Great concept. It will be interesting to see this evolve :) Keep your ideas open to new techniques.. Meaningful comments in class - thank you! ~Marsha Psychedelic - and very well done!!! Good gradient blends and composition. With the star pattern, it might be 'even better' with an additional star or two -- perhaps? Nice sense of movement with flower stems in the mono piece :) Very helpful feedback in class! ~Marsha
  17. 17. Student Focus ~ Hank Hank - Hmmm - I like the close-up, off the page image of the witch. Yet, I am bothered by her hair - it could be carried behind her neck - maybe? Also, she looks too pleasant:) Could she have a little smirk? Or?? Do love the green!! These are just initial thoughts - see what the class provides:)) ~Marsha Originally I made it so that her face looked sad in order to show her true feelings that you find out when you read the book. But after the feedback that I received on it I had to agree that a more sinister look was more appropriate than a look of sadness. Hank Final Design Book Jacket redesign Hank, G330 Winter I 2007
  18. 18. Drawing CC110 • Portraits • Landscapes Perspective • Interiors Tip Sheet Marsha Devine Student • Still Life Still Life Student Landscape Student drawing Modification Marsha Devine Student Interior Drawing
  19. 19. Student Focus - Heather I am really looking forward to this class because I am really out of practice and can't wait to put some sense and structure into my drawing.. Heather Marsha, Thank you for a really inspiring class. I have a renewed passion for drawing and am still waking up in the morning with ideas. I really appreciate the critiques and the push you gave me. I am continuing to draw on my own. Do you teach any other classes? Just curious. lol. I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am. Thank you again, Heather - Both are good Heather drawings! I think what you and your family are missing is your lovely smile! In the photo you are smiling and relaxed - for next week's portrait, consider how you could add some of that 'natural look' into your portrait:)) Drawing Final Project Nice work! Heather Marsha
  20. 20. Student Focus – Heather (con’t.) Week 3 Still Life Heather B. Heather - Nice - a unified feel overall:) What are the little objects? pretzel nuggets? I think that your box has too much top showing to be in the same perspective as the mug.. The paper next to the mug is very well done - I can feel its texture! Now work on developing your drawing with a wider range of tonal quality – dark to light. This will add depth and dimension to your work. Also, think about the background and how you can add interest to your drawings by adding details in the background/setting. Very nice work!! Week 5 Still Life – Heather B. Marsha
  21. 21. Student Focus - Donna I have always wanted to attend school. It is such a great thing to have the ability to go to school, and for fill the dream of a very young girl. -- -- Donna M Donna – Perspective takes time to understand and apply – you are on the right track. However, you are drawing what you ‘think’ is correct, rather than what you actually ‘see’. Attached is a simple view of your shelf from a position sitting on the floor. I am supposing that the shelf is at least 3 or 4 feet off the floor. In this case, you would see the underside of the shelf – correct? The horizon line is always eye level and moves with you as you move. Try this for practice… Take a sheet of paper and draw a horizontal line. Place a dot on the line for a vanishing point (VP). 1st Interior drawing – Donna Draw several squares on, below, and above the line. Turn the squares into cubes by drawing convergent lines to the VP. Final Interior drawing – Donna M See how the cubes look from different locations? Does this help any, or would you like more help I can not thank you enough, for your kind words and with perspective? -- Marsha great feed back. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Donna M
  22. 22. Student Focus - Laura I now have decided to get a degree in residential design. I am really looking forward to taking this class. I have always loved to draw and took a class back in high school and some how just never seemed to have the time after that. Laura B. 1st Self Portrait Laura B. 2nd Self Portrait Laura B. Laura - Very good beginning!! There is a resemblance and your portrait conveys character:) I like the eyes - though where are the lids? Review the portrait tip sheets in Doc Sharing. Keep practicing these and comparing with photos of yourself - tweak the details, then build up dimension through shading. ~Marsha
  23. 23. Feedback Examples Abby - Thanks for sharing! I admire your tenacity and dedication :) Your portrait is in proportion, but is a bit stiff and unnatural. Take a look at the picture attached -- compare with your photo -- see how the neck curves into the head (your second drawing here on the left, indicates that curve - just needs some adjusting), compare the tilt of the nose (the entire head tilts a bit differently), and notice how the hair has volume as it comes out from the head. Feedback to Abby on her self portrait Your eye and mouth are very close to actual - very good:)) I would not normally 'outline' a head in the manner done on the right hand drawing, however it emphasizes the curves and angles of the neck, head, and hair. Do you see the differences? Does this help you to understand how to approach the profile portrait? Warm Regards, Marsha Visual Feedback to Donna M on perspective
  24. 24. Concept Development G121 • Design Concepts • Shopping Bag Design • Point of Purchase (POP) Display Shopping Bag Concepts 2D Alan
  25. 25. Student Focus - Thomas Thomas - Great step by step photos - I appreciate that you are willing to make revisions as you go along - many years ago when I worked in a department store display department, we used a hot wire for cutting fabulous shapes out of Styrofoam - the device looked similar to a band saw, only instead of a blade, it had a fine wire stretched taught and heated - cut like butter! Foam core board is tricky to cut -- Do not try to cut through the entire board in one pass, instead...with a very sharp blade, Cut through the first layer of card stock only, using a ruler if you're cutting a straight line - or a curve template when cutting curves. For the second pass, cut the layer of foam only. On the final pass, cut the card stock on the back. Once you have cut through the three layers, there should be a clean edge with no jagged foam in the center. When cutting on a curve, the POP rough - Thomas same method applies. see http://facweb.cs.depaul.edu/sgrais/cutting_foam_core.htm for more cutting tips. This site offers suggestions for power cutting foam core boards with circular or band saws using very fine blades ( I have never tried this, but?) http://www.ultraboard.com/ultracore_tech.html A site explaining a home made Hot Wire tool for cutting foam board ( such as the blue insulation board ) for model making - clever ideas applicable to many 3D models. http://www.info-central.org/construction_hotwire.shtml *note: The fumes generated when you use a hot wire to cut foam are hazardous to your health. Make sure you do the cutting operation in a well-ventilated place - it is not something that you want to do in your basement workshop - the smell alone is potent! Student POP Final Have Fun!! Marsha
  26. 26. Student Focus - Kristin Here is my progress so far. I am having a bit of trouble with Kristin - Good photos and explanations of your progress to adhesives. The super glue was date! What kind of shelves - fixed? working pretty well but I have run or adjustable? For fixed you might construct some 'L' shaped brackets out and my alternative takes a while that are glued on the underside of to dry. So this is where I am at until I each shelf -- For adjustable, you could make a series of holes (ice can get to a store to get some more pick?) and use dowels pieces as the super glue. Any suggestions on supports ( two on each side of shelf), or to support from just the shelving? I am not too sure how to back of the display, you may need get them in there. to construct some sort of triangle shaped support. Kristin Another way to support shelves is to build each shelf with an extended tab that is either glued on, or pushed into a slot... I am sure there are many other possibilities! Marsha
  27. 27. Student Work Allan's 2-D Presentations 1. A bookstore bag in the shape of a book 2. A music store bag that looks like a speaker. This would probably be a smaller bag for holding CDs. 3. A bag for a sporting good store that resembles a scoreboard. POP Display Shopping Bag 2D Karen B. Kristin B.
  28. 28. Student Color Schemes Here is mine. I had a little trouble with this assignment - I thought it was a lot harder once I got started than when I read the directions. I had left over scraps of paper from a holiday project. I tried to stay away from the holiday ideas except for one, since they were already in my head. That may be why I thought it was difficult to come up with words to match. Let me know what y’all think. Thanks. I particularly like 'attention' and quot;protectionquot; - they seem to be very accurate representations. The others are also good:)) So-- did you create the squares first and then 'name' them - or come up with a concept and then create the corresponding square?? Marsha
  29. 29. About me My teaching experience includes several years instructing Visual Communications [graphic design, illustration, imaging, multimedia, and web design], photography, set design, and numerous software applications. Since 1995, I have embraced technology as both a tool and a medium for art. While proficient in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Corel Draw & Painter, Microsoft Office, Power Point, Front Page, Quark Xpress and Pre-press operations, I find that there is always more to learn! New tricks, tips, and shortcuts are always welcome. I have over twenty years experience in graphic design and advertising and continue to freelance along with my teaching. As the computer has increasingly become an extension of my hands and mind, my interest in ceramics has grown – providing some ‘balance’ to my high-tech existence! ~ Marsha
  30. 30. Samples of My Work
  31. 31. Samples of My Work (continued)
  32. 32. quot;One should either be a work of Marsha R. Devine art, 155 Chalan Jesus P. Torres or wear a Yona, Guam 96915 work of 671.789.4697 art.quot; marshadevine@verizon.net Oscar Wilde
  33. 33. quot;Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you'll end up among the stars!quot;