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D&B For Research: 2013 Usage Update


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Summary of results of July 2013 survey of business researchers and librarians.

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D&B For Research: 2013 Usage Update

  1. 1. D&B For Research: 2013 Usage Trends Marcy Phelps Phelps Research July 2013 m
  2. 2. Background Dialog is discontinuing their D&B company directory files at the end of 2013. To learn more about alternatives for accessing this type of content, I conducted a brief survey of business researchers and librarians. Page 1
  3. 3. About the survey ̶ Anonymous survey of those who have used D&B directories for research within the past two years. ̶ Survey link sent to BUSLIB-L, SLA-BF, and AIIP-L email discussion lists. ̶ 81 responses Page 2
  4. 4. Summary 53% are frequent D&B users (Monthly, Weekly or more). 60% use Hoover’s to access D&B information, and 40% use more than one source for D&B. Over 80% use or are considering alternatives to D&B. The top three alternatives include ReferenceUSA/InfoUSA, LexisNexis, and OneSource. Page 3
  5. 5. Dialog users 18% use Dialog for D&B. 83% of Dialog users will find another source once Dialog discontinues these files. Half the Dialog users were unsure of what they will use, and 40% plan to switch to Hoover’s. Page 4
  6. 6. D&B usage breakdown Page 5
  7. 7. D&B company directories are used for: Page 6 Multiple responses allowed
  8. 8. D&B directory alternatives Page 7 Multiple responses allowed
  9. 9. D&B accessed through: Page 8 Multiple responses allowed
  10. 10. Dialog alternatives Page 9
  11. 11. Survey questions ̶ Have you used D&B company directories for research within the past two years? (if answer is no, survey is ended) ̶ How often did you use D&B directories for research in the past 2 years? ̶ For what types of research questions have you used D&B company directories? ̶ After using D&B directories for research, have you used or considered using an alternative company directory? ̶ How did you access the D&B directories? (Check all that apply) ̶ Dialog users: Do you expect to find another source for Dialog D&B company directories after they are discontinued next year? Page 10
  12. 12. Questions about this survey? Contact Marcy Phelps at or +1 303.239.0657 A copy of this report and other resources for researchers can be found at Page 11