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  • Have some old favorites, and content marketing has definitely added new dimension to online business research
  • Show topicSt. Louis Federal Reserve BankThe Federal Reserve Bank Economic Data (FRED) Add-In is free software that will significantly reduce the amount of time spent collecting and organizing macroeconomic data. The FRED add-in provides free access to over 80,000 data series from various sources (e.g., BEA, BLS, Census, and OECD) directly through Microsoft Excel including:National Income and Expenditures – including GDP, federal debtProduction and Business activity – including the unemployment ratePrices – including the consumer price index and selected commodity pricesMoney, Banking and Finance – includes treasury rates, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, corporate bond yields and selected currency exchange ratesThe Excel Add-in also maintains popular macroeconomic data for selected countries including Canada, China, Great Britain and Germany.s
  • curated collection of comparable, relevant, international development data and statistics, constructed from some of the best sources around the world. And it’s part of the backbone of the Bank's Open Data Initiative - with over 900 indicators for 200 economies, many of them going back to 196SITE: World Development IndicatorsURL: International Information PURPOSE: A collection of the key indicators of development, compiled by the World Bank, for 214 countries around the world, covering the period 1960-2011. There are 331 indicators utilized, ranging from agricultural land, labor participation, market capitalization of listed companies, energy use, poverty rate, and more FEE/FREE: FREE SOURCE CHECK: The World Bank consists of five international organizations that provide loans, technical assistance, financial guarantees, and international facilities to assist developing countries around the globe. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has 100 offices in member countries. OUR VIEW: This is a great site for quickly gathering critical statistics on the health and status of developing countries around the globe. You can search by country, topic, or indicators. The site is available in English, Spanish, French, and other languages as well. Data is displayed in easy-to-read maps, graphs, and charts making it a very accessible site for all researchers. Consider this site if you want to find key economic, health, and other public data indicators.0.
  • for past four yearsMorningstar Document ResearchNew source?
  • How I learned to love 10K filingsSometimes buriedSee Item 1—good overview, info about market chare, key brands, etc.Item 7—company information—what’s their situationItem 7A—market/industry info
  • Sorts, filters, extracts “critical” information from Form D on a real-time basis each day Archive from March 2009 to Current Search for people, company names, specific industries, or focus on regions or cities
  • Reuters – at bottom, organized by industry and region
  • Consider this site if you need to get a quick overview of the key business challenges and trends facing major industry areas in the upcoming year.
  • Social media – not just to promote its recent work or events, but to share useful and substantive findings in the industries it covers in a timely and effective manner.
  • Best Business Sources

    1. 1. Best Business Sources Searchers Academy Marcy Phelps Phelps Research
    2. 2. Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) Time series economic data U.S. regional/international coverage Money, banking, finance Population, employment, labor markets Prices, production activity, and more! 2
    3. 3. Industry Statistics Portal Link to all of the different types of Census Bureau data for an industry, including: The Economic Census Annual, quarterly, & monthly statistics, where available 3
    4. 4. Kaiser Family Foundation Health policy analysis/research News/information clearinghouse Health reform, Medicare, global health, & more 4
    5. 5. The World Bank: Data Development reports, global economic/trade data, country/regional info, and more Data organized by country, topic, indicator 5
    6. 6. How I learned to love SEC filings Search 10K filings: EDGAR ( Information about Industry trends Markets Competitors Finances Management 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. SEC filings – mining for gold WordsAnalytics Morningstar Document Research 9
    10. 10. DealBook Times articles covering M&A, Investment Banking, IPO Offerings, etc. Also – Deals 10
    11. 11. Nielsen: Newswire Large-scale surveys and reports on media trends How people consume information 11
    12. 12. Deloitte Insights for CIOs Research, technology perspectives and analyses, case studies, and more Also: 2013 Industry Outlook reports Deloitte Industries 12
    13. 13. J.D. Power: Blogs & Social Media Ratings, study results, industry info In-depth coverage of automotive, banking, energy, telecom industries 13
    14. 14. Country Insights Country profiles from Centre for Intercultural Learning Overview, history, geography, culture, politics, economy, etc/ 14
    15. 15. Email: Twitter: @marcyphelps LinkedIn: Blog: 15