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Evaluation Task 1


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Published in: Education
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Evaluation Task 1

  1. 1. (0:23) This screenshot shows the intertextuality used in our music video, during all of the performance sequencesthey main singer is wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. Intertextuality is a convention used in many indie rock videos butisn’t always noticed as most of the time it is quite subtle. We included it because we wanted to incorporate someof Goodwin’s points in our video, of which intertextuality is one. We didn’t have many materials to do this so weonly have the Nirvana t-shirt and also a slight reference to Led Zeppelin at 2:58 in our music video, although thisisn’t fully visible.
  2. 2. (0:34) This screenshot is and example of one of the many shots we used in our video which are of members ofthe band just playing their instrument. This is a heavily used convention in indie rock music videos and so weincluded a lot of these types of shots in our video. The shots include the drummer hitting the drums and cymbals,the guitarists strumming, the guitarists changing chords and the drummer hitting the bass drum through thepedal. The clips are very quick only lasting a couple of seconds or less each which is the convention used inmany indie rock videos.
  3. 3. (0:55) This screenshot shows the performance aspect which is a genre characteristic that occurs in many indierock videos. It shows the typical band layout as well with a drummer, a guitarist/singer and another guitarist.Although there are normally 4-5 members in a group we couldn’t show this as we couldn’t get any other people toperform in our video, so we decided to include the main band members in our video to give it the most indie feelwe could.
  4. 4. (1:29) This screenshot shows one of the more unusual shots we used throughout our music video, a low angleshot looking directly up at the guitarist. One convention we found from watching other indie rock videos is that alarge variation of shot types are used, so we tried to include as many as we could. We were of course limited towhat types we could do as extreme long shots would be too blurry with the camera we were using and gettinginto different positions either high up or low down, especially in the narrative sequences, would be difficult.However we thought that with the resources provided we successfully captured this convention and exploited itwell.
  5. 5. (1:32) This screenshot shows the clothing that we used to make the singer look as ‘indie’ as possible. He iswearing a blue duffle coat with a plaid shirt, black skinny jeans and brown leather and suede chukkas. This outfitwas the best we could get and works well for the ‘indie’ look of the singer which is a genre convention. Thisscreenshot also shows part of the narrative sequences in the video which is also a convention, as in some indierock videos it is evident that the video is split up into performance and narrative sequences.
  6. 6. (2:31) This screenshot shows the split screen we created in our music video, which is a genre conventionincluded in some indie rock music videos such as Closing Time by Semisonic ( Our split screen is different and doesn’t run for as long but wehad to include other conventions such as the narrative and performance sequences to make the video as indierock as we could.
  7. 7. (2:58) This screenshot shows the hue of our video is quite bright and fun, especially during the narrativesequences with a variety of colours appearing and being used together. This relates to the convention that inindie rock videos the hue of the video relates to the beat of the song and the words in the lyrics. The song isupbeat and the lyrics are happy, which is represented in the colour scheme of the narrative sequences. Theperformance sequences are in black and white which shows the other side of the video, as the lyrics can beconsidered rebellious and so the hue would be darker. Other parts in the song like in the last 35 seconds aremore downbeat and the black and white would also represent this.
  8. 8. Our magazine advert also sticks with theindie rock genre, we looked at otherindie rock adverts and saw that the mainsingers face is on almost all of them. Anexample is the Kings Of Leon advertbelow. Although most of the adverts welooked at were quite minimalist and useddarker colours, we decided to go againstthis convention and use many brightcolours as this would be more attractiveand catch peoples eyes much more.This relates to the fact we used brightcolours during our narrative sequencesof our music video.
  9. 9. Our digipak is similar to our magazine advert in that we have used bright colours as an alternative to the genreconvention of darker colours as it will become more eye catching. The only dark parts are the black boxes behindthe text to make the text stand out, as the background is a pinky hue (which looks blue on here) which wouldblend with the white text we wanted to use.