Enhanced Campaigns


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Enhanced Campaigns

  1. 1. Enhanced CampaignsAdWords API Support for EnhancedCampaigns Google Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. Enhanced Campaigns Overview1. Introducing Enhanced Campaigns2. API Support for Enhanced Campaigns3. Working with Enhanced Campaigns4. Updated Reporting5. Ad Extension Feed Services6. Upgrading Existing Systems Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. Introducing Enhanced Campaigns ● Powerful tools for the multi-device world ○ Ability to modify bidding behavior dependent on device type within a single campaign ■ e.g. bid 20% higher on high-end mobile than desktop for campaigns that drive people to a physical store ● Smarter ads for varying user contexts ○ Ability to show the right creative based on user context and device capabilities ■ e.g. show mobile-preferred headlines and ad text when a user is on a high-end mobile device Google Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. API Support for Enhanced Campaigns● Creating & upgrading to enhanced campaigns● Bidding with bid adjustments● Mobile preferred ads● Ad extension feed services Google Confidential and Proprietary
  5. 5. Creating & Upgrading Campaigns● Set via CampaignService ○ Campaign.enhanced = false cannot be set● All new campaigns created with v201302 are enhanced● Once upgraded, enhanced campaigns cannot be reverted● Enhanced campaign ads serve on all platforms ○ Can no longer add platforms and carriers with CampaignCriterionService ○ If targeting Google Display Network (GDN) only, then you will be able to add platforms and carriers. Google Confidential and Proprietary
  6. 6. Bidding with Bid AdjustmentsThe What● Multiply device, location, time bid adjustments to get final bid value● Desktop and tablet bidding strategies are now aligned as base bidThe How● Set suitably configured Criterion (Platform, Location, AdSchedule) objections to Campaign, with an associated bidModifier value Google Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. Setting Time Bid Adjustments● Set via AdSchedules using CampaignCriterionService● Time intervals are in client accounts timezone● AdSchedule bid modifiers available since v201206● AdSchedules cant have more than 6 intervals in a day Google Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. Setting Mobile Bid Adjustments -20%● Set via CampaignCriterionService● Bid modifier can only be set on enhanced campaigns ○ CriterionError.CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_CRITERION_TYPE if you try for legacy campaigns● Recommended value provided in Forward Compatibility Map with key Campaign.suggestedMobileBidAdjustment Google Confidential and Proprietary
  9. 9. Forward Compatibility Maps● Map of key-value string pairs● Field forwardCompatibilityMap on Campaign and AdGroupAd objects● Enhanced campaign support for all versions of the API Key Entity Type: Values Campaign.suggestedMobileBidAdjustment Campaign Decimal: [-1.0,3.0] (v201209, v201302) Campaign.enhanced (v201209) Campaign Boolean: [true,false] Ad.devicePreference (v201209) AdGroupAd Id: [30001] Google Confidential and Proprietary
  10. 10. Understanding bidModifier Values for Mobile Devices SOAP AdWords UICampaignCriterion.bidModifier = 1.2 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  11. 11. Setting Location Bid Adjustments● Changing location bid adjustment not yet supported in the API● Geo targeting still set using CampaignCriterion Locations via CampaignCriterionService ○ All location targets added with API have +0% as default bid adjustment (bidModifier == 1.0) Google Confidential and Proprietary
  12. 12. Marking Mobile Preferred Ads● Set via AdGroupAdService● Cannot change devicePreference for existing ads ■ Create new copy of existing ad with field set● High-end mobile ID 30001 can be set on: ○ TextAd ○ ImageAd ○ DynamicSearchAd ○ TemplateAd ○ RichMediaAd ○ ThirdPartyRedirectAd Google Confidential and Proprietary
  13. 13. Updated Reporting● CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT ○ boolean Enhanced● AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT ○ long DevicePreference● CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT ○ DeviceType DeviceNOTE: Provide current values at time of report, like all other attributecolumns. Google Confidential and Proprietary
  14. 14. Ad Extension Feed Services● New services map tabular data to ad extensions ○ CampaignFeedService ○ AdGroupFeedService Beta● CampaignFeedService only available for enhanced campaigns Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  15. 15. Upgrading Existing Systems1. Upgrade Platform a. Support enhanced campaign creation i. v201302 will only create enhanced campaigns b. Refactor device targeting i. ADD & REMOVE operations no longer supported on Platform criteria c. Support bid modifiers, mobile-preferred ads i. Modify mobile bidModifier with SET operation2. Upgrade Legacy Campaigns a. Simple Upgrade b. Merge Upgrade Google Confidential and Proprietary
  16. 16. Simple UpgradeHybrid desktop-mobile or desktop only campaigns 1. Enable campaigns as enhanced campaigns Campaign.enhanced = true 2. Set the mobile bid adjustments to -100% to +300% (if needed) CampaignCriterion.bidModifier = BID_MODIFIER 3. Create new mobile-preferred ad text and headlines (if needed) Ad.devicePreference = 30001Mobile only campaigns 1. Enable campaigns as enhanced campaigns 2. Set the default desktop/tablet bid 3. Set the mobile bid adjustment between -100% to +300% 4. Create new mobile-preferred ad text and headlines Google Confidential and Proprietary
  17. 17. Merge UpgradeMerging campaigns (mobile with desktop) ● Campaigns with similar purposes, but split mobile vs. desktop, should be merged. General Upgrade Flow 1. Choose primary campaign (most recent KWs, largest KW set, longest history, most statistics) 2. Merge campaign settings (Status, Location, Language, Networks, Ad Schedule, Bid Type, Delivery Method, Ad rotation, Campaign Start and End Date) 3. Set primary campaign to enhanced 4. Merge ad groups, keywords, ads, extensions, and conversion tracking 5. Merge budgets a. Non-shared budgets can be added together b. Shared budgets may need to consider the relevant shared portion 6. Set mobile bid adjustment for the primary campaign 7. Delete the secondary campaign a. Can be undeleted if necessary Google Confidential and Proprietary
  18. 18. Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Timeline Feb 6 - Enhanced March 4 - v201302 March 25 - v201206 July 1 - v201209 Enhanced Campaigns Release Release Sunset Sunset Campaigns Only v201206 v201206 [deprecated] v201206 [sunset] [deprecated] v201209 v201209 [deprecated] v201209 [deprecated] v201209 [sunset]Partial Enhanced EC support with EC support with EC support with EC support withCampaign Support Forward Forward Compatibility Forward Compatibility Forward Compatibility Compatibility Maps Maps Maps MapsNative Enhanced v201302 v201302 v201302 v201302Campaign Support Google Confidential and Proprietary
  19. 19. Online ResourcesEnhanced Campaigns Upgrade Guidehttp://www.google.com/adwords/enhancedcampaigns/resources/pdf/upgrade-guide-en.pdfEnhanced Campaigns API Guidehttps://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/enhanced-campaignsAd Scheduling API Guidehttps://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/ad_schedulingForward Compatibility Maps Guidehttps://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/forward-compatibility-mapsFeed Services Guidehttps://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/feed-services Google Confidential and Proprietary
  20. 20. Q&A